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Pressure control is adjustable ,the judgment of water shortage protection is accurate.

It has freedom of rotate 320 degrees, elegant appearance and excellent quality.

It is suitable for self priming pump installation.


Normal working voltage :140V~280V

Pressure range:0-10KG        

Fluid temperature:0-100      

Maximum power:1500W      

Maximum current: 20A      

Service life :More than 150000 times

How to set

1.Adjust pressure upper limit

A),Short press left key,  show  pressure  upper  limit.

Then long press left key 2 seconds, LED show‘PUP’,

go to pressure upper limit adjust.

B),Short press left key=plus 0.1,

    long press left key=plus 1.0.;

C),Short press right key=minus 0.1,

    long press right key=minus 1.0;

D),Automatically exit after 3 seconds, go to current

displayed pressure.

2.Adjust pressure lower limit

A), Short press right key,  show  pressure lower limit.

Then long press right key 2 seconds, LED show‘pdn’,

go to pressure lower limit adjust.

B),Short press left key=plus 0.1,

    long press left key=plus 1.0.;

C),Short press right key=minus 0.1,

    long press right key=minus 1.0;

D),Automatically exit after 3 seconds, go to current

displayed pressure.

3,The power voltage display

A)Long press left key 2 seconds, LED show ‘Vol’, go to show the current power voltage.

B)If long press right key 2 seconds, LED show ‘Vdd’, go to show PCB DC voltage.

C)Short press left key or right key, you can exchange the state of  A) and B).

D)Automatically exit after 3 seconds, go to current displayed pressure.


A)Press left key above 5 seconds, you can run or stop the pump.

B)If press right key above 5 seconds, the pump is off, LED shows ‘OFF’and cancel countdown.5.

5,Child Lock

Long press double key 2 seconds, the pressure switch is locked and can’t amend parameter.

The last decimal point shining.

Long press double 2 seconds, remove locked.


A)Press double above 5 seconds, LED shows‘tHt’, go to adjust countdown.

B)Short press left key=plus 0.1 hour=6 minutes. Long press left key= plus 1.0 hour.

CShort press right key= minus 0.1 hour. Long press right key= minus 1.0 hour.

D)Time is over, you can stop or run pump. If you stop pump, will show ‘OFF’.

E)Press right key above 5 seconds, countdown will cancel. The pump is off ,and show ‘OFF’.

Warning information

1.‘12.3’ or‘4.5’or‘P6.7 = current pressure display format, unit kg/cm².

2.‘EUH’ means Error High voltage, power voltage is greater than 265Vac.It is safer.

3.‘EUL’ means Error low voltage, power voltage is less than 145Vac.It is safer.

4.‘SEn’ means Senscr Error. It will stop.

5.‘PLO’ means Low Pressure.

6..‘dry’ means real dry. It is no water safly. If you want to run the pump, you will run manually.

7.‘HZO’ means no water. The pump will restart within 5 minutes if no water.

8.‘OFF’ means turn off.

9.‘SPH’ means deadhead. The pressure can’t reach upper limit. The pump will stop.

10.‘t1.2’ means timer, unit is hour. Also the pressure shows double digit, unit Bar,

For example ‘P3.4’.

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Q:J electric pressure cooker on the pressure switch why on the silicone
The above do not know what the pressure switch is something! The reason to be marked on the above is to prevent the pressure switch which can turn the transfer valve rotation, which led to changes in pressure, play a fixed role,
Q:How to adjust the pressure cooker pressure switch
E4 pressure switch failure 1. Pressure switch contact moisture oxidation 2. Pressure below 0.04MP on the first case of the oxidation point can be dealt with clean; the second case you have to adjust the pressure switch, the method is as follows: Electric pressure cooker pressure There are two ways to adjust the switch, 1. Hand pressure gauge: add appropriate amount of water to the pot, cover the lid to boil, remove the pressure relief valve on the pressure gauge, etc. Table read rose to 0.068MP when the adjustment pressure switch So that it is just broken; with glue fixed adjustment screw. 2. do not have a pressure gauge on hand, do not remove the unloading pressure valve, the first pressure to the maximum, and other relief valve just began to leak, immediately adjust the pressure switch to jump, and then clockwise and then spin a Little bit on the line. Remember to use glue to adjust the screws.
Q:Is the normally open and normally closed contacts of the same pressure switch able to participate in the control at the same time?
according to the needs of the circuit design, can simultaneously participate in the control: For example, normally closed contact control of a normal indicator of the green light, The normally open contact is responsible for controlling a red indicator indicating the pressure abnormality,
Q:The role of temperature control switch and pressure switch in automobile air conditioning system
Pressure switch is used to adjust the internal pressure of the air conditioning system, air conditioning system, high and low pressure ratio is the key to refrigeration.
Q:Zero fault for oil pressure switch with less oil pressure
5, crankshaft and the gap between the size of the gap caused by excessive oil leakage, resulting in low oil pressure. Solution: overhaul. 6, pressure limiting valve or relief valve spring is too soft or card or steel ball damage caused by the function of the valve disappeared or weakened lead to lower oil pressure. Workaround: Replace the repair. The following are the same as the " 7, oil sensor plug, pressure gauge or circuit failure caused by low oil pressure. Workaround: Replace the check.
Q:Huatai Santa Fe p0532 air conditioning pressure switch input voltage is low. The How to solve
Because: 1, the supply voltage is insufficient, use a multimeter to check the supply voltage. 2, the pressure switch input bad contact, re-wiring. 3, the pressure switch is damaged, replace the pressure switch. 4, the pressure switch capacitor is damaged, replace the capacitor.
Q:Water pump is a good digital control or a good pressure switch
The reliability of the machine is higher than that of electrons, and the convenience is inferior to that of electrons.
Q:The pressure switch of the wet alarm valve to the wiring of the spray pump control cabinet
Wet alarm valve for single or double contact pressure switch, five pressure switch how to connect to a spray pump control cabinet, and the alarm host. The Five pressure switches can not interfere with each other between the alarm. The Seek heroes guide to know.
Q:Volkswagen Long Yi air conditioning pressure switch has electricity, air conditioning pump where no electricity how the matter
1, the best look at the real-time display of data, air conditioning pressure switch signal / evaporator temperature signal / water temperature / ambient temperature and other data is normal,
Q:Air pump pressure switch inlet and outlet mechanical principle (pressure switch under the role of exhaust hole?)
The pressure switch is a purely mechanical deformation leading to a microswitch action. When the pressure increases, the role of different sensing pressure components (diaphragm, bellows, piston) deformation, will move up, through the railing spring and other mechanical structure, and ultimately start the top of the micro-switch, the electrical signal output.

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