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Product Description:

We developed this product is that we mainly consider the relationship between the pressure and flow rate, and combine

the data analysis, to achieve better control effect.

Structure: Combine photoelectric Principle with flow switch. It consists of water sensor, pressure sensor and control site.

Wide voltage design. Double control of pressure and water. Security is higher.

Function: Double control of pressure and water. Pressure control can be used alone. It has water shortage protection

function, water automatic judgment function, preventing sticking function, low voltage protection function.

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Q:A one-way pump an AC contactor a pressure switch, how to pick up
This control is divided into two loops and one is the control loop
Q:How to choose the pressure switch
Specific look at your needs, and explosion-proof, mechanical, the specific consultants can choose the selection of engineers
Q:Pressure protection is good for pressure transmitters or pressure switches.
If your protection value is fixed, do not need to adjust, then the use of pressure switch more economical and practical. If your protection value changes frequently, today is 30MPa, tomorrow is 20MPa, then in this case, or with a pressure transmitter is good, but also with the pressure transmitter can display the pressure value, in the adjustment and use of an intuitive Sense, know what to put pressure is better. And with the pressure switch can only feel the.
Q:How to control the pressure switch with PLC (ZSE30-ISE30A)? How is programming too?
Pressure switch is a switch, only need to pressure switch black line (OUT1) connected to the PLC's input point can be programmed to see the state of the input point, and some OUT2 first line output. The pressure switch can set the polarity of the contact: Normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC). Look at your own needs to set. The program put it as a normal input point on it. Pressure signal, the current value and the set value to do more than the current value is greater than the set value action, or the current value in the set upper and lower limits when the action, can be set according to need.
Q:Audi a6l2.4 air conditioning pressure switch where
Audi C6 air conditioning high and low voltage switch on the condenser.
Q:Air conditioning pressure switch
Types are not the same, the grade is not the same chant ~ some have
Q:Pressure switch related terms
Pressure: The electronic pressure switch maintains its maximum pressure for its normal performance. However, when the electronic pressure switch is used for overpressure, the sensitive element will produce a continuous deformation, then the pressure setting will change, the electronic pressure switch will not be able to play its normal performance or even damage. Accuracy: Indicates the accuracy of the equipment, including linearity, tolerance, hysteresis, repeatability, and so on. Nagano's current pressure switch up to the highest accuracy of ± 0.5% F.S, model CB33. Maximum pressure (Max.P): Maximum pressure range. Full scale (F.S): The difference between the maximum and minimum pressure ranges. The difference between the action value and the reset value is set, for example, when the value is 1MPa and the actual reset value is 0.9MPa, the difference is 0.1MPa. Temperature: refers to the internal mechanism of the instrument, sensitive components such as work will not occur when the temperature range of continuous deformation. General pressure switch recommended operating temperature range of -5 ~ 400C, if the medium temperature is too high, consider adding an attached siphon (irrigation), to achieve the purpose of cooling.
Q:The role of temperature control switch and pressure switch in automobile air conditioning system
Temperature control switch is also called anti-frost switch, control the compressor pull. Pressure switch is now more than three switches, high-grade anti-pressure is too high to protect the compressor, mid-range control of electronic fan high speed or low speed operation, low block monitoring refrigerant serious leakage protection compressor.
Q:Air compressor pressure switch, pressure and pressure is how to tune
First jump pressure, and then adjust the pressure, to the quality supervision department calibration
Q:Hot and cold water automatic self-priming pump how to adjust the automatic pressure switch
The normal pressure switch is a small can similar to the gray, the small jar cover open, the middle of a one-inch screw, you can quickly screw the screwdriver can be, a less tune, about 1/4 turn, you can The So that you can mobilize the pressure.

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