GCK series low-voltage withdrawable switchgear

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Product model: houndreds types product as like GCK
Product features: has high and low voltage switch cabinet put oneself in another's position of equipment are all made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate compound and into, or use the standard assembly components, can absorb a certain amount of mechanical stress, the electric stress and thermal stress, can also withstand normal use may have been wet, the influence of processing flat with no burrs, welding smooth and beautiful, no welding wear and cracks.
Filled with handcart and drawer structure switch device, the handcart push-pull operation is flexible and drawer, no stuck phenomenon.
Cardiac surface treatment according to user requirements can be plastic spraying, spray, spray paint and other craft, surface treatment before to deal with the rust, decontamination and phosphating process.All equipment of front and side coated layer, no wrinkles, scratch, bubble, pinhole, defects such as color, colour and lustre is uniform. 
Product standards: cardiac GB3906-91-3-35 kv ac metal-enclosed switchgear.
Cardiac GB7251 low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment.
Cardiac GB50171-92 low voltage distribution panel
Cardiac GB14048.3-93 low voltage switchgear and control equipment, low voltage switch, isolator, isolation switch and fuse combination electric appliance.
Cardiac GB7947 insulated conductor - 87 and the color of bare conductor marks.
Low voltage fuse to cardiac GB13539-92.
Cardiac GB/T2682-1981 electrical complete sets of equipment of guiding lights and the color of the button.
Cardiac GB4208-93 enclosure protection grade. 
Normal conditions of use: cardiac ambient temperature: cap + 40 ℃, the minimum - 10 ℃;
Cardiac altitude: high pressure does not exceed 1000 m.Low pressure does not exceed 2000 m;
His relative humidity: day average no greater than 95%;
Derive seismic intensity: no more than 8 degrees;
Has no fire and explosion danger, serious foul, chemical corrosion crack vibration and play.

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Q:Automatic self-priming pump pressure switch how to tune
The pressure switch to reduce the maximum pressure of the minimum increase and fall between the upper and lower interval of 0.5 pressure on the line after the minimum water closing water off the maximum disconnection. Self-priming pump works is: before the pump starts in the pump casing filled with water (or pump itself with water). After the start of the high-speed rotation of the impeller so that the impeller channel flow of water to the volute, then the entrance to form a vacuum, so that the water back door open, the suction pipe into the pump, and impeller channel to the outer edge. Self-priming pump is a self-priming centrifugal pump. It has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, smooth operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long life and strong self-priming ability. Pipeline do not need to install the end of the valve, just before the work to ensure that the pump can be stored within the quantitative solution can be. Different liquids can use different materials from the suction pump.
Q:What is the oil pressure switch?
Monitor the oil pressure, oil pressure is low, then the instrument panel has a red oil tank alarm light will be bright. All engines must be equipped.
Q:Have the air compressor changed the pressure switch or the hole leak?
The hole is put the head of the pressure on the release of no gas out, if the gas out for a long time then you can determine the one-way valve is broken. Open the one-way valve inside the valve plate wear or grinding or a change. Welcome to your service
Q:Pressure switch dead zone adjustable, dead zone is not what it means. Please explain in detail Thank you.
General pressure switch dead zone is not adjustable, and some pressure switch dead zone can measure the mechanical properties of components to adjust the dead zone size, but change the component characteristics may cause the switch to malfunction or moving! The The So avoid free to adjust!
Q:Air conditioning pressure switch damage will be what failure
If the short circuit, then the unit does not stop until other failures occur. The alarm group can not open the machine. The The working principle is: high air-conditioning, low-voltage protection is to detect the pressure inside the system refrigerant pressure switch, the main role is to detect the system pressure is normal, the pressure exceeds the allowable range, the pressure switch action, and abnormal signal to the CPU , CPU processing will stop the cooling system work, and the fault displayed. The low-voltage protection detects that the return air pressure in the system is generally less than 0.05MPA. The action is to prevent the compressor from operating in the system without damaging the compressor. High-pressure protection is detected by the exhaust pressure is generally higher than the 3.5MPA switch action, the role is to prevent the system too much refrigerant and condenser heat dissipation, and damage the compressor or burst pipe.
Q:Audi a6l2.4 air conditioning pressure switch where
In the upper left corner of the condenser to remove the cover to see the above
Q:SMC ISE40A What is the meaning of the automatic shift input of the pressure switch?
Automatic shift input is through the electrical signal to the pressure switch automatically cleared, set the current pressure for the reference zero pressure, do not know clearly that no
Q:Air compressor pressure switch wiring?
Air compressor pressure switch about two or three: two-wire control, three-wire control and four-wire control. Your machine pressure switch is what model, say it to help you analyze the wiring.
Q:How to connect the self-priming pump pressure switch
1, with a plug with a wire, plug into the socket A, the wire connected to the pressure switch 1,3 terminal. From the 2, 4 terminal leads to a socket B, the pump power plug is plugged into socket B.
Q:Air compressor pressure switch on the edge of the hole leak, can be normal inflatable, but also their own power, that is, has been leak
Check valve problem, open the check valve check, not replaced

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