DC Solar Pump 600W 48V Solar Pumping System

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Solar Water Pump is the pumping facility driven by solar energy, which consists of a solar pumping inverter and a pump. Solar water pumps kit is called  solar pumping system combining with solar arrays designed according to different head and daily water flow for application. System is widely utilized for agriculture irrigation,desert control,pasture animal husbandry,city landscaping,daily water supply, etc.

In recent years, with the development of photovoltaic products from city application to huge demands of agriculture,pasture,desert areas, Solartech Solar Pond Pump has become the leading products combining photovoltaic industry with traditional industry such as agriculture water conservancy,desert control,daily water supply,city landscaping, etc.

Solar Pump driven by infinite solar energy, works from sunrise, and stops at sunset, need no connection to grid power nor diesel oil and battery. System can irrigate directly or store water instead of electricity in a reservoir. Solar fountain Pumps works with sprinkling irrigation, drip irrigation and infiltrating irrigation facilities, can be more efficient for water saving and dramatically lower the cost of using fossil energy.

Technical Features

♦   High efficient DC brushless motor requires less solar array. Rich social benefits.

♦   Optional centrifugal pump for big flow and helical rotor pump for high lift.

♦   High efficient semiconductor device used in main circuit. High reliability. Up to 98% conversion efficiency

  of controller.

♦   Independent intellectual property of dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm. Fast

  response  and good stability. 99% MPPT efficiency.

♦   Full automatic operation. Complete protection functions. Integrated with water level monitor to prevent

  overflow and dry running.

♦   Full aluminum alloy case. IP52 protection grade. Ambient temperature: -20~+60℃.

Product Specifications


Rated Power

Max. Flow

Max. Lift

Daily Water Supply

Outlet Dia.

Pump Dia.



4.5 m3/h

30 m

10 - 20 m3





2 m3/h

100 m

5 - 10 m3



   Solar Array Configuration

Max. Input Power

Max. Input Current

Max. Open Circuit Voltage

Recommended MPP Voltage




60 - 120VDC

Recommended Design

Solar Panel


Total Power

Configuration 1

190W / 35Vmp

2 pcs x 2 strings


Configuration 2

250W / 30Vmp

3 pcs x 1 string


Performance Curve


DC Solar Pump 600W 48V Solar Pumping System

DC Solar Pump 600W 48V Solar Pumping System

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Q:work safety on dc as well as electrical equipment?
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Q:Garbage disposal is wired into open electrical outlet down thru basement. Dryer is not vented outside?
leave all repairs to the landlord/ownerhe will blame you if something goes wrong during or after you touch something electrical.if landlord wont address problems in a timely manner than move somewhere else if possible.if you are concerned with the dust/lint buildup on the electrical socket then get a can of compressed air [ normally used to clear dust/lint from electronic equipment ] and use it to clear the socket without touching itbest to where safety glasses and dustmask while using the compressed air,will no doubt make a cloud of dust in the area that will take a few minutes to settle,but at least you will feel saferas far as venting the dryer,,they make water traps that you can vent the dryer into if there is no duct to the outside.buy one from home depot or similar store and follow the instructions.will reduce but not eliminate the dust and lint coming from the unvented dryer.dan
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Q:How long would the electrical power lines and other equipment last if no one kept them repaired?
Electrical substations may break down. 2]. Substations require regular maintenance.
Q:1.what is an earth leakage ciruit?
that girl really waffles on.an rcd monitors current flow between active and neutral.If an imbalance is detected between active and neutral it will mean that this imbalance is travelling to earth.The rcd's sensing equipment detects this leakage current and operates the release mechanism in turn switching off the power supply provided the leakage is equal or greater than the rcd rating ie 30mA

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