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Lamp holder,G24-F448/NQ Lampholders with threaded barrel-Snap in fixing,screw fixing vertically,threaded barrel -PBT body,Phosph

Lamp holder

Lampholders with threaded barrel


-Snap in fixing,screw fixing vertically,threaded barrel

-PBT body,Phosphor bronzeconts,stainless spring


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Q:What are the common lamp specifications for LED bulbs?
According to the use of the environment Some lampholders protection level up to IP68, in the purchase, according to the need to develop the appropriate IP protection level lampholder (waterproof, etc.), usually with the lamp holder will use IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission standard) safety certification, Lamp holder classification:
Q:Ordinary light bulb connected to the line or line of fire?
The zero line FireWire to be connected, generally have two wiring screws, you see the mouth of the mouth or bayonet bulb, if the home test pen to confirm the good zero line and FireWire, in the lamp holder, the general inside Of the point of contact should be connected to the line of fire (you have to confirm the good lampholder wire screw with the corresponding location)
Q:Want to take a lamp, put the chandelier unloaded, found three lines, how to pick up?
If the regular wiring, which has a two-color line is to protect the ground, that is, then the equipment shell, then a piece of the two-color line that is not used, if there are electricians around, it is best to ask people to help pick up, of,
Q:What is the electronic stent holder?
The foot is generally said to stand on the stand of a standing light
Q:Whether the lamp is important or the lamp holder is important
No flicker is determined by the electronic components of the lampholder, if the use of ordinary light bulbs, and no flicker that is a business lie, AC power lights are strobe, but some high frequency, because the human eye Visual lazy, do not feel out!
Q:What is the relationship between the lamp holder and the chandelier mouth?
the hanging lamp mouth is vacant.
Q:Seat lamp, hanging lamp, lamp holder how to distinguish? Do not know which of them is the light
Block lamp, hanging lamp head is mainly because the installation is different, the style is slightly different. Both the interface with the bulb is different, and is divided into screw-type lamp, bayonet lamp.
Q:What are the types of lampholders, how are they distinguished? E14 E27 MR16
W --- indicates the lamp end, the electrical contact between the lamp and the lampholder is done directly through the lead on the surface of the lamp end, and the glass part (or other insulating material part) of the lamp end is not necessary for the installation of the lamp in the lamp holder For a single lamp that can replace the entire lamp end and symbolize the same interchangeability requirements of the material, it can also be symbolized;
Q:Can the lampholder be plugged into the socket?
First, you can answer that you can not plug in the socket, because only the light bulb socket such as the socket or screw mouth can be used, and the light bulb is a type of jack, not the bayonet is the screw type, otherwise Do not go in
Q:What are the commonly used lamp caps?
MR16, GU10 is different for everyone's lamp holder, PAR30, 38 is different in diameter, are the world through a standard and the name, are the lamp cup, the name of the spotlight, the suit for the different ceiling lamp holder. MR16 in the lighting industry refers to the maximum diameter of 2 inches with a multi-faceted reflector lamps, MP11 is smaller than the MR16 lamps.

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