Glass sheet greenhouses for green plants/flowers

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Product Description:


It's covered by float glass, which is featured for excellent light transmission rate.



Greenhouse is built with hot galvanized steel pipe, venlo type, garantee for 20 years.

3. Greenhouse size

Standard span width: 9.6m

Span quantity: For you option

Length: For your option.

Roof height: 4.73m


4. Covering material

4mm thickness float glass.


5. Door

Sliding door, alumnium alloy framework, covered by glass.

Covering Material:

Float glass. (Single-layer or double-layer)

This glass is molded in the tin tank with the gas (H2, N2) and has high smoothness. And excellent light transmittance rate is more than 90%. In addition, it has better resistance and UV compartment capacity. And low thermal expansion and contraction coefficient. All the features decide that this kind of glass could last more than 20 years with good appearance.


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