Gypsum Board Used As Partition Systems Gypsum Board Wood Fiber Reinforced

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Product Description:

Gypsum board, also known as Drywall/Plaster board, is a panel used typically in interior construction to form a wall or ceiling. The panel has a gypsum core and is faced with heavy paper on both sides, one side specially treated for finishing. Also Known As:Gyp Board, Gypsum Board, Drywall, Sheetrock, Wall Board.

Product Applications:

Mainly used in those places with highg-rade decorationwhere strict acoustic environment is crucial,  

 such as theater, concert hall, museum, library, hearing room, gallery, auction house, gymnasium, 

lecture hall, multifunctional hall, hotel lobby, hospital, shopping mall, piano practice room, 

conference room, studio, recording room, KTV room, bar, industrial workshop, machine room, etc

Product Advantages:

1. Design Type: Flat glossy and clear

2. So many patterns can meet your needs

3. Environmental protection

4. The product never fade easily

5. Easy to clean and install

6. High quality, good service and good price

7. For indoor decoration, e.g.ceiling and wall decoration

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Product Specifications:

Gypsum Board for Wall Partition for Wall or Ceiling


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A:  According to the  products weight or volume, according to the logistics company quotation.

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A: Yes, we can provide free sample, of course it is better if you would like to pay the courier charge.

•Q: What's our price?

A: We provide resonable quotation.


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Q:Gypsum board sowing the specific practices and seam width
First with woodworking board, do not play full, only need to stay in the place to play full, the other place is drilling wells grid, and then cut into pieces of gypsum board, nailed to the woodworking board, leaving the place to stay That is, to do out of the rough is: a large market gypsum board, leaving the place is the carpentry board, leaving the width of the seam is generally about two centimeters
Q:Gypsum board hanging end need to brush latex paint it
Gypsum board ceiling finished sure to brush latex paint. Gypsum board ceiling after there are three processes, the first step point anti-rust paint, because the nail if you do not have anti-rust paint treatment will rust and yellow. The second is the batch of putty, because the gypsum board ceiling surface is not very flat. The third step is to paint latex paint!
Q:12mm thick gypsum board is the proportion of how much?
You are in the water to know. If it is ordinary gypsum board, are generally floating on the water, the density is certainly less than 1. If it is a special gypsum board, add a lot of glass fiber and the like, the density may be slightly greater than 1.
Q:I've got a wall mount for my 37inch tele but its got togo in2 plasterboard.Is this possible,any recomendation?
If it has to go into plasterboard, I'd recommend insurance for your TV, it's coming down. If you mean it has to go through plasterboard, then use a stud finder and hang the tv off at least two studs. It'll be fine and make sure to measure twice, you don't want extra holes in your plasterboard.
Q:How much force do you have to use to kick a big hole in a plasterboard wall?
Pointed boots require less force than rounded boots.
Q:What is the difference between PVC paper gypsum board and veneer gypsum board?
Differences: ⑴ different structure, ⑵ different materials, ⑶ different performance, ⑷ different prices.       Gypsum board: is a building gypsum as the main raw material made of a material. It is a light weight, high strength, thinner thickness, easy processing and insulation and fire insulation and other properties of better building materials, is currently focused on the development of one of the new lightweight sheet.       Pvc veneer gypsum board: refers to the side of the gypsum board in the use of PVC as the main material, the use of silk screen technology will be graphics, text, logo set in one of the main protection and identification of the role of a film, the other side is posted A kind of gypsum board with aluminum foil as the main material. In the gypsum board itself on the advantages of both moisture, fire and other properties, you can scrub, easy to clean, three-dimensional finishes, fresh and beautiful.     This is the essence of gypsum board and PVC gypsum board.
Q:Sound proofing a plasterboard wall?
you can use a hard insulating board like polyurethane this can be stuck or screwed to the walls and is available with and with out a plaster board surface prob it is quite expensive a cheap way is to cover the wall with egg box's (cardboard not plastic) the shape and the material makes these sound absorbing and can work quite well
Q:Gypsum board partition with what norms
1, the wall of the gypsum board should be from the side of the wall to start the end, the order of installation. After the installation side, the wall of a variety of pipelines, sockets, switches and other concealed works to install. To be concealed works acceptance is completed, and then install the other side of the gypsum board. 2, gypsum board should be vertical laying, long side joints should be installed in the vertical keel. Gypsum board with the keel overlap width should not be less than 20mm. 3, gypsum board along the edge (cut off) application of the top plate lift, about 10mm from the ground, not directly placed on the floor. 4, gypsum board along the floor with the top should be tight, leaving no gap. The top of the partition wall should be left 10mm gap, embedded sealant. Fireproof wall and top sliding wall top construction practices, see "Light steel keel gypsum board partition" GJT 002 in the relevant nodes. 5, gypsum board must be wrong to install (including vertical joints, transverse joints, keel on both sides of the board, both sides of the double-sided board and keel side of the other side of the double board). 6, light steel keel application special anti-rust self-tapping screw fixed and electric screwdriver once into and tighten. Along the gypsum board around the screw spacing to 200mm is appropriate, the plate screw spacing to 300mm is appropriate; screw from the edge of the edge should be 10 ~ 15mm, from the cutting edge should be 15 ~ 20mm.
Q:The difference between MDF and gypsum board
MDF is crushed with wood chips, mainly used in wood processing, gypsum board is mainly used for the ceiling.
Q:how do i get tiles off a plasterboard wall?
Is it wire mesh paster? If so you take two methods: one, beat it to death with a sledge hammer two- use a skill saw with combination blade (masonry-wood-metal) and cut into sections. Less dust and mess this way! Probably a bathroom wall?

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