Electrofusion Machine 20-315mm

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20~315mm Electrofusion Machine

1. type: 20~315mm electrofusion machine  

2.welding range : 20~315mm 

3. input power: 220V 50HZ


♦  Our eletrofusion welding machine adopt RMS control, main suitable for connection of PE pipes and fittings which are used for natural gas or water supply. It is the perfect equipment for manufacturers or construction units of pipes and fittings.


♦  High brightness LCD display. Chinese/English operation. Friendly interface for human and machine


♦ Wide power supply and voltage input, fully suitable for spot electric network wave


♦ High accurate power , time controlling. Ensure welding quality


♦Huge storage capacity for welding datum, easy way to enter welding parameters


♦ compact design, small volume and light weight









Input data


Input voltage


48V±10%,220V±20% or 380V±20%


Input power




Output data


Output voltage




Output power












Environment temperature  




Storage temperature




   Control  ways


Constant voltage/currency/power


Data record times




Power constant precision




Overload capacity


1.5Ie,1 minute


Time control precision




Temperature measurement precision




Duty rates




Data output 






See the fault sheet


Soft operation 


Windows 2000/XP


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Q:The T type welder butt welding workpiece, please master pointing
One less push action.
Q:What is the power of the welding machine used on the site, kW?
1, general steel welding machine about 100KVA input power, big have 150KVA, small have 63KVA.2, welding machine is also called current welder or resistance touch welding machine. By using the resistance between the two workpieces' contact surfaces, the contact surfaces of two mutually butted metal can be instantly heated, melted and fused instantaneously through a low voltage and high current.3. Power refers to the amount of work done by an object in unit time. That is, power is the physical quantity describing the speed at which the work is done. The amount of work must be, the shorter the time, the greater the power value. The formula for power is power = work / time. A physical quantity of power that represents the speed of a work. Work done in unit time is called power, expressed in P. The power is equal to the scalar action with the object of force speed product.
Q:What type of flash butt welding machine is used for rail welding?
UNS-1200-agera pulsating flash welder 650 is enough
Q:What welding machine is used for butt welding of stainless steel pipe?
Zhongbang welding flash butt welding machine, without welding wire.
Q:Leakage switch operating current 30mA can not meet the use of steel butt welder, how should I do?
It is best to replace one, simply did not make it go without
Q:How do we change the manual welder to the welding machine?
Cannot change.Whether AC arc welding machine or DC hand arc welding machine. Relative resistance welder.A welding electrode requires a high voltage to fuse the electrode (or wire).The butt welding machine belongs to the resistance welding, needs the low voltage, the big current, the short time welding, the welding voltage is too high, the electrode will melt.Different working characteristics.
Q:How to choose welding leakage current
The working principle of the welding machine is different, and the requirements of the leakage protection are different.On the choice of welding leakage action current, we must first determine the working current, the working current can be calculated according to current / voltage = power calculation, calculate the working current of the welding machine, taking into account the characteristics of the welding work (a short time, the current instantaneous impact of large) choice, leakage current than the normal work some current. According to the calculated work current, select the appropriate leakage protector.Butt welding machine is also called current welder or resistance touch welder. By using the resistance between the two workpieces' contact surfaces, the contact surfaces of two mutually butted metal can be instantly heated, melted and fused instantaneously through a low voltage and high current.Simple to use welding machine and welding machine with similar method, welding transformer power supply special features, when the special transformer is in butt welding working resistance is very small, the amount of current limit, to ensure the normal welding current.Silicon controlled rectifier has been applied to the welding machine. New control methods have been produced, mainly for the more accurate current control and more reliable welding quality, but the basic principle and the calculation method of current are the same.
Q:What's the biggest difference between domestic and imported steel cord welder? Besides price?
That depends on what route your product is going through. Just like buying a car, Mercedes, S600 and Santana can be used to see your needs.The first few years I used the domestic welding machine, not considering the price asked, is worried about the problem of customer service, then domestic welder repair rate so I really can not stand, they have changed, found before the worry is redundant, the first machine isn't bad, even if some supplies needed through the replacement purchase agent is also very convenient, are the basic spot.Not to say that domestic things are not good, but it is so breath. Very helpless.
Q:What is the difference between an electric welding machine and a butt welding machine?
Welding machines work by electricity. The name literally means of welding machine is too deep for you to check the information!
Q:How many coarse copper core cables should be used for the butt welding machine for 100kW?
The load rate of the 100kW welding machine is generally 25%-30%, with an average power of 25-30 kW, and an estimated current of 380 volts. The average current is about 30000/380=78A 25 square millimeter copper core cable is recommended. If the load rate is low, the 16 square millimeter copper core cable can also be used
Our factory has a senior technical team engaged in plastic pipe welding equipment research and design. The guideline of our enterprise is "user's need is our pursuit; the product quality is the lifeline of our enterprise". Our aim is to be a world-famous factory. Our products include TGH multi-angle welding machines, DQJ multi-angle cutting machines and RDH hot-melt welding machines.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangsu,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2001
Annual Output Value
Main Markets 40.00% Domestic Market
15.00% Mid East
10.00% South Asia
10.00% Southeast Asia
10.00% South America
5.00% Eastern Asia
5.00% Africa
5.00% North America
Company Certifications ISO9001

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
Export Percentage 41% - 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 1,000-3,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 5
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
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