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Pressure control is adjustable ,the judgment of water shortage protection is accurate.

It has freedom of rotate 320 degrees, elegant appearance and excellent quality.

It is suitable for self priming pump installation.


Normal working voltage :140V~280V

Pressure range:0-10KG        

Fluid temperature:0-100      

Maximum power:1500W      

Maximum current: 20A      

Service life :More than 150000 times

How to set

1.Adjust pressure upper limit

A),Short press left key,  show  pressure  upper  limit.

Then long press left key 2 seconds, LED show‘PUP’,

go to pressure upper limit adjust.

B),Short press left key=plus 0.1,

    long press left key=plus 1.0.;

C),Short press right key=minus 0.1,

    long press right key=minus 1.0;

D),Automatically exit after 3 seconds, go to current

displayed pressure.

2.Adjust pressure lower limit

A), Short press right key,  show  pressure lower limit.

Then long press right key 2 seconds, LED show‘pdn’,

go to pressure lower limit adjust.

B),Short press left key=plus 0.1,

    long press left key=plus 1.0.;

C),Short press right key=minus 0.1,

    long press right key=minus 1.0;

D),Automatically exit after 3 seconds, go to current

displayed pressure.

3,The power voltage display

A)Long press left key 2 seconds, LED show ‘Vol’, go to show the current power voltage.

B)If long press right key 2 seconds, LED show ‘Vdd’, go to show PCB DC voltage.

C)Short press left key or right key, you can exchange the state of  A) and B).

D)Automatically exit after 3 seconds, go to current displayed pressure.


A)Press left key above 5 seconds, you can run or stop the pump.

B)If press right key above 5 seconds, the pump is off, LED shows ‘OFF’and cancel countdown.5.

5,Child Lock

Long press double key 2 seconds, the pressure switch is locked and can’t amend parameter.

The last decimal point shining.

Long press double 2 seconds, remove locked.


A)Press double above 5 seconds, LED shows‘tHt’, go to adjust countdown.

B)Short press left key=plus 0.1 hour=6 minutes. Long press left key= plus 1.0 hour.

CShort press right key= minus 0.1 hour. Long press right key= minus 1.0 hour.

D)Time is over, you can stop or run pump. If you stop pump, will show ‘OFF’.

E)Press right key above 5 seconds, countdown will cancel. The pump is off ,and show ‘OFF’.

Warning information

1.‘12.3’ or‘4.5’or‘P6.7 = current pressure display format, unit kg/cm².

2.‘EUH’ means Error High voltage, power voltage is greater than 265Vac.It is safer.

3.‘EUL’ means Error low voltage, power voltage is less than 145Vac.It is safer.

4.‘SEn’ means Senscr Error. It will stop.

5.‘PLO’ means Low Pressure.

6..‘dry’ means real dry. It is no water safly. If you want to run the pump, you will run manually.

7.‘HZO’ means no water. The pump will restart within 5 minutes if no water.

8.‘OFF’ means turn off.

9.‘SPH’ means deadhead. The pressure can’t reach upper limit. The pump will stop.

10.‘t1.2’ means timer, unit is hour. Also the pressure shows double digit, unit Bar,

For example ‘P3.4’.

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Q:Home booster pump pressure switch failure how maintenance
You should be the water switch control, water flow can not be a small flow switch, only to open a large faucet. Hello, you can install a check valve on the pipe and electrical contact pressure gauge or pressure relay, give you a schematic diagram to see it: Booster pump switch has three gears, usually: automatic, manual, off, automatic power supply as long as the water pump to work in the manual position and then continue to work on the power supply. A plus cold water heater or will turn off. The The The You try to water heater water temperature flow to see what to look like. The The
Q:How does the pressure switch work?
Do not have to worry about the power of the current, more than the pump's maximum operating current will burn the pump. Because the switching power supply, battery or battery current is large, but on behalf of the power supply can provide the current capacity, the actual work of the power supply current is not always the maximum power to provide the power supply, but depends on the pump load size; Large, need to provide power to the pump current is large; otherwise small.
Q:Automatic sprinkler system in the pressure switch, the control room and the relationship between the three spray shower?
Automatic sprinkler system in the pressure switch, the control room and the relationship between the three spray from the action of the linkage. The pressure switch is always in the normal state. Only in the linkage in the control room and spray pump at the same time in an automatic state, will be linked to the pump. In the fire control center was 24 hours on duty, the linkage in the control room in a manual state. Pump station main pipe installed relief valve, when the pressure exceeds the safety settings, will automatically open valve pressure relief, drainage to the fire pool. So the pipe will not burst over pressure. After the nozzle action, should be directly connected by the pressure switch automatically start the water pump. Pre-action system, rain system and automatic control of the water curtain system, the fire alarm system should be automatically alarmed immediately after the water supply to the distribution pipeline. The control room should be able to show the water flow indicator, pressure switch, signal valve, water pump, fire pool and water tank level, pressure gas pipeline pressure, and power and standby power is in the normal state of the feedback signal, and should be able to control the pump, Valves, electric valves and other operations. In the wet system wet alarm valve on the back of the nozzle action, the system test debugging water or pipeline leakage, etc., through the wet alarm valve part of the flow from the wet alarm valve valve chamber to the delay device; once the delay device filled with water, Hydraulic alarm action, while the pressure switch to send the action signal.
Q:Automatic self-priming pump pressure switch how to tune
The pressure switch to reduce the maximum pressure of the minimum increase and fall between the upper and lower interval of 0.5 pressure on the line after the minimum water closing water off the maximum disconnection. Self-priming pump works is: before the pump starts in the pump casing filled with water (or pump itself with water). After the start of the high-speed rotation of the impeller so that the impeller channel flow of water to the volute, then the entrance to form a vacuum, so that the water back door open, the suction pipe into the pump, and impeller channel to the outer edge. Self-priming pump is a self-priming centrifugal pump. It has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, smooth operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long life and strong self-priming ability. Pipeline do not need to install the end of the valve, just before the work to ensure that the pump can be stored within the quantitative solution can be. Different liquids can use different materials from the suction pump.
Q:What is the pressure switch of the electric pressure cooker?
If the pot has pressure, the security lock will lock the lid, so as not to pan open. And other safety valve will heat out, the security lock will automatically unlock.
Q:9 Yang rice cooker jyy50ys6a pressure switch where the line, etc.
YY-50YS6A show "E3", buzzer long alarm - pressure switch open, open the machine back cover, you can see the pressure switch (bimetal) fixed on the insulation cover
Q:What is the interlock pressure switch, what is its principle of action
I guess the meaning but what I'm saying is right When you open a device to open the b device and then open the c device and then open the d device, The original through the two keys on the device to achieve such as a on the two keys b on a c a open when a open after a key inserted into b b opened after the unplug b on the original inserted into the c
Q:What is the qualification certificate for the production pressure switch?
Depends on how much pressure, usually the pressure vessel or component production license in the technical supervision bureau run.
Q:Air conditioning pressure switch bad will not cause the compressor to power
Will, the pressure switch is connected in series on the compressor power line, the pressure switch if disconnected, the natural compressor no electricity.
Q:What kind of module is used for the pressure switch?
main Used in the field of various active equipment such as water flow indicator, pressure switch, position switch, signal valve and energy Enough to send back the switch signal external linkage equipment. After these devices are actuated, the output signal can be output by the module

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