Floatless relay 5A 250VA

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Q:Red rice note3 how to set the switch machine time
In the Security Center> Power> Timing Switch> Timed Start and Timed Shutdown On> Set the power on and off time.
Q:How to set the computer's automatic switch machine time?
1. Automatic timing boot This feature needs to be set in the BIOS, and your motherboard's advanced power management settings must support this feature, but now most of the motherboard support, rest assured to use it. step one: Start the system press DEL, enter the BIOS, and then select the "POWER MANAGEMENT FEATURES" (Power management settings), enter in the power window to find "RESTORE ON AC / POWER LOSS "item, press Enter, and then set the value to" POWER ON "with the arrow keys. Step two: Select "RESUME ON RTC ALARM" and press Enter, then use the arrow keys to set its value to "ENABLE" Step three: Select "RTC ALARM DATE" press Enter, and then set its value to "EVERYDAY", that every day the same operation, in accordance with the same method, respectively, "RTC ALARM HOURS" "RTC ALARM MINUTE" "RTM ALARM SECOND "Set to" 07 "" 15 "" 00 ", which means the boot time for the morning" 7:15:00 ", all set up, press F10, save and restart. (Due to the different motherboard BIOS is not the same, some motherboard settings may be a little bit different from the above, but just remember to find in the power management "WAKE UP" words on the line, because this is set the timing boot option)
Q:The leakage switch will trip at regular intervals
1, not short-circuit problem (because of short circuit in any case, do not rule out the short-circuit point, the time interval can not work long after closing, continue to smoke, and instantly from short circuit into open circuit).        2, not load can not afford (because the leakage switch, leakage switch only for leakage when the action, no overload action function).        3, the biggest possible reason is because the kitchen is relatively humid, in the lamp connector, socket connector, control switch joints, leakage switch joints and other moisture, moisture is too large, resulting in leakage current, more than leakage switch action current (generally 30 mA ) And action, sunny weather may be better, rainy weather may intensify.
Q:35KV switch cabinet sub-closing standard time is how much
Small range can be controlled at: closing time 35-70ms opening time 20-60ms.
Q:On the flyback switching power supply start time
Q = i * t = C * V => T = C * V / i And i = 300 / 560k (div) => T = (12 * 22 * 10 ^ -6) / (300 / (560 * 1000)) = 0.49 seconds
Q:Duty cycle and switch cycle, the switch tube opening time, the relationship between the three
Ton = 1 / f * d So your understanding is right The turn-on time of the switch in one cycle = D * cycle
Q:Notebook switch machine time will be reset how to do
Directly replace the COMS battery, enter the BIOS settings to modify the time to OK
Q:The Problem of Valve Engine Valve Switch Time
According to this theory, the automobile industry to produce the medium-term, basically into the exhaust valve opening time ahead of time, closing time delay, so that the top deadline and the bottom deadline + -4 ° range, the intake valve and exhaust Door at the same time open the phenomenon, called the valve phase.
Q:Germany Germany West KG316T time control switch how to set the system time?
1, the factory time control switch has been set a good time, if you need to set their own time, just hold down the "clock" button do not release, and then press the "week" can set the week, press "time" can set the hour, "Can be set in minutes. 2, the control switch can be set up to 10 hours of opening and closing, that can be set every day 10 time period of the switch. 3, set the first time of the opening time: press the "timer" button, the LCD screen shown above, a "1 open" words, then press "time" and "points" to set a few points A few minutes to open. 4, set the first time of the closing time: press the "timer" button, the LCD screen shows the above figure, a "1 off" words, then press "time" and "points" to set a few Point off a bit. 5, and so on, if you want to set the second and third time period, continue to press the "timer" button, the LCD will display "2 open", "2 off", "3 open" And so on, set the opening point and turn off the time point can be. 6, press the "timer" button, then press the "week" button, you can set the day of the day to set the time to open and close. Turn left to turn right
Q:Led monochrome to go to the word display, the timer switch time are set to set up automatically
This switch has multiple sets of time settings, reset all settings, and then re-set a group just fine.

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