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5 Ton Power Construction Cable Winch with Fast Speed


5 Ton Power Construction Cable Winch with Fast Speed is used for tower erection,pole setting,stringing wire in electrical power line construction.

Winch can be modified as per requirement, such as changing curve capstan into straight even cylindrical  shape and coming with steel rope.

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Q:What is the difference between NEC , NFPA , IEC & NEMA standards for electrical eng.(installations&motors)?
NFPA - National Fire Protection Association - National code that covers anything to do with flamable stuff (electrical, dust, combustibles, sprinklers, fire alarms, etc) (United States) NEC - National Electric Code a.k.a NFPA 70 (NEC is a section of the NFPA code) - Addresses proper installation of electrical equipment, devices and wiring(United States) NEMA - National Electric Manufacturers Association- trade organization for electrical manufacturers. Sets common rules, practices and certification for the manufacture of electrical components and devices (United States) IEC - International Electric Code - International version of NEMA IEC would most likely cover devices made for use in Egypt. I'm not sure what organization or governing body would address the installation there.
Q:Is mounting Pad-mounted equipment overhead illegal?
I don't believe that there is anything in the NEC that addresses this. Obviously, installing anything on a structure presents challenges that require the attention of a qualified structural engineer. And depending on the location, you could be facing some additional concerns. You would need to check on seismic activity in the area, and since 'pad mount' equipment has a broad profile, wind-loading could be more challenging if you have a wind-force specification to meet. The other issue you would need to consider is whether installation on a structure presents any particular safety concerns. Without knowing any more, my inclination would be to think that you might want to provide an enclosure around the structure to prevent civilians (rmeaning 'teenagers and drunk college students) from climbing it. Just out of curiosity - why does your client want this? We know that the client is always right - even when he insists to stupid things. I trust there is a good reason for asking for something that is bound to increase installation cost by probably 100%.
Aiurcraft have electrical genarators on them, powered by the engines, those generators, provide power to aircraft electrical systems. You would be working on those electrical syatems, IE: the generators, the power transformers and wiring that provide electrical power to the aircraft. Aircraft also have heating and cooling systems that provide warm air and cold air to different parts of the aircraft. You would be working on those systems. Basicly you job is to do scheduled functional checks of the systems, to make sure they work, to repair any problems found found, replace faulty equipment in the aircraft.
Q:Resistors problem plz help ? Anita
Q:electrical outlet issues?
particularly circumstances quite a few retailers would be secure utilising a GFI retailers further down the line, probably even in yet another room. a stable place to start would be to have your spouse stay interior the room with the lamp plugged in, and flow around the residing house tripping, and resetting all of the GFCI retailers. If the sunshine is going on then you incredibly've remoted the GFCI outlet that's preserving that wall. If it journeys returned, you have the two a defective GFI outlet, some undesirable plugs, or a short someplace interior the line. definite it is conceivable for quite a few retailers to alter into cracked or broken interior and end working. in case you have the talents to do it, start up checking the wires interior the opening for skill utilising a volt meter. in case you have skill yet no gentle, then the opening is undesirable. **** in case you're uncertain of what you're doing, call an electrician****
Q:Would an EMP affect Solar, Wind, Thermal, or Nuclear energy?
The EMP has the capacity to damage electrical equipment regardless of the source powering the electrical equipment, especially now that power generation devices depend heavily on sensitive microelectronics.
Q:Question for Electrical Engineer or student?
Simply put: You are expected to know all the ways the job can be done. They will tell you which way they want it done.
Q:Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering?
I'm in EE and it's fairly difficult. I hear it's one of the harder ones (according to other engineers), but I enjoy it. It's still not TOO hard. I think that both are fairly important, but I believe that presently the big issue is interfacing with the nervous system/brain, so I might lean toward electrical. But then again, the bionic part itself is mechanical, so I think it just boils down to personal preference.
Q:what is the important of the earth line in 3-phase, and what are his advantages?
It will basically provide safety protection from electrical shock. Occassional large electrical equipment may become temporarily energized --- maybe a down power line, or by accident. By grounding the equipment, the earth that you are standing on, and the equipment will always be at the same voltage. Therefore, even if the equipment becomes energized at 25000 Volts, the ground you are standing on will be at 25000 volts as well. So there is no potential difference and therefore, no electrical shock. Without the earth connection --- there would be a 25000 Volt potential difference, and you would suffer severe electrical shock, or even death. Excerpt from Wikipedia: Ground or earth in a mains (AC power) electrical wiring system is a conductor that provides a low impedance path to the earth to prevent hazardous voltages from appearing on equipment (the terms ground (North American practice) and earth (most other English-speaking countries) are used synonymously here). Normally a grounding conductor does not carry current. Neutral is a circuit conductor (that carries current in normal operation), which is connected to earth (or ground) generally at the service panel with the main disconnecting switch or breaker.
Q:Marine corps MOS 1142- Engineer Equipment Electrical Systems Technician?
Well you won't be a Soldieryou will be a Marine 1142 is a High Tech JobElectronicsCircuit boards and the like Great Background in Electronics for a Civilian Career Do not waste your Time in the CorpTake every Electronics course you can Go to Night School and stay out of the Bars and Strip Joints I was a Sgt 1141/42 in Vietnam Earned an EE Degreeowned a successful Business now RetiredX2 You will be assigned to a Utilities Platoon (Extremely Few in Numbers) Within an Engineering Battalion Probably the Least numbers of Marines in any Outfit Must Maintain and Repair any and all Electrical Generators and Pumpswithin the Command you are assigned to ie: 7th Engrs was assigned to the 1st MarDiv in Vietnam Maybe assigned to an MEB aboard shipFMF and make Landings and set up your equipment SEMPER FI !!!!

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