Welding Machine from 160mm-315mm

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welding machine  

1. welding range : from 160mm~ 315mm 

2.application: water,gas,irrigation,drainage,construction



Suitable for welding of plastic pipes and fittings made of PE,PP,PVDF and can be operated in any complex working condition. 



1. The machine body is equipped with four main clamps with the third clamp axially moved and adjusted.                                                              


2. Removable PTFE coated heating plate with separate temperature control system.                                                        


3. Electric milling cutter with reversible double cutting edge blades.                    


4. Hydraulic unit provides welding machine with compressing power.          


5. Be made of lightweight and high strength material; simple structure and easy to operate.                                                         


6. Low starting pressure ensures reliable welding quality of small pipes.             


7. Separate two-channel timer shows time in soaking and cooling phases.    


8. High-accurate and shockproof pressure meter indicates clearer readings.                 


Hydraulic butt welding  machine 


Welding ranges




Ranges of application




Working voltage


~220V ±10%,50Hz


Environment temperature


-10° ~ 45°


Total power


planing tool:1.1 kW, heating plate: 3.1 kW , hydraulic unit motor: 0.75kW 




basic frame, heating plate, planing tool, and support (for planing tool & heating 




 heating plate characteristics


PTFE coated heating plate, adjustable knob for temperature control, difference


 in heating plate surface temperature ≤±7°. 


Other device


Electronic count-down timers for heating and cooling time.


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Q:Technical operation of welding machine
Two or three discharge pulse welding, for medium and high carbon steel refueling, preheating, integer and annealing function. It is not only suitable for butt welding of compact wire, but also for butt welding of expanded plate (low carbon copper, pure copper, brass, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and metal wire). A microcomputer processor is used to control the welding process. The welding parameters such as clamping, welding, upsetting and stopping can be adjusted and controlled. The equipment is easy to operate and easy to master. The utility model relates to a lever type pressurizing structure, which has more pressing pressure in the unit area, and ensures the stability of the welding of the product.
Q:Who can tell me the principle of flash butt welding machine?
It may not be suitable for you, because the thickness of your work is not enough, and it needs a lot of pressure after the melt
Q:For welding with steel wire, what method do not let it break
Do you weld low carbon steel?And the principle of equal strength used in welding rod and weldment, or the principle of equal composition?Try the ingredients principle!After the welding is finished, after annealing, you try
Q:Who can tell how many volts are needed for the two welding voltage of the welding machine. The weldment is wall thickness 1.5mm diameter 21mm round tube T type butt joint. How many ampere current is needed?
Normal connection, general 10-12V reverse connection, general 24V up and down
Q:Pneumatic welding machine, welding 3MM steel plate and 12 nut, how should be set?
I wonder if your control box is which manufacturer, which model, I will take Tianjin business for example! I'm on the control box with juntengfaPreload time: around 10Pressure time: this point is longer, so that the foot of the nut is close to the plate before the discharge. Hit 12-16Preheat time: this one doesn't workInterval: less than 10Slow rise: no!Welding current: hit half of the maximum peak of the machine, the strength is not enough, and then add, and then reduce the point.Welding time: 5-10 to see welding effect, add and subtractInterval: do not hit the following, take a look at the machine factory settings, some parameters regardless of himSlow downTemper currentTemper time: This is 0Maintenance timeResting timePressurization delayPressurization timeIn case of fire, add welding time and current down.
Q:Technical parameters of butt welding machine
Electric welding machine technical parameters of you, is the actual design of a welding transformer, the transformer design is a very complex process, but, if you want a homemade welding transformer, can be a simple formula: 1, core area (core content) by welding power is selected, formula: square *0.7-1 power W; 2, block line window is determined by the winding and insulation materials occupy *1.2 sectional area; 3, the conductor cross-sectional area by the input / output current is determined by the *2-3; 4, the number of winding turns by the core area * flux (generally optional 8000-12000 Gauss) in addition to the input / output voltage input (usually from 380v/220v. The output of 50-80v).
Q:What welding machine is used for butt welding of stainless steel pipe?
Argon arc welding, stainless steel welding wire, DC welding machine and stainless steel welding rod!
Q:How to use the butt welding machine for band saw blade?
Adjust the welding contact space to 18-20 mm wide. Then put the saw on it and press it tightly. Two 、 adjust the current to the minimum. Three, quick click switch. Four. Observe the weld until it is slightly aglow. So far, the annealing is complete. There is a problem to go "woodworking belt saw blade" stick to me
Q:Construction steel butt welding or welding good?
First of all, consider the construction of steel products to be welded quantity and strength requirements.The butt welding belongs to pressure welding and is suitable for mass production in batches.Electric welding is melting welding, its operation is flexible, suitable for field welding, and the two welding methods are different in use, so they can not be replaced by each other.From the performance of the joint, the welded joint is well welded, so the quality of welding is higher than that of the welding.
Q:KW how many UN1-100 pairs of welding machines?
Less than 30, but this is the time has been used, and the relationship with you in the current steel butt welding thick, UN-100 to 28 bar more, when welding when there is the rest of the time, the middle of the power consumption is small, is empty
Our factory has a senior technical team engaged in plastic pipe welding equipment research and design. The guideline of our enterprise is "user's need is our pursuit; the product quality is the lifeline of our enterprise". Our aim is to be a world-famous factory. Our products include TGH multi-angle welding machines, DQJ multi-angle cutting machines and RDH hot-melt welding machines.

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Location Jiangsu,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2001
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Main Markets 40.00% Domestic Market
15.00% Mid East
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Factory Size: 1,000-3,000 square meters
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