Electronic Ballast 250W

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1.Specifications of Electronic Ballast 250W



Output power


Input frequency


Current crest factor




Power Efficiency








Lamp distance from ballast(max)






Max case temperature(T C)





2.Applications of Electronic Ballast 250W

Application for public lighting, like street lamps, marketplace, highway tunnel, public plaza,

theater, advertising and publication, industrial and mining enterprises, station dock, construction scene, horticulture and hydroponics

 Electronic Ballast


3.Package & Delivery of Electronic Ballast 250W

Protected with Polystyrene foam, Packaged by Export Carton/Pallet

 Electronic Ballast

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Q:There are several reasons for the damage of the electron ballast
There are three reasons for the damage of electronic ballast: first, the electronic ballast element itself is defective, and it is not included in this problem. 2. Parallel resonant capacitance on opposite sides of the tube damage (common breakdown, capacitance pressure no allowance), cause the lamp not bright or lamp is damaged, the reason is that the high frequency voltage (half bridge oscillation circuit of electronic ballast) through the filament on the resonant capacitance on both ends of the tube, but itself has breakdown, so filament by electricity, but we can not finish Yang resonance of inert gas in high pressure can't breakdown tubes. It causes the cathode to decay rapidly. (the phenomenon is sometimes red on both ends of the tube, but it cannot be lit) three. Parallel resonant capacitance breakdown on opposite sides of the tube, which leads to the electronic ballast itself damage, reason, the principle of the electronic ballast is oscillating circuit output voltage through a bridge, through the lamp filament on both ends on both ends of the resonant capacitance, the resonance resonance capacitance and inductance (circuit board on the small transformer with magnetic core) produced by high voltage breakdown tubes inside the inert gases, inert gas ionization, produce electron bombardment wall phosphor luminescence; But if the resonant capacitor after the breakdown, all current applied on the lamp filament, by this time the current is bigger than current work at ordinary times when tubes, then the two power electronic ballast tube will be hot
Q:Can the life of fluorescent lamps reflect the quality of electronic ballast
All the life of the fluorescent lamp can't response performance of the electronic ballast, for example: when the fluorescent lamp tube voltage, filament cold resistance, vacuum degree, cannot meet the requirements, it is easy to black and failure. Electronic ballast for tubes provide start-up voltage, preheating current, as well as the work of the tube current, voltage, cathode current, wave ratio, and the glow time, these have decided the lamp life and can be used to switch on and off the number of times.
Q:Can a 22W tube use a 40W ballast?
Ballast specification: ac voltage ac 220 - - power frequency 50 hz - - power factor 0.9. Inductance ballast power: 8W.. 20 w... 30 w... 40 w... Four kinds of specifications. Current electronic ballast specifications have (single - 1 drag 1) and (2-1 tow 2). The power is 10w... 14 w.. 18 w.. 21 w.. 24 w.. 28 w.. 36 w.. 39 w.. 49 w.. 55 w.. 60 w...
Q:Can the wattage of the ballast be universal with the lamp
If the ballast is poorly designed, it may burn down the ballast and even cause safety problems.
Q:Do those lamps need a ballast?
Happy to answer your question: In theory cannot use of electric light source directly, also is cannot use the alternating current (ac) light sources are used rectifier, because of high requirement of the voltage stability of the light source, an alternating current wave problems lead to voltage instability will greatly reduce the service life of the light source, actually it is better to remember, most energy-efficient light source need rectifier, like fluorescent lamp, LED lamp, energy saving tube and so on
Q:Who can give the electronic ballast diagram for the T5 type energy-saving lamp
No one can know it by this picture of the circuit diagram, electronic components can't see, on the back of the line is not clear. You know, even if it is a small company rectifier, there are dozens of kinds of.
Q:How does this crystal lamp turn on the commutator, where is the ballast?
To remove the screw from the wire, remove the crystal lamp from the power cord, and then you will see it
Q:What is the difference between an electronic ballast, an LED drive, and a power supply?
Electronic ballast and LED driver is a branch of the power supply Different is electronic ballast for fluorescent lamp output is communication is used for the LED output is dc LED driver
Q:Does the magnet affect the ballast?
If you're talking about electronic ballast. Will, when the magnet close to the magnetic ring transformer, magnetic field will change the magnetization curve of the transformer core to form ring circular and saturated point, this will change the work frequency of the electronic ballast, serious when the ballast to stop working.
Q:Can be able to change the power of fluorescent lamp by electronic ballast
Influence is the power of voltage and current As a result of the voltage is fixed inside the So only start from the current, but after change the current low Rev. Lights will be some trouble if performance is very unstable So it is better to don't change If can change Manufacturers would have changed Don't listen to some people
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangsu, China
Year Established 2006
Annual Output Value Above US$ 0.1 billion
Main Markets 20.00% Northern Europe
25.00% North America
55.00% China Mainland
Company Certifications ISO 9001

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Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 41% - 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 20 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 50,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average