Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board

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Product Description:

1. Product Description of Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board:

A Vermiculite panel is a good choice as a fireplace panel because  they not only hold heat in, but they also reflect the heat so that the fireplace  is even more powerful. The material vermiculite is fast becoming very popular to  use in fireplaces because it can be made in a mold to fit almost any size,  pattern or shape of the interior of a fireplace. They are also considered to be  an affordable solution as a replacement fireplace panel and will help to keep  the fireplace running optimally for years to come.

2. Specifications of Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board:

Common size: 2400*1200*15-60mm

Largest size: 2500*1220*100

Density: 400-600KG/ M3

We can manufacture the vermiculite board referance to customers' request

Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board

Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board

3. Application of Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board:

Building roof insulation (weathering course).

Low roof feather weight sunken filling.

Building roof and wall crack free plastering protect concrete roof from thermal shocks and cracks.

Vibration absorbent.

Water leakage arrester.

Bio fertilizer for plants and terrace gardening.

4. Technical Data of Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board:

Constructional Fireproof Vermiculite Board

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Q:What can vermiculite i do?
A scientific description of vermiculite, which is a mica mineral consisting of silicate material, passes through 1000Heated at high temperature and gained after expansion. Vermiculite is widely used and can be applied to many fields such as construction, metallurgy and so on. In agriculture, mainly for potting soil and soil conditioner, but also for soilless cultivation. Its main function is to increase soil aeration and water retention. In addition to its own use, vermiculite can be mixed with perlite, sand, peat and so on. Vermiculite is very absorbent, so you can't water it too often with vermiculite.
Q:what is the brand name of the soilless product people use today to put their plants in?
If you go to your local nursery you can buy both vermiculite and cow poop. Please be careful with these where magic mushrooms can be cool they can also be very dangerous and lead to death.
Q:did vermiculite is good for attic insulation?
They've grown for thousands of years without vermiculite, so I'd say yes.
Q:Where to find few bags of Vermiculite in Austin TX?
They seem fine. What type of geckos are they? A particular morph? If they're giant mixed with something, it could be one got the giant and one didn't. One might be dead. Try candling them with a flashlight. Don't turn them upside down! This WILL kill them.
Q:Expanded vermiculite with expanded vermiculite
Vermiculite products: product categories are golden vermiculite, silvery white vermiculite; varieties of vermiculite, vermiculite powder, horticultural vermiculite, expanded vermiculite mixture.The main models are: 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-6, 10-20, 20-40, 40-60, 80-120, 100, 150, 200, 325, etc., specifications can be produced according to the requirements of the 60-100.
Q:Quality grade classification of vermiculite
Grade 1: vermiculite has large blades that can not be split into thin sheets. The color is brass, bronze or light green, pearl or fat luster, calcined into golden yellow, vermiculite volume expansion more than 8 times.Two grade: vermiculite leaves larger, not easy to split, peeled into a full sheet. The color is dark brown, brass and green, pearl luster or glass. After calcination, the volume of vermiculite expanded by 6 - 8 times.
Q:Growing really hot peppers! help please?
The past few years I have been using Sphagnum Moss without any issue. Just be sure that it doesn't get to wet or to dry..
Q:Bearded dragon egg laying?
Cork is in fact cellulose.
Q:Crested gecko vs Leopard gecko?
alot of people use different methods some bury the eggs some dont some people use perlite and a lite defuser and put the defuser over the perlite and the eggs on the defuser and just moisten the perlite everyday. also its key to open the container everyday to cycle the air in the incubator
Q:Contrast the difference in crystalline structure among kaolinite, smectites, fine-grained micas, vermiculites,?

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