GZD Match the dc panel without maintenance

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Product model: GZD
Product features: has high and low voltage switch cabinet put oneself in another's position of equipment are all made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate compound and into, or use the standard assembly components, can absorb a certain amount of mechanical stress, the electric stress and thermal stress, can also withstand normal use may have been wet, the influence of processing flat with no burrs, welding smooth and beautiful, no welding wear and cracks.
Filled with handcart and drawer structure switch device, the handcart push-pull operation is flexible and drawer, no stuck phenomenon.
Cardiac surface treatment according to user requirements can be plastic spraying, spray, spray paint and other craft, surface treatment before to deal with the rust, decontamination and phosphating process.All equipment of front and side coated layer, no wrinkles, scratch, bubble, pinhole, defects such as color, colour and lustre is uniform. 
Product standards: cardiac GB3906-91-3-35 kv ac metal-enclosed switchgear.
Cardiac GB7251 low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment.
Cardiac GB50171-92 low voltage distribution panel
Cardiac GB14048.3-93 low voltage switchgear and control equipment, low voltage switch, isolator, isolation switch and fuse combination electric appliance.
Cardiac GB7947 insulated conductor - 87 and the color of bare conductor marks.
Low voltage fuse to cardiac GB13539-92.
Cardiac GB/T2682-1981 electrical complete sets of equipment of guiding lights and the color of the button.
Cardiac GB4208-93 enclosure protection grade. 
Normal conditions of use: cardiac ambient temperature: cap + 40 ℃, the minimum - 10 ℃;
Cardiac altitude: high pressure does not exceed 1000 m.Low pressure does not exceed 2000 m;
His relative humidity: day average no greater than 95%;
Derive seismic intensity: no more than 8 degrees;
Has no fire and explosion danger, serious foul, chemical corrosion crack vibration and play.

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Q:Water switch and pressure switch to help God
Friends, if you are used for water pipes to prevent water waste, then it is certainly better flow switch,
Q:Who can talk about the pressure display table, pressure switch, pressure transmitter difference?
The pressure display table is the force of the action with another intuitive way to show it. The pressure switch is to limit the force to a range. The pressure transmitter is the size of the pressure proportional to the output signal size through the form of current or voltage expressed
Q:About how the pressure switch and the pump control box are connected
If the pressure switch is a switch of the more simple, direct access control box can be the collection side. Shandong coal electrical, professional control box and sensor production.
Q:Fire hydrant pump spray pump pump pressure gauge and spray pump pressure switch is how the wiring?
Pressure to open a total of four lines: a pair of direct access to the alarm module feedback, a pair of lines directly to the pump control cabinet open pump Electric contact pressure gauge a total of three terminals: a connection limit, a lower limit, a public, three lines directly to the regulator control box can be the corresponding terminal. Spray pump: Sprinkler pump (English name Sparypump) is mainly oil drilling mud pump supporting the equipment, the role of the spray pump is in the pump during the operation of the cylinder liner, piston rinse and cooling, and for its transport Mud occasions.
Q:Zero fault for oil pressure switch with less oil pressure
3, the oil is thin or because the engine temperature caused by oil thinning, from the engine of the friction in the gap between the leakage, resulting in low oil pressure. Solution: oil change or maintenance cooling system. The following are the same as the " 4, oil tubing oil spills, oil pump damage or wear and tear parts of the parts will lead to excessive oil inhalation, pumping volume reduction, or simply immeasurable, resulting in low oil pressure or no pressure. Solution: overhaul. The following are the same as the "
Q:Principle of low pressure switch
Repetition: the working principle of the pressure switch: When the system pressure is higher or lower than the rated safety pressure, the sensor disc instantaneous movement, through the connecting rod to push the switch connector connected or disconnected, when the pressure dropped to Or when the pressure reaches the rated recovery value, the disc is instantaneous reset, the switch is automatically reset, or simply when the measured pressure exceeds the rated value, the free end of the elastic element is displaced, directly or after comparison, pushing the switching element, Switching element on and off state, to achieve the purpose of controlling the measured pressure.
Q:Fire pressure switch directly from the pump is how the wiring? Ask everyone to answer
It is mainly in the wet alarm valve in the hydraulic alarm and the delay between the pressure switch, the signal module to the control center alarm, another alarm valve outlet on the pressure switch directly or by the module control spray pump The
Q:How to test Cruze air conditioning pressure switch is good or bad
General period of air conditioning maintenance 1. Remove the debris from the vents to ensure proper ventilation. Observe whether the outdoor rack loose phenomenon, clean outdoor ventilation net inside and outside the presence of foreign body. At the same time, keep the vents unimpeded. 2. Indoor and outdoor heat exchanger surface cleaning, improve the efficiency of heat exchangers. Clean the indoor heat exchanger, you should carefully take the panel, scrub with a soft rag, use a small brush gently brush the end of the machine heat exchanger, so as to achieve the removal of dust and can reproduce the harmful accumulation of bacteria purposes. But note that because the heat sink is very thin aluminum material, easy to deformation after the force, so be careful to scrub.
Q:Pump pressure control switch appears e-f what is the fault
points to the desired pressure value. Pressure switch has mechanical, electronic and other two categories. The pressure switch is a device that is combined with the electrical switch, and when the pre-set fluid pressure is reached, the switch contacts are actuated. Mainly used in power plants, petrochemical, metallurgical industries and other industrial equipment output alarm or control signal in the industrial field has an important purpose, to prevent the production of important equipment damage, to avoid the occurrence of major production accidents.
Q:Air compressor pressure switch, pressure and pressure is how to tune
The pressure refers to the set pressure, the pressure difference between the time and the air compressor.

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