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Product Description:

Performance Parameter

The pressure control of product consists of three parts: pressure gauge, photo-electric

sensor,electronic circuit. Pressure gauge is used for measuring pressure value,photo-electric

sensor is responsible for transmitting pressure start &stop signal to circuit board , then the circuit

board processes the signal of photo-electric sensor, to judge whether the controlled equipment is

closed or started. The control mode can be divided into two kinds: direct on/off control and signal


  The product control pressures by adjusting the red and green position indication, reference point

is not mechanical contact, but guarantee the stability and accuracy with Photo-electric principle.

In products such as ordinary pumps and air compressor, internal electronic circuit design can

directly control power which doesn’t exceed 2.2KW , without external control cabinet and

auxiliary relay.

Pressure control section : 0-4KG 0-6KG 0-10KG 0-16KG 0-60KG …

Allow to control Max power of electrical motor:1.5KW & 2.2KW

Work & control voltage:220VAC 50HZ

Allow conventional screwed connection:


Pressure adjusting mode :

Freely adjust pump start(lower limit)& stop(upper limit)

Waterproof performance index :IP65

Max allowable temperature of fluid :80 ℃

Service life:140,000 times

Function of pessure controller for pumps  

This product is different from the conventional pressure switch:It’s combined electric contact pressure gauge combines the advantages of accurate readings, through photovoltaic technology control the installed equipments on-off freely. Product design components including: a stable and reliable electronic circuits , high-performance electronic relays, sensitive precise photoelectric sensor, electric contact pressure gauge plate, high-strength plastic sheet (or metal sheet).

To comparing with the traditional domestic and foreign products, we have the following advantages:

1, Arbitrarily set to start and turn off the value of stress value.

2, Precise control makes no problem in continued repetition on-off.

3, Working stress shows on dial makes observation more convenient .

4, Long working life, stable performance.

5, The minimum pressure can adjustable to zero pressure at start, control more convenient;

6, Free from pressure limited ,0-6KG / CM 2 ,0-10KG / CM 2 ,0-50KG / CM 2 ,0-500KG / CM 2, or higher;

7, Free from working condition limited, it can work in any places there is pressure.

8,Don’t need to install the pressure tank

You can enjoy more advantages in using our products.

Detailed introduction of solar energy & air source installation

1. If increasing the pressure with canned motor pump,then just have to install the automatic valve

2. If increasing the pressure with high-head self-priming pump and centrifugal pump, then must install the valve on the pump outlet,automatic switch should be installed on the pipeline which is behind the valve and away from the valve more than 1m ,so that the pressure switch can receive steady pressure and prevent the pressure gauge needle from shaking.


When supplying water from up to down,attention that the pressure should be less than 2kg. So it’s better to choose the pump with smaller pressure. If thepressure is too high, will make the switch frequently start, so that greatly reduce the service life of pressure switch, the service life of pumps and valves will also reduce.

3. Pressure switch selection, must according to the pump’s actual head to choose the pressure switch which is a little higher than the highest head of the pump.

Pressure switch adjusting mode:

After having installed the pump and pressure switch:firstly, set the upper limit of pressure switch to the highest, then start the pump and close all valves, check the value on the pressure gauge, if the pressure is higher than 2.5KG,set the upper limit around 2.5KG., if the pressure is lower than 2.5KG, upper limit setting must according to the actual water condition.

Adjusting mode:

Start the pump,adjust the upper limit of pressure switch to the highest, check the biggest value of pressure switch needle when the pump is working, then open the water valve which is on the highest floor, adjust the water consumption with the valve on the pump outlet, when the water consumption is suitable on the highest floor, keep the water consumption steady,watch the value of needle on the pressure switch, then set the upper limit value of pressure switch a litter higher than the value of this moment ,but lower than the value when the valve is closed, set lower limit to 0.3—0.4 KG..



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Q:How the fire pressure switch wiring
A public, a normally open, a normally closed. Normally open and normally closed, respectively, and the common composition of two groups of contacts.
Q:Pressure switch and electromagnetic valve operating principle
Simply put, the pressure switch is a switch, as long as its inlet pressure exceeds its set value, you can open or the pressure signal into electrical signals to control the work of other components. The electromagnetic valve is to use the electrical signal to control the work of the spool, as long as the access to a certain current, you can achieve changes in the direction of liquid flow, thus controlling the commutation of the implementation of components. The source of the electrical signal can be a pressure switch or a trip switch.
Q:Frequency constant pressure water supply control cabinet can not pressure switch
Through the above analysis can be concluded: electrical contact pressure gauge can not achieve a true closed-loop constant pressure water supply. Only through the control circuit through the water pump in the set pressure limit and the upper limit between the repeated start to stop the water supply, while the pipe network pressure in the set upper limit pressure between the lower limit. Electric contact pressure gauge control damage: repeated start and stop the inverter pump water supply system instability, the equipment wear is relatively large, can not achieve constant pressure water supply energy saving effect.
Q:Spray pipe network action, water flow indicator and pressure switch that the first alarm
t this time the use of water is the roof of the fire source, due to spray action, water supply pipe water pressure decreases, resulting in water supply pipes and the main inlet pipe pressure difference between the upper and lower, then the alarm valve open, most of the water from the alarm valve into the water supply pipeline
Q:Washing machine where the installation of electrical contact pressure gauge can be achieved automatically switch machine, how to install
Shutdown is really convenient, but the motor will start to shorten the motor life, you can install the wireless controller to control the car washing machine
Q:How does the pressure switch work?
Do not have to worry about the power of the current, more than the pump's maximum operating current will burn the pump. Because the switching power supply, battery or battery current is large, but on behalf of the power supply can provide the current capacity, the actual work of the power supply current is not always the maximum power to provide the power supply, but depends on the pump load size; Large, need to provide power to the pump current is large; otherwise small.
Q:How does air conditioning pressure switch know bad?
Do not know you are the car has two lines and three lines, the two lines of the measurement of the two terminals should be unreasonable air conditioning pressure after the three lines with a control fan is the same principle
Q:J electric pressure cooker on the pressure switch why on the silicone
in fact, is not very practical, under normal circumstances, the pressure will be with the use of time Reduce, with you on the silicone is not much relationship. General ordinary pressure cooker life is generally 4 - 6 years
Q:A self-priming pump a 220 contactor a pressure switch (four terminals) an empty open how to achieve automatic control wiring
Open the top of the access line, the following outlet connected to the contactor above the main contact, contactor below the main contact with water pump.
Q:What is the role of the washing machine pressure switch?
The water level of the water is to rely on it to detect the control, the water, the air pipe to the pressure on the pressure switch,

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