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Why cast resin transformers made by us?

The range of SGB-SMIT cast resin transformers includes power ratings up to 25 MVA and rated

insulation voltages up to 36 kV as well as converter, distribution and special transformers. With its

over 30 years of experience in the construction of cast resin transformers, SGB-SMIT‘s scope of

special expertise is one of the largest world-wide, a fact which is reflected by the extremely high

quality level such as our MTBF (mean time between failures) of over 2,400 years.

Thanks to their special design, SGB-SMIT cast resin transformers offer a range of features which, on

the one hand, distinguish them from other cast resin transformers in terms of technology and, on the

other hand, make them a highly reliable and extremely safe solution.

The operative benefits for you, our customer, are the following:

• Thanks to the multi-layer winding principle, high surge voltages and switching

voltages are handled safely.

• Cooling ducts provide thermal reserves and allow for overload.

• The use of glass-fibre reinforced plastics (GFK) in the encapsulated windings

provides resistance to temperature shocks.

• Long service lives are ensured.

With production starting in the late 1970‘s, SGB-SMIT were one of the first manufacturers of cast

resin transformers, thus we are able to offer our customers the benefit of our extensive experience

and know how. This extraordinary know-how is reflected by a especially high quality score, e.g. an

MTBF of over 2,400 years.

It goes without saying that SGB-SMIT cast resin transformers meet all the established

quality conditions: Fire classification F1 • Environmental class E2 • Climate classification C2

And as a matter of course, the product sector Cast-Resin Transformers at SGB-SMIT has been

certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The extremely high quality of SGB-SMIT cast resin transformers has a name: Uni|Q.

Uni|Q is synonymous with the special quality and test features which make our cast resin

transformers so unique:

• Several Decades of Experience

· Comprehensive operating experience world-wide including international production sites

· First-class international references in all sectors

· Ample know-how and long-term experience in the field of onshore wind power plants

including special cooling systems: Jet System

· Transformer system tailored to open sea conditions for offshore wind power plants with many

years of operating experience: Safe-System

· Optimum solutions for all industrial applications with extreme climate conditions – no matter

whether extremely hot or cold: All Climate Safe System

• Unique design

· The multi-layer winding is electrically the best and most reliable option. Thus, almost all oil

distribution transformer manufacturers apply this principle. Millions of these have been

securing the energy supply in many countries for several decades world-wide. SGB-SMIT is the

only manufacturer of cast resin transformers who uses this principle!

• Computerised monitoring of the production process

· Based on a precise analysis according to

automotive standards, all relevant production

parameters of each transformer are recorded

continuously and compared online to the

set-point values. The next production step

only follows if everything is found to be correct.

· This system makes it possible to achieve a

uniform level of quality over large production

quantities at all locations of the SGB-SMIT

Group on an international basis

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