Electrofusion Welding Machine

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Electrofusion Welding Machine

1.automatically changed and stored 

2.universal fusion resistor, barcode and manual

3.check by Korea gas safety corporation


Universal electro fusion processor 

Electro Fusion Fitting system is electrically fusion jointing method that the gap between fitting and PE pipe is heated and melted by the means of resistance wires which are placed in the socket in the fitting. Each EF Sockets are controlled automatically by micro-processor and RMS value.



  • All functions are designed for ease of operation.

  • The display is equipped with back-lighting. This will enable operator to work in poor lighting and at night

  • Depending on site, fusion number is automatically changed and stored (up to 10 site names). Inputting site name can continuously connect fusion number and perform work even when moving from site to site.

  • You can see fusion content using view function without printing. (Black mark at abnormal part)

  • The built-in printer uses thermal paper (safe for 5 years). Outputting 1 fusion result takes about 1.5 seconds.

  • Change quantity of output current per hour is divided into 10 sections for output, so that reliability on fused material may be enhanced.

  • Output capacity is designed as 3600W (@220Vac) in order to supply stable output.

  • The machine is equipped with a bar code reader of convenient CCD type, which can read at once.

  • Stable fusion becomes possible thru accurate control of output voltage (8-50±0.2Vac) at the input voltage even with high voltage jumps.




Operating voltage 


AC86 to 264V


Fusion voltage


AC170 to 250V


Output voltage


AC8 to 50V ±0.2V


Operating Temperature


-23°C to 49°C










Power consumed




Output current




Fusion data storage


200 Times


Fusion time


10sec to 5999sec


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Q:What kind of cable does the 380V 500KVA welding machine need? How is its load calculated?
500/0.38/1.732=760A check the data selection, recommend the use of 500--630 flat copper flexible cord
Q:150KW what size cables are used for flash butt welding machines?
For the electric welding machine, the influence of heating is fully considered, and the influence of the maximum welding current on the continuous output is considered
Q:What is the power of the welding machine used on the site, kW?
Which one is the same?.
Q:How many coarse copper core cables should be used for the butt welding machine for 100kW?
The temporary load rate of the welding machine is very short, although the power is short and the power is large, the current is:I = P/U = 100/0.38 = 263 (A)Because of its load rate of less than 10%, the transient overload of the wire will not be a problem, the experience data from the 16 square copper core wire can be loaded (in experience).
Q:How to calculate power for butt welding machine
Should it have something that regulates the current?. P=u*i if the voltage is 380, the regulating current is 300A, then the power is U=300*380=114KW
Q:How to use the butt welding machine for band saw blade?
I have detailed instructions, you can add me, I will send you
Q:I am in urgent need of welding machines, welding machines and electrodes. Does anyone know where to sell them?
Hedong District of Linyi has a high strength construction machinery shopping mall, where there is selling this!
Q:Transformer instability, resulting in a breakdown of a 11kw motor, welding machine can not work, our company is 200 independent transformers, power supply alone, how can I ask back?
Motor breakdown is a matter of motor quality or use, not necessarily transformers. You can be sure of all your tests.
Q:How to use PE electric melting machine PE electric welding machine
1. before the operation, the electric melting pipe and the pipe are installed and butt welded. The output plug of the welding machine is inserted into the electric melting pipe machine.2. power on display in the main menu press the down arrow keys can select a function of the machine, and then press the confirm button to enter the sub menu.(1) the parameter setting function, in the main menu, select settings (the color display), confirmed by the enter parameter set up menu, you can set the welding parameters. Press the down arrow keys to select one of the parameter settings, according to a key to select a key, press the +, to modify a cursor blinking. The welding time is in seconds, and the cooling time is divided into units. Print function by + number, the display is yes, open the print function, then, in the welding process, the printer every 5 seconds, print a welding parameter, press the number to close the print function.(2) the welding operation, in the right setting of the machine parameters, welding operation on the pipe, which is the fifth option in the main menu, namely "run", the machine setting parameters, after confirmation, press the start button, the machine start welding operation.(3) when welding normally, the machine starts counting from the preset time, and when the display is 0000, the machine will alarm when the welding is finished. At this point, press the one button, the machine automatically into the cooling state, after cooling, the machine also alarm. Press this one key to end the alarm and return to the main menu.(4) when one of the faults occurs, the machine will stop automatically and display error messages. The current error, check the output plug and tube connection is good; the voltage error, check whether the power supply voltage exceeds the 175250V range; temperature error, check the temperature sensor is disconnected.(5) to carry out second welding, repeat the above process only.
Q:If the welding rod does not release in time, will the electric clamp affect the welding machine?
The welding rod will affect the welding machine.Welding rod and workpiece adhesion, welding machine is in short circuit state. Short time no influence (not more than 1 second, in fact, the electrode stroke, arc or direct arc welding on the electrode adhesion, the workpiece exactly the same, but the arc time is short). Long time sticky electrode will burn welder.Electrode welding current is too small, basic welding rod arc improper welding stick phenomenon occurs. Need to hold the welding clamp handle promptly with the thumb, rod and gun detachment. To burn the welding machine or cause more accidents.
Our company has always been committed to the research, development and production of plastic pipe welding equipment. Its plastic pipe welding equipment has obtained dozens of international patents, enjoying an internationally high reputation due to high quality, exquisite appearance, excellent performance and perfect after-sales service. We are convinced that our unremitting efforts and persistent pursuit will bring us a more bright future while serving world plastic pipe welding equipment industry.

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