Gypsum Board in Size 2440*1220*12mm for Partition

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Product Description:

Main Material: Gypsum Powder

Normal size: 2440x1220mm, 2400x1200mm

Normal thickness: 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5,10, 12, 13, 15mm

Edge: Square, Tappered

Category: Regular, Fire resistant, Moistureresistant, Water proof

Performance: Fire-resistance, Moisture-resistance,Water-proof, Heat-preventing


1) Sepcial healthy breath function

2) Cost effective and more reliable, easy to install

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Q:I have removed long strip lights from my kitchen and it has left damaged artex/bare plasterboard.?
ok considered the %. what you have there's a capacitor, it style of feels to me that once you undid the terminals for the incoming furnish it dropped out, this is with the help of the fact its linked around the L & N of the provision connector strip. it rather is going to artwork without it, its commonly used function is to offer up radio interference.
Q:how to take down plasterboard to install insulation and then replace board.?
In my area it is law to have an attic hatch in any attic space, is this not the case where you are? If not do what do what Bub said and have an insulation contractor blow in the insulation through holes they drill then plug and plaster the holes. It usually costs around $1.00 per square foot for R32-40. don't tear down the plaster.
Q:Gypsum board sowing the specific practices and seam width
First with woodworking board, do not play full, only need to stay in the place to play full, the other place is drilling wells grid, and then cut into pieces of gypsum board, nailed to the woodworking board, leaving the place to stay That is, to do out of the rough is: a large market gypsum board, leaving the place is the carpentry board, leaving the width of the seam is generally about two centimeters
Q:What paper is used for paper gypsum board
The country's largest gypsum board production line, North New, with the Zaozhuang Tengzhou plateboard
Q:replacing an old plater ceiling with new plasterboard?
It is attached to metal lathe and seems to be pretty tight. I wouldn't take it down unless you have to for some reason. We oftentimes laminate new wallboard over the existing plaster. Use construction adhesive on the back of the new wallboard and 3 drywall screws and screw through to the joists above. If you're almost to the point of total removal, you can use a reciprocating saw ( with proper eye and breathing protection) and run it through the wire lathe between the joists then pry down the separated pieces. In a bathroom, use moisture resistant drywall at a minimum or mold and moisture resistant.
Q:Gypsum board light steel keel ceiling method
This is determined according to the specifications of the fire board, the higher the price the more expensive, and the quality and strength is also very important, as well as its water resistance, fire and water balance, such a fire board to ensure the quality of construction works, Seoul Building Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1982 is an integrated ceiling, partition system one of the earliest series of domestic R & D company, set light steel keel, gypsum board, mineral wool acoustic board, paint keel, calcium silicate board, fiber cement Pressure plate and other products specializing in the production and processing of the company, has a complete and scientific quality management system,
Q:when skimming walls, can you do it over backing paper or does it have to be directly on the plasterboard??
I'm no expert but would think you would need to remove backing paper before plaster goes over it , or paper will become very wet and start peeling away with plaster attached ........................... :)
Q:How have a good gypsum board wall open
First, in the need to open the window with a large size of the tape measure, do a good job, do mark the time to set aside the window of the gap, and then saw the cut in accordance with the mark; Second, in the gypsum board and gypsum board between the wood or plate or the like with 20-25 self-tapping screw reinforcement, the windows installed to a reasonable location; Third, in the installation of the window to see what is done inside the bottom skeleton, light steel keel to buy some light steel keel called the master to cut the good equipment, is the other can be replaced with wood keel, do the wall after the window Master to the package side of the best.
Q:How to properly attach a mirror to a plasterboard wall?
I would use toggle anchors if its a hollow wall behind the drywall. Wall plugs can come loose in my experience. But you will have a decent sized hole in the wall to repair if you take them out - but same with the plugs too.
Q:What brand of gypsum board is good
Foreign brands: Jason gypsum board, Lafarge gypsum board, can be resistant, Jieke. Domestic brands: Dragon card

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