Food Self-Supporting Bag

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Product Description:

1). Material: Eco-friendly non-woven fabrics.
2). Printing: CMYK silkcreen printing, heat transfer, lamination, etc.
3). Handle: Self non woven fabric stitched with "X" to reinforce, "X" not visible from the outside
4). Weight: 80GSM, 60-120GSM non woven fabric can be choose.
5). Size: Your request is welcomed, customized.
6). Features: Eco-firendly, high quality, recyclable, reasonable price, 100%manufacturer.
7). Application: Suitable for advertisement, gift bag, grocery store, surpermarket shopping, sales promotion and so on.
8). Color reference: CMYK/PMS/full color
Item no. XHWK001
Size: 30cmW*45cmH
Material non woven
Weight: 80gsm
Piping: No piping, inside sew
Handle: Non woven
Print: Silkscreen
Others: Punched plastic handle
Label: As customized sew or not sew "made in china" label
Packing: 100pcs per carton; 1 opp bag for one carton or customerized

OEM order are acceptable
1)Strong quality control system
2) Competitive price
3) High quality goods
4) Fast reply within 24hours
4) Timely delivery

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Q:what is virgin plastic?
Its a wonderful kind of plastic they make in Asia that only employs the exploitation of third world labor once in its production AS apposed to the bottle with the recycling symbol. That uses this abusive exploitation of these workers repetitively.
Q:Can I Store Cornstarch in a Plastic Container?
A plastic or glass jar or a small container is fine, I buy storage containers from the Dollar store to keep my baking ingredients in, also for rice, beans, soya protein product, here in Canada they have non BHP plastic container now, it is best to keep CS and flour as dry as possible, but do not refrigerate them or they got soggy.
Q:why do cats lick plastic bags?
Maybe because it makes a cool sound? Mine likes to chew on them.
Q:Does Plastic Underwater Break?
It shouldn't, no. If its got a good thickness to it, it should be rather durable, even under water.
Q:how do humans use plastic negatively?
Plastic surgery, it can be 100s of years and that will be what's left long after the humans decay. certain packaging that can use alternative packaging could help reduce the use of plastic. Medically plastic is great because it is easily sterilized and also helps sterile fields because a lot of plastic things are single use then thrown away. Chest tubing saves lives and they are plastic.
Q:Do dogs digest small plastic lids?
no, they dont digest plastic as much as we do. Keep an eye on his bowel movements. The lid can potentially get stuck in his intestinces and cause a blockage. Most likely he will pass it in a day or so, but keep a close eye on him. Anytime a dog swollows something like this, maybe a bone, or even a plastic lid, its some what dangerous. But like i said, keep an eye on his bowel movements, if he doesnt go #2 by saturday evening, get to the vet for an xray. A blockage is wicked quick for a dogs demise.
Q:What is plastic composed of?
plastics are polymers which means many-mers or many parts. they are primarily composed of carbon and hydrogen bonds, hence the reason they turn to black charcoal when burned.
Q:why shouldnt people have plastic surgery?
1. I wont marry a superficial ***** 2. It can go terribly wrong 3. Its ******* nasty like nicki minaj
Q:what is 1 advantage and 1 disadvantage of producing plastics?
advantages: cheap, light, convenient. disadvantages: non-biodegradable, toxic when burnt.
Q:Plastic water bottles?
Sorry Amez, I did not mean to give you a low rating and I cannot undo it... so sorry :( I want to emphasize the fact that the whole plastic recycling issue has been marketed to promote plastic use. Early on the plastic industry adopted the recycling symbol to merely indicate the kind of resin being used (the numbers inside the symbol), to supposedly sort it. However, almost all plastics are NOT RECYCLED but DOWNCYCLED, which means they are reprocessed into something of inferior quality, which in turn ends up in landfill next cycle anyways. We should also note that most of plastics were not intended to be in contact with food yet today they are, with pretty bad consequences in people's health and of course the environment where they end up. As anybody with a couple eyeballs will attest, many disposables linked to the food industry end up in nature rather than landfills. The next time you are buying food just think of this. Don't just think of yourself but stop for a moment and be a better human being by avoiding plastics as much as possible. You will not starve or die of thirst, I promise. You will instead be spreading the best practice of what we should all be doing, regardless of a system that pushes us to be idiotic and wasteful.

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