Anti Hail Net for Protecting Plants

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Shade Sails & Enclosure Nets

Place of Origin:

Shandong China (Mainland)

Shade rate:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: roll packed with one strong PP bag with one color label piece packed with one strong PP bag with one color label;several pieces put in a carton

Delivery Detail:

15days after the order


Color :Black,Green,Red,Yellow,Blue,etc
Length: As your request
Width: 2~6m
Shade rate: 30%~95%,

Specifications :


100% HDPE Green Sunshade net


HDPE(High-density polyethylene)

Net weight

50-350gsm (as your request)

Net width

6'x20'(1.83mx6.1m),Or other size is available (6meters Max.)

Rolls Lengths

On request(10m,50m,100m,200m etc.)

Shade rate



Green,Black ,Yellow,gray...... ( as your request)


Warp knitted


CIBA( 1-5 year)

Supply capacity

5tons per month

Packing roll packed with one strong PP bag. piece packed with one strong PP bag and several pieces put in a carton. roll packed with one strong PP bag and several one put in a woven bag.

Terms of Payment

1.30% T/T in advance,70%T/T after copy B/L.

2.L/C at sight;L/C 30days;L/C 45days.

3.Western union.

Deliver time

30-45 days after the order confirmed or the deposit released

Function of shading net:

Shade net will Blocks sun &heat, Provides 75% More Shades, Lower temperature, Protect against harmful ultraviolet Rays

Used to provide shade against sunlight and control temperature

Shade net-can also be used-for-greenhouses to protect flowers, trees against frost ,and hail damage It can also used for playhouse ,temporary fencing,

shade fabrics give uniform shading and allow crops to retain more moisture. Our shades can help reduce temperature extremes on plants and slow heat loss at night.

Easy to install with optional accessories if necessary.

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