Paper Faced Gypsum Board

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Product Description:


1) Sepcial healthy breath function
2) Cost effective and more reliable, easy to install
3) moisture-resistance Fireproof

durable moistureproof gypsum board

1)Raw materials

gypsum powder,gypsum retaining paper,fiber(wood fiber,paper fiber,fiber glass),corn, starch,vesicant,lightweight aggregate,citric acid,water,adhesive,etc.

2)Product Description(size and thickness)

Normal size: 2440x1220mm, 2400x1200mm 3600*1200,3000*1200,1830*1220.
Normal thickness scope:7.0,7.5,8.0,8.5mm,9mm,9.5mm10mm,12mm,15mm.
Length scope: 1800-3660mm, Width scope: 900-1220mm,
Thickness scope: 6.00-15.90mm .
About other specification, we could process for you according to your special demand.

3)Qyality standard(thickness):






unit area mass

landscape breaking load

potait breaking load


-4 to 4

-4 to 0


less than 5mm


more than 140N

more than 400N


Two pieces glued together, packed by hand with labels on.


Transportation: By 20'Container or 40'container
















1050(40 FCL)



Loading port: Qingdao port

Origin: Shandong china

6)Fuction,Advantage and Use

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Q:How do I paint unsealed plaster walls (not plasterboard) that have already been painted?
Firstly .. i can safely assume that the walls have been painted before as even if its a new build , the developer would have given them a couple of coats at least before putting the property on the market ...if the walls are sound and have no imperfections then just paint over them with your choice of covering ,staring at the top ( use a small brush to cut in at the corners etc ) ... work your way down and use a large brush or roller for efficiency .The only rooms in the flat that might need a bit of prep are the bathroom and kitchen ... grease on the walls will repell paint .. so it must be removed first me .. if you try to piant over it the walls will look patchy and it may even pull the paint from them thats already there ... this is where yer sugar soap will come in handy ... wipe over the surface lightly ( you'll find the top of the walls need it most as heat rises and the grease goes with it lol )..allow it to dry out then follow as before ... hope this helps
Q:Best repair for dent in plasterboard?
I would paint it with a flat latex paint. That will help hide some of your mistakes. Good luck!
Q:What is the process of the gypsum board production line?
Ingredients section        The material in the silo is conveyed by horizontal and vertical conveying equipment and sent to the belt scale through a rigid impeller feeder. Excess material, then through the back to the conveyor, hoists and other transportation equipment back to the silo.        Building gypsum, modified starch, coagulant, glass fiber (the production of water-resistant paper gypsum board, refractory gypsum board when used) and other raw materials were measured, into the spiral mixer after mixing into the vertical mixer.        The foaming agent is added to the tank. When used, the blowing agent and moisture are pumped from the metering pump to the foaming device and pass through the compressed air to produce a stable foam and feed it into the vertical mixer.        Adhesive glue in the tank with a good mix into the forming station on both sides of the spray mouth, the tape sprayed on the paper gypsum board on both sides of the paper. The upper and lower face sheets are transported by electric hoist to the paper holder.
Q:Gypsum board is toxic Gypsum board what ingredients for home decoration is toxic
Gypsum board with phosphogypsum contains harmful ingredients on the human body, the domestic Taishan gypsum board most of the use of phosphogypsum.
Q:What brand of gypsum board is good
Saint-Gobain is the world's top 500 companies, their products are also very good. Its global gypsum board share is the first. But the price can be less than Lafarge can be low resistance, and can be said to be the most expensive gypsum board on the market. Where is the most expensive gypsum board? At present, only Saint-Gobain can produce formaldehyde-free gypsum board, its products health, environmental protection, and truly non-formaldehyde, no radiation, the intensity is higher than the national standard more than 20%. Saint Gobain retail gypsum board is red, generally called red board, with A20 full function board, K20 antibacterial board, C30 shape plate and B20 standard version. Although the quality of the same product, but the performance of each have focused. 500 enterprises of quality assurance and integration of a variety of technology and functional products of its added value is obvious, but the price than the Lafarge, can be blessed and the like are some of the more expensive Oh But many of the decoration after the use of the family found to be value for money. Moreover, the number of home decoration use gypsum board will not be great, choose to use quality assurance, environmental health products and low quality gypsum board cost difference may be up to a thousand dollars or so. You and your family enjoy the family fun to use what decoration products, I believe you will have the right to judge. Hope that the above information for you to buy gypsum board for reference purposes.
Q:How do I fit a bathroom wall cabinet securely to a plasterboard wall?
locate the upright studs and fix to them
Q:What paper is used for paper gypsum board
The country's largest gypsum board production line, North New, with the Zaozhuang Tengzhou plateboard
Q:European-style diamond-shaped sagging ceiling technology
Double gypsum board practice Ignore the original building floor, with light steel keel or wood keel to make the surrounding and the edge of the ceiling, on the first layer of paper gypsum board, with light steel keel method, pay attention to keel The density, fasting. After the scraping porcelain white master scraping white porcelain white. Around the edge of the diamond block with gypsum board to do, please measure the size of the enclosure and then to the computer on the layout Play the drawings, carpentry according to the drawings, cut out the paper gypsum board diamond block, keep the corners intact, not damaged, carpentry use fine lines nail in the edge of the ceiling to spell out the drawings Of the diamond block and fixed, and then carpentry according to the first layer of smallpox steel keel "tofu block" with ink line pop up the keel of the latitude and longitude center line, in the latitude and longitude line position to the diamond With a long self-tapping ceiling screws tightening, after the master porcelain white porcelain according to the normal procedure to repair the ceiling until finished.
Q:What is the proportion of gypsum board?
Gypsum board generally used surface density measurement, for example: 9.5mm thickness gypsum board, the national standard requires its surface density to be less than 9.5Kg / m2, but most of the better quality gypsum board density control in (6.5-7.2) Kg / M2. If compared with the density of water, the proportion of ordinary gypsum board is less than water. But the refractory board due to gypsum core inside the addition of glass fiber, depending on the amount of added, the density may be greater than the density of water.
Q:Gypsum board ceiling why stay seam ?
Gypsum board due to more capillary pores, the specific surface area, when the air is too wet to absorb moisture; and when the air is too dry can release the water, resulting in less moisture and less water deformation. In order to prevent the gypsum board deformation of the main measures are mixed with slag, fly ash and other active mixture, or mixed with waterproofing agent. But also in the construction requirements of the reserved construction joints. General specification requires 5mm or so! To prevent deformation caused by the phenomenon of construction rework! The

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