For elevator crane lift TVVB Flat flexible cables

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500 m
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50000 m/month

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Product Description:

For elevator crane lift TVVB Flat flexible cables

Application: Crane, elevator, lift and so on.

As control and signal cable for elevator as well as moving machine parts, its bending radius is smaller compared with round cables due to the closely packed shielded cores or bundles. It can be installed in dry and damp rooms. 

 TVVB flexible flat cable for elevator crane lift               

Production Description:                                                                                            

1.PVC insulation, PVC sheath

2.With two steel wires

3.Rated voltage: 300/500V

4.Rate temperature: less than 70°c

5.Lifting height: less than 80m

6.Standard: National Standard GB5023-2-97,JB8734-98(IEC227)

Packaging Details:

1) Packing Lengths:  200m/roll, 300m/roll, 500m/roll, 100yard/roll, 200yard/roll, 300yard/roll

2) Inner packing: Wooden reel, plastic reel, and paper reel available.

3) Outer packing: Carton box, pull out box, pallet available.

4) Other packing available according to client's request.

Delivery Details:

 FOB Shenzhen/HK.Delivery within 7-25 days or according to customer's request.

 For elevator crane lift TVVB Flat flexible cables

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