Cummins Diesel Generator 500KW/625KVA C36

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Manufacturer:Chongqing Cummins Engine
Model:Original Cummins KTAA19-G6A, 4-cycle
Air Intake System:Turbo, Water / Air Cooling
Fuel System:Fuel Pump, EFC
Cylinder Arrangement:6 in line
Bore and Stroke:159X159(mm)
Compression Ratio:13:1
Max. Standby Power at Rated RPM:610KW/830HP 
Governor Type:Electronic
Exhaust System
Exhaust Gas Flow:2054L/s
Exhaust Temperature:584
Max Back Pressure:10kPa 
Air Intake System
Max Intake Restriction:6.23kPa 
Burning Capacity:750L/s
Fuel System
100%(Prime Power) Load Consumption:206 g/Kw.h
75%(Prime Power) Load Consumption:205 g/Kw.h
50%(Prime Power) Load Consumption:206 g/Kw.h
Oil System
Total Oil Capacity:50L 
Oil Pressure at Rated RPM:345-483kPa
Cooling System
Total Coolant Capacity:116.5L 
Max Water Temperature:104℃
Manufacturer:Original STAMFORD ,Marathon,MECC,Kaijieli
Frequency and Speed:50Hz/1500rpm
Connecting Type:3 Phase and 4 Wires, “Y” Type Connecting
Power Factor:0.8
Protection Grade:IP23
Exciter Type:Brushless, Self-Exciting, with AVR
Insulation Class, Temperature Rise:H/H
Voltage Regulation, Stead State:±1%
Volts Warp(Sudden Reduce):+25%
Volts Warp(Sudden Increase):-20%
Frequency Regulation, Stead State:5% 
Frequency Warp(Sudden Reduce):+12%
Frequency Warp(Sudden Increase):-10%
Frequency Recovery Time:5S
Open Type Size:3700(mm)X1570(mm)X2080(mm)
Open Type Weight:4820kg
Control System:Original Uk deep sea auto controller 
Standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, European CE

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Q:If a CME was so powerful it shut down the power grid, what would happen to nuclear power stations?
CMEs can induce current in long-distance power transmission lines. That can knock out enough transformers to shut down the grid. Power plants are not affected.
Q:what are th types of diesel generatore?.?
Yes but they need to match the power source they are replacing.
Q:Question about the 9.8kw generator car?
As you increase horsepower, you increase weight. Refer back to your original question, I listed some useful answers that apply here as well. The basic principle you are thining of is exactly the principle of a modern Diesel electric locomotive short of the battery bank. As a concept- it is very workable. 3 Phase power has an advantage to it of space and weight savings for the horsepower versus single phase.
Q:Diesel engine oil sludge?
I forgot to mention that, the coolant level is stable, I have changed it already and all is fine is that area. I have done today a cleaning job, I mixed 3 liters of fresh engine oil with 2 liters of diesel, and poured it into the engine, ran it for 5 minutes and drained it, repeated that 3 times with fresh oil and diesel every time, I got loads of crab coming out till I finally got semi-pure liquid, then poured 5 liters of fresh oil with new oil filter, and then ran the generator and put load on it, no major change apart from no more flickering lights, white smoke still coming out and can not say if it less than before. If this does not hold water, I am going to take it to the shop. That is that.
Q:why is Cummings engines so good?
well cummins is the best when it comes to pickups. they've been proven over the years with making good motors. Their warranty is good (on ohe engines) you just can't beat them. and depending on the milage and wether it's a 12 or 24 valve you cant beat a CTD. I love minebut if dodge went to cat I'd trade it off in a heartbeat. if it's a 98 4x4 there's a problem with the truck. and if it's a 2wd the milage is through the roof. which is alright i guess. a cummins will run for AT LEAST 500k until it needs an overhaul. it's your call but i'd be suspicious when it comes to 3300 for a 98 12 or 24 valve. they shouldn't be that cheap.
Q:Can someone tell me about the diesel electrician job?
Well, two others have answered, and I consider their reputation to be good. I do not have railroad experience nor have I ever worked for the railroads. However, you did ask what you should brush up on, so I'll use my lay knowledge. Just realize, I could be completely in the weeds with this. Chief skill - Safety. Before anything else, railroads are very much into safety. Review anything you can find on high power high current safety procedures. Brush up on AC/DC/AC inverters. AC traction is replacing DC in locomotives now to some extent. (More on BNSF than UP) It isn't clear if this is a fad or a movement in some views, but I think it's a movement. I could be wrong. You will want to look at alternator technology (as opposed to generator but don't ignore that), you will want to brush up on your power thyristor theory, AC theory, and computer control skills (most loco's have PC's on board. It isn't entirely clear to me at this remove how much of that is simply reporting (I suspect a great deal) versus control (I suspect very little - as evidenced that a loco will keep going even if the computer is totally trashed.) Study power factor and correcting it. (This is more a design issue than maintenance, but you may want to know the basics on how that works so you can keep it working.) Know how to affect the speed of an AC motor (frequency, number of poles), vs. how to affect the speed of a DC motor (voltage or current). Study back EMF and why that is important to a maintainer. (DC systems.) Again, I can be completely in the weeds here and giving you bogus tips. Use a search engine to look up Locomotive maintenance and the like. Final note: Railroads are death on any drug or alcohol use. (Rule G). If you use, don't bother. Some railroads will use hair snips, which will tell the tale more than 6 months back.
Q:Any Air Conditioning experts out there?
First you desire and electric expert no longer HVAC expert. If the strategies (limited) I even have seen on means factor capacitors is right you need to run greater effective than the rated amps on a single leg yet purely for a limited time. sturdy success.
Q:Generator prices? Diesel generator prices?
Diesel generator prices affected by many factors, in addition to the power of the unit itself, the impact of the brand and configuration
Q:What happens if you put diesel in a generator that is unleaded?
Siphon the fuel out, and discard, or save it for starting fires! j/k! Then fill it with fresh gas, and it should be fine. It may run a little rough at first, but once all the diesel has cleared out from the carb, it should run normally again.
Q:Can Electric Generators run on Bio-Matter and what would be the fastest growing organic matter to use?
yes as long as the generator has been retro-fitted to use biofuel and not petroleum. A diesel generator would do this best Probably algae would be the best thing to use as you can get several generations a month from it. hemp takes a long season to grow and really only the seeds would have enough sugar to be used to distill biofuel. Beets (which you can get several crops a season from as they are fairly fast growing) would be far better than hemp for fuel as you want high sugar or starch crops (starch can be converted to sugar). But why run a generator on biofuels when it would be easier to run it on solar or wind

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