Electronic Ballast 400W

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1.Specifications of Electronic Ballast 400W



Output power


Input frequency


Current crest factor




Power Efficiency








Lamp distance from ballast(max)






Max case temperature(T C)





2.Applications of Electronic Ballast 400W

Application for public lighting, like street lamps, marketplace, highway tunnel, public plaza,

theater, advertising and publication, industrial and mining enterprises, station dock, construction scene, horticulture and hydroponics


 Electronic Ballast


3.Package & Delivery of Electronic Ballast 400W

Protected with Polystyrene foam, Packaged by Export Carton/Pallet

 Electronic Ballast


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Q:What is the role of the ballast? Said the white dots
Electronic ballast features (1) the energy saving. Fluorescent electronic ballasts, use 20 ~ 60 KHZ frequency supply tubes, more make the lamp light efficiency about 10% higher than that of power frequency (according to the length of 4 feet of tubes), and its low power consumption, make the total input power of the lamp fell about 20%, has the better energy saving effect. (2) it eliminates the stroboscopic and is more stable. Improves the visual resolution and improves the efficacy; Reducing the visual fatigue of continuous operation is beneficial to the protection of eyesight. (3) the starting point is more reliable. After the preheating lamp, the starting point is successful, avoiding multiple starting points. (4) the power factor is high. (5) stable power input and output flux: high quality product has good voltage regulation performance, the power, voltage deviation is large, can still maintain a constant light source, power, light stability, conducive to energy conservation. Extending lamp life. The constant power of high quality products and the lower current of the lamp tube, and the reliable source of the starting point can prolong the lamp's life. (7) the noise is low. High quality electronic ballast noise can be below 35db and people can't feel the noise. (8) you can adjust the light. For dimming sites, such as: the original use incandescent or halogen tungsten lamp dimming, replacing them with efficient fluorescent lamp with adjustable photoelectron ballast, which can realize the big dimming range 2% ~ 100%.
Q:What is a ballast for use? How much is it?
Give the fluorescent lamp a ballast current. According to the wattage of lamp tube, the average household is about 10.
Q:Can the life of fluorescent lamps reflect the quality of electronic ballast
And then the daylight tube. Fluorescent tubes have been used for decades in our country, so far, we can get the remains of preheating type fluorescent tube, whether early T12, or late T8 and T5 T4, even all type preheating tubes, and were not marked on all tubes is frequency fluorescent lamp or fluorescent lamp. , of course, has made great progress in recent years the quality of our fluorescent tube, single filament, it experienced a common single spiral filament, the double helix filament, triple helix filament even more helical filament. Phosphor powder is also widely used in the use of rare earth tri-color phosphor powder, which greatly improves the efficiency and longevity of rare earth. But, as stated earlier, don't have preheating function of the electronic ballast to drive the need to preheat start of daylight lamp, the lamp can exert the best working state all too clear. The life span is naturally shortened.
Q:What is the effect of fluorescent lamps?
Under the excitation of ultraviolet (uv), phosphor emit nearly white visible within the tube wall. Fluorescent lamp after normal glow. Due to the alternating current (ac) continuously through the ballast coil, the coil of self induction electromotive force, self inductance electromotive force blocking the current in the coil change, ballast step-down current-limiting role at this moment, the current stable in the range of the rated current of the lamp tube on both ends of the voltage is stable within the rated voltage range.
Q:How do fluorescent lamps achieve dimming
You can. The modulation is mainly the frequency of the modulation, which can range from 10 to 100 percent, but must be considered for the low power of the filament. The fluorescent-lit ballast is a very prototyping, and the LUTRON fluorescence modulator works well with the light ballast.
Q:How is the ballast for the lamp?
The upstairs say is very good to the best test to see the light not to do not have a bit to hold on the first try to be in the first place the total knife!
Q:What is a ballast? What is the price of a fluorescent lamp ballast?
Inductance ballast because of its simple structure, long service life, coordination as the first kind of fluorescent lamp ballasts, its market share is still relatively large, however, because of its low power factor, low voltage startup performance is poor, heavy energy consumption, stroboscopic, and many other shortcomings, its market is slowly being replaced by electronic ballast, the inductance ballast energy loss: 40 w (lamp power) + 10 w heat loss itself (ballast) is equal to the total power consumption of lamps and lanterns of a complete set of 50 w.
Q:Process flow of inductance ballast
(A) the inductance ballast is made up of silicon steel sheet, enamelled wire coil, skeleton end cover, bottom plate (case), terminal and so on. (B) : Coil: generates the induced electromotive force. In current situation, because of the coil has certain resistance, can produce electric power, the heat made the temperature rise of inductance ballast, to speed up the ballast aging. To reduce the resistance in the coils, use high purity imported electrolytic copper wire. Silicon steel sheet, the whole conductor is in changing magnetic field, will cause induced current in the whole piece of internal conductors, commonly called "vortexing", it will cause power consumption and temperature rise. In the inductance ballast, in order to enhance the magnetic induction intensity is core, but due to the presence of eddy current, must use a very thin insulation silicon steel sheet of the overlying formation of the core, with each other instead of the whole piece of iron core, to reduce the eddy current loss. Bottom plate: fixed, installed effect.
Q:What is the connection of the ballast
Electronic ballast is a converter that converts the frequency ac power to high frequency ac power supply. The mains power supply is converted into a dc power source by rf interference (RFI) filter, full wave rectifier and passive (or active) power factor corrector (PPFC or APFC). Through the DC/AC converter, the output of 20 k - 100 KHZ high frequency AC power, added to the LC series resonance circuit, which is connected with lamp heating filament, but make tubes "discharge" "conduction" state, then enter a state of luminescence, high frequency inductive limit the increase of current role at this time, guarantee the normal work of the tubes for the lamp voltage and lamp current, in order to improve the reliability, often add various protection circuit, such as abnormal protection and surge voltage and current protection, temperature protection and so on.
Q:What is the n on the electron ballast
Electronic ballast (electricaling), a type of ballast, refers to electronic devices that use electronic technology to drive electric light sources to produce the needed lighting. Corresponding to this is the inductor type ballast (or ballast). Modern increasingly use electronic ballast fluorescent lamp, portable small, even can integrate electronic ballast and tube together, at the same time, the electronic ballast can usually combine functions, the starter and starter can save separate again
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Location Jiangsu, China
Year Established 2006
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55.00% China Mainland
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No. of Production Lines Above 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
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