GGD TYPE Ac low voltage distribution switchgear

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Product features: has high and low voltage switch cabinet put oneself in another's position of equipment are all made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate compound and into, or use the standard assembly components, can absorb a certain amount of mechanical stress, the electric stress and thermal stress, can also withstand normal use may have been wet, the influence of processing flat with no burrs, welding smooth and beautiful, no welding wear and cracks.
Filled with handcart and drawer structure switch device, the handcart push-pull operation is flexible and drawer, no stuck phenomenon.
Cardiac surface treatment according to user requirements can be plastic spraying, spray, spray paint and other craft, surface treatment before to deal with the rust, decontamination and phosphating process.All equipment of front and side coated layer, no wrinkles, scratch, bubble, pinhole, defects such as color, colour and lustre is uniform. 
Product standards: cardiac GB3906-91-3-35 kv ac metal-enclosed switchgear.
Cardiac GB7251 low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment.
Cardiac GB50171-92 low voltage distribution panel
Cardiac GB14048.3-93 low voltage switchgear and control equipment, low voltage switch, isolator, isolation switch and fuse combination electric appliance.
Cardiac GB7947 insulated conductor - 87 and the color of bare conductor marks.
Low voltage fuse to cardiac GB13539-92.
Cardiac GB/T2682-1981 electrical complete sets of equipment of guiding lights and the color of the button.
Cardiac GB4208-93 enclosure protection grade. 
Normal conditions of use: cardiac ambient temperature: cap + 40 ℃, the minimum - 10 ℃;
Cardiac altitude: high pressure does not exceed 1000 m.Low pressure does not exceed 2000 m;
His relative humidity: day average no greater than 95%;
Derive seismic intensity: no more than 8 degrees;
Has no fire and explosion danger, serious foul, chemical corrosion crack vibration and play.

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Q:Water switch and pressure switch to help God
if it is used for pumping or pressurized water injection of these, then the pressure switch must be,
Q:Fire mainframe display pressure switch regulation is going on
You want to see which information it shows in the status bar, if the (feedback) information (or regulatory) column, it means that the pressure switch action, and if it is in the fault column, it means that the pressure switch monitoring module is faulty (Or the signal bus is a problem or the module and the pressure switch connected to the line fault or the pressure switch connected to monitor the line state of the resistance of the poor contact, or failure of the module itself, etc. reported failure.
Q:How to adjust the pressure switch
Pro, hello Thank you for your support for Nine Yang. Pro, hello Electric pressure cooker pressure switch in the factory has been adjusted, do not need to adjust the use. If you need to adjust the pressure cooker pressure switch, please go to the after-sales service department adjustment oh ~
Q:Pressure switch and pressure sensor the difference? same?
Different. The former according to the pressure to determine the pass or paragraph, which can tell you the measured pressure.
Q:How is the pressure switch selected?
For electronic pressure switches, please confirm the following parameters Range 2. Switch range 3. Accuracy 4. The number of switches 5. Switch function: normally open normally closed (PNP or NPN output) 6. Interface size 7. Medium temperature 8. Electrical connection 9. Degree of protection Please note the difference between the two 1. Switch function: mechanical switch than the electronic switch more than a single pole double throw function 2. Load power: mechanical switch load than electronic to large, 3. Application: mechanical pressure switch can be directly connected to the circuit, or with the relay used, while the electronic pressure switch directly output switch signal, and the need for external power supply. 4. Price: mechanical pressure switch is cheaper than electronic
Q:Hello! Will the air compressor pressure switch how to tune ah?
Look at the scale, the general screw corresponding to the pressure scale, the scale is large pressure setting, the scale is small pressure set, clockwise adjustment screw is increased. According to your argument, you'd better look at the pressure of the air compressor or gas tank to adjust the pressure, because the mechanical pressure switch has error, transferred to the air compressor pressure at 0.8 when unloading stop, and then adjust the pressure difference , The pressure of 0.2 is your starting pressure of 0.6Bar, the actual operation or to your air compressor pressure prevail, or that sentence, mechanical error!
Q:What is the principle of high and low voltage switch in outdoor unit?
1, high-voltage low-voltage switch is used for system pressure protection devices. When the system operating pressure is too high or too low when the pressure switch action, air conditioning shutdown. 2, according to the level of action pressure, the main high-pressure switch, low pressure switch two; according to the switch action after the contact circuit to break off, there are normally open, normally closed two. 3, the pressure switch is a mechanical protection device, the common normally closed low-voltage switch when the low pressure below 0.05MPa will be disconnected, when the low pressure rise to 0.15MPa when the closure closed, the action principle: when the pressure switch inlet pressure When the low pressure rises above the recovery value, the internal diaphragm closes with the contact under pressure.
Q:Pressure switch and electrical contact pressure gauge principle are what
The principle of the electrical contact pressure gauge is the pointer to drive the contact needle with the pressure rise (down) and rise (down), to set the needle when the switch signal. It is purely mechanical.
Q:Have the air compressor changed the pressure switch or the hole leak?
The hole is put the head of the pressure on the release of no gas out, if the gas out for a long time then you can determine the one-way valve is broken.
Q:How do I check the air conditioning pressure switch?
Air conditioning pressure switch is usually two, one is low-voltage protection, one is high-pressure protection, the approximate principle is: When the pressure inside the system is increased when the pressure is set, the pressure switch is automatically opened, the system stops working. When the system pressure drops to the set pressure, the pressure switch is automatically connected. The system is working normally. The air conditioning pressure switch is the air conditioner Pressure, and then the pressure signal to the air conditioning control system, play a protective air conditioning compressor and the role of the pipeline. Only the pressure signal in the normal range, air conditioning can work properly.

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