Combined type transformer substation

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Combined type transformer substation of ZGS11-Z.F-1600/35/0.69

1.     Combined type transformer substation of ZGS11-Z.F-1600/35/0.69 is designed for wind power generation, which consists of HV load switch, HV fuse and hermetically-sealed fuel tank with the advantages of small in size,light weight, easy to install, and nice appearance.

2.     Structure

l  Small size and compact structure, floorspace only about third to fifth of domestic European style substation at same capacity.

l  Full sealed transformer adopts S11 typetransformer with low loss, low noise and overload capacity.

l  The product has three parts: HV chamber, LVchamber and transformer.

l  HV side uses power or manual driven dualsecondary load switch and one plug fuse protection, with electric

contact pointpressure relief valve, multi-function gas relay, electrified display, surge protective device, temperature and humidity controller.

l  On the LV side, it is equipped with highperformance communication intelligent circuit breaker, which can be locallyoperated, and can be controlled remotely by upper computer.

l  Transformer uses corrugated fin withstrong anti-corrosion after special treatment.

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Since you already got another answer that didn't address your question directly. I believe there is a code that says there must be so many inches of clear floor space in front of any electrical service panel. I believe then that your example may violate that code and may not pass inspection if there is one in place for your area.
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Buy okorder
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AED : automatic external defibrillator

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