Gypsum Board 2440*1220*15mm

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Product Description:

Main Material: Gypsum Powder

Normal size: 2440x1220mm, 2400x1200mm

Normal thickness: 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5,10, 12, 13, 15mm

Edge: Square, Tappered

Category: Regular, Fire resistant, Moistureresistant, Water proof

Performance: Fire-resistance, Moisture-resistance,Water-proof, Heat-preventing


1) Sepcial healthy breath function

2) Cost effective and more reliable, easy to install

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Q:Gypsum board in the CAD what said
Labeling method is not a unified specification, the well-known domestic enterprises in Suzhou gold mantis company is to use the cross of the fill pattern (CROSS) to represent the actual process in the drawing, only the enlarged node was used.
Q:I need a 3/16 drill bit to drill through both the plasterboard and 2x4 wood stud inside. Would this bit work?
For god sake don't buy a drill bit online! bring the screw (and wall plug if needed) down to your local hardware shop and size the drill bit in person. Drill bits vary in length depending on the diameter of the bit. i.e. the wider the bit gets, the longer it is. small bits are very short because if they were any longer they'd snap when you try to drill with them. You need to consider two things when choosing a drill bit: 1. The length of the drill bit should be very slightly shorter than the screw. 2. The width of the drill bit should only be as wide as the solid shaft of the screw. Of course, the drill bit can be longer than the screw, you just have to remember how deep to drill into the wall!
Q:What is the difference between plasterboard/wallboard/ baseboard?
or you can get some drywall base boards go on the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor plaster board is for patching a broken ceiling u can use drywall to its all basically the same thing but drywall is the cheapest for sure
Q:What paper is used for paper gypsum board
Paper is a special paper gypsum board special paper, divided into paper and paper. Its strength and so on are required, the paper is produced by a dedicated manufacturer. The next paper width of 1.25 meters, the paper width of 1.18 meters, the length of a long up to a few hundred meters or even kilometers. Manufacturers are Qixing Albert CHAN Paper Co., Ltd.
Q:Plasterboard or new ceiling?
If your house is old, like mine, then the roof beams may not be substantial and are more prone to bending under weight. That will just contribute to the plaster cracking so option 2 would be better. The upside is if you put in big enough beams you would be able to floor the attic for storage. If the existing beams are man enough then screw new plasterboard onto beams without removing existing plaster.
Q:Gypsum board of smallpox how to do
Is the ceiling it, of course, cutting ah, and then paste a gypsum board to the edge with a gas nail gun is a round!
Q:my bedroom walls are drylined ,is there a way of soundproofing without removing the plasterboard?
Here is a drywall product designed for sound control. Egg cartons are just so ugly.
Q:Gypsum board belongs to what product category
Gypsum board is a kind of material made of building gypsum as the main raw material. It is a light weight, high strength, thinner thickness, easy processing and insulation and fire insulation and other good performance of the building materials, is currently focused on the development of one of the new lightweight sheet
Q:Plasterboard Walls - how do you fill screw holes?
What do you mean, plugs? Do you mean the screw anchors ? If so you need to try and get these out or at least take a knife if they are plastic and cut them off. Then Spackle with a soft putty than can be found at WalMart or any hardware store. With a puddy knife try to keep it as smooth as possible, let dry and sand smooth to the wall. Do a second coat untill the wall is totally smooth. Then paint.
Q:Which would be better to soundproof a bedroom - soundbloc or polystyrene backed plasterboard?
Polystyrene Backed Plasterboard

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