Geotextile Plastic Mesh

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  • Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)

  • color:black green and so on

  • weight:220g 260g 350g 430g

  • width:2.0m

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Packaging Details:general packing or according to customer's requirement
Delivery Detail:7 days after receiving 30%T/T


erosion control geonet
erosion control mat


Geomat is a new-typed seed planting material with tridimensional structure, which can effectively prevent the soil being washed away, increase the area of the virescence, improve the environment.

Application of Geomat
It can protect the ground surface being corroded before the turf is growing up, and fix the seeds.
The compound protection layer formed after the grass grows up can endure washing by high level and high speed water. It can be a substitute of the concrete, bitumen, stone etc to be the slope protection material. It has mainly been used in highway, railway, riverway, embankment, hillside etc.

erosion control geonet
erosion control mat

Standard Type(Slope Angle≤45°)

Art No.





Item and Type





Unit Weight≥(g/ m 2 )










Tensile Strength≥(kN/m)








High Tensile Strength Type(Slope Angle 50°- 90°)

Art No.







Item and Type




Tensile Strength  ≥(kN/m)









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difficult point. check out on to google. it might help!
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Most plastics were introduced in the 1960's as by products of the petroleum refining. You had bakelite - resin type plastics which is probably what you are thinking of - also nylon. Bakelite was popular for radio casings. In the old days (ie 40 years ago) in Britian you went shopping and the greengrocer chucked your fruit and veg straight into your shopping bag (which everyone carried with them - meat was wrapped in paper and bottles were glass - often with a deposit paid on them. Supermarkets had not really caught on and there was nothing like the packaging there is now. Things came in glass jars or were canned (popular during the war) - and people bought stuff fresh as not everyone had refrigerators (ice boxes as you might say).
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They recycle by the grade of the plastic. All your water and soda bottles are a #1 plastic (look on the bottom of container and there is a # 1-7 inside a triangle. Most places will not pay you for your milk jugs. Bring all materials to recycler and he/she will help you. Once or twice and you'll be a pro!! Oh, you dont have to remove labels or caps.
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Don't worry, it's fine. My younger cat is obsessed with plastic bags and hides in them when we come home from the store. It's fine, but make sure your cat doesn't eat them because that could be bad for his belly.

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