KYN28-12GZSI-12Z Armor type metal enclosed switchgear

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A, product overview and scope of application
KYN28-12 armoured medium type metal enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the switchgear) is my company in the absorption of advanced manufacturing technology at home and abroad on the basis of the design and development of new products, can replace the old type of metal enclosed switchgear, such as KYN1-10, JYN2-10, the GBC - 10 etc series products.Its product has the following obvious advantages:
1.1 products shell entirely by coated aluminium zinc steel plate after CNC machine tool processing multiple bolts assembled after bending forming, has high mechanical strength, effectively ensure the product's tidy and beautiful, cupboard door adopt plastic spraying coating, with strong impact resistance and corrosion resistance ability.Product is shell IP4X level protection grade. 
1.2 this product is the main switch can be configured ABB VD4 vacuum circuit breaker, C3 series fixed load switch, at the same time also can configure a variety of domestic series vacuum circuit breaker (e.g., VS1, VH1, vitamin k, ZN28), to replace the similar foreign products. 
1.3 whether to choose what kind of circuit breaker, the bare conductor insulation distance air can ensure that more than 125 mm, the composite insulation is greater than 60 mm.The circuit breaker has long life, high parameters, less maintenance, small volume of the unique advantages. 
KYN28-12 armor type of metal-enclosed switchgear is suitable for 3.6 ~ 12 kv three-phase ac 50 hz power grid, as acceptance and distribution of electricity, and the circuit for control, monitoring and protection purposes.Can be used for single busbar, single or double busbar system bus section system.Switchgear meet IEC298 52 kv and below the rated voltage 1 kv ac metal-enclosed switchgear and control equipment ", IEC694 terms of high voltage switch control equipment, our country GB3906 "3-36 kv ac metal-enclosed switchgear and DL404 indoor ac high voltage switch cabinet order conditions, German DIN. VDE0670" rated voltage 1 kv ac switch equipment, such as the standard requirements.And have perfect functions and reliable prevent wrong operation.

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