MZS type low voltage switch equipment

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Product model: MZS
Product features: cardiac MNS (MZS) type low voltage switch equipment (hereinafter referred to as low voltage switchgear) is our company according to our country's low village, the development trend of complete switchgear in the appliances in the selection of components and improvements on the structure of cabinet put oneself in another's position, and register the product.The product fully meet the original electrical performance and mechanical properties of MNS product technical requirements.
Derive the low-voltage switchgear is suitable for use in ac 50 ~ 60 hz, rated voltage 660 v and below the power system, as power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and power consumption equipment control.
Derive the low-voltage switchgear in addition to the general land use, after special processing can also be used for offshore oil drilling platform, and in nuclear power plant.
Product standards: cardiac GB7251 low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment.
Cardiac JB/T9661 low-voltage withdrawable switchgear.
Has it - 1 low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment.
Environmental conditions of use: cardiac ambient temperature is not higher than + 40 ℃, and the average temperature is not higher than within 24 h + 35 ℃, the lowest temperature is not lower than 5 ℃.
Is left when the relative humidity at the highest temperature is + 40 ℃ not more than 50%, at lower temperature, allowing a higher relative humidity (example: + 20 ℃ at 90%).
Cardiac altitude does not exceed 2000 m.
Has allowed in 25 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ temperature under the condition of transportation and storage, and allows the temperature does not exceed + 70 ℃ within 24 h.
Derive seismic intensity less than 9 degrees.
Technical parameters: derive vertical busbar rated current: single-side or double-side operating draw-out MCC is 800 a, portable for 1000 a;Tank depth 1000 mm single operation of MCC is 800 ~ 2000 a. 
Cardiac protection class IP54 due to reduced capacity in severe cases, it is not recommended. 
Product structure: cardiac low-voltage switchgear basic frame for the combination of the fabricated structure, the frame of the whole structure through galvanized processing, 8.8 by tapping screw or hexagonal screw strong connected into the basic frame, then the need to change according to the plan, and combined with the corresponding door, sealing plate, diaphragm, mounting bracket and busbar, functional units and other parts, assembled into a complete low voltage switchgear, switchgear components in size, the size of the compartment for modular (modulus E = 25 mm). 
Cardiac draw-out MCC has five kinds of the size of the drawer, they respectively are 8 e/e / 4, 8, no. 2, 8, 16 and 24 e e e.Eight e/e / 4 and 8, no. 2 two kinds of the structure of the drawer is made of flame retardant plastic and aluminum molding (4 8 e / 4 or 2 8 e / 2 form a e the height of the interval).Functional units compartment of the total height is 72 e.

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Q:How is the pressure switch selected?
For electronic pressure switches, please confirm the following parameters Range 2. Switch range 3. Accuracy 4. The number of switches 5. Switch function: normally open normally closed (PNP or NPN output) 6. Interface size 7. Medium temperature 8. Electrical connection 9. Degree of protection Please note the difference between the two 1. Switch function: mechanical switch than the electronic switch more than a single pole double throw function 2. Load power: mechanical switch load than electronic to large, 3. Application: mechanical pressure switch can be directly connected to the circuit, or with the relay used, while the electronic pressure switch directly output switch signal, and the need for external power supply. 4. Price: mechanical pressure switch is cheaper than electronic
Q:Car air conditioning, dry bottle next to the pressure switch what role
This is a high pressure switch, is used to protect the system, when the system pressure to open a set range value, it will disconnect the power to stop the air conditioning work to achieve the role of protection. This two lines do not pick up.
Q:Air conditioning pressure switch has several lines, what is the line
2 root. 3P the following air conditioning on a pressure switch, 3P ~ 5P have high pressure and low voltage 2 switch
Q:Can the home pump add automatic pressure switch?
There are three options: 1. With the pressure switch, drawbacks: easy to start frequently, even if the pressure can not be removed; 2. With water flow switch, drawbacks: do not start with a small water, such as water purifier, there is not a single layer of water supply, upstairs may not start, the pipe can not start without water; 3. will 1. 2. combine the two switches in parallel to control a contactor or relay, so that the problem is solved, and will not burn the switch. (I use this, the solar energy on the roof no problem)
Q:Pressure switch and pressure sensor the difference? same?
Pressure switch is widely installed in a variety of pipes, tanks, because of its excellent reliability, repeatability, can play a chain of dangerous equipment protection role. Can be in a variety of dangerous places, a variety of different industrial sites and different industrial areas. Pressure transmitter can be received gas, liquid and other pressure signals into a standard current signal (4 ~ 20mADC), to provide instructions to the alarm, recorder, regulator and other secondary instrument for measurement, indication and process adjustment.
Q:What is a pressure switch? How does it work?
UE pressure switch classification: mechanical pressure switch, explosion-proof pressure switch, electronic pressure switch, vacuum switch, differential pressure switch, temperature switch.
Q:Pressure switch dead zone adjustable, dead zone is not what it means. Please explain in detail Thank you.
Dead zone, DEAD ZONE, in the field of instruments, also known as the instrument of the insensitive area. The change in the amount of input does not cause a limited interval (also understood as sensitivity) of any appreciable change in the output of the instrument. The cause of the dead zone is the friction between the internal components of the instrument and intermittent.
Q:Import Magotan travel volume tire pressure switch in what place
No, Volkswagen DSG gearbox problem mainly occurs at 7 speed, import public MAGOTAN travel version is 6 speed DSG so no problem.
Q:Pc5 pump pressure switch how to adjust the pressure
If the power supply current ≤ pump maximum operating current, but there will be because the power supply power is not enough lead to micro pump parameters are not enough (such as flow, pressure smaller, etc.).
Q:Is the pressure switch used?
Pressure switch is a commonly used switching instrument, in a number of industries have a certain application. It controls the flow of traffic and block, this switch is very important. The following are the same as the " Reference: Baidu search Ai Chi mall, inside the knowledge base has a very comprehensive industrial learning materials and complete product solutions, but also to meet your procurement Please also please, thank you

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