Silica Cloth Coating Vermiculite

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Product Description:


1. Silica cloth coating vermiculite 
2. Color: yellow 
3. Material: vermiculite & silica

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Product Description





Silica Cloth Coating Vermiculite Description:

1. This extreme high temperature, heat and flame resistant fabric is used for equipment protection, welding curtains and blankets.

2. Coating on the surface of silica fabrics can increase mechanical properties and high temperature resistance and can be used at 1800°F / 982°C continuously with molts above 3000°F / 1650.  

3. Some of the properties of the fabric include SiO2 content ≥96%, Thermal shrinkage <13%. 

4. This  high performance extreme temperature fabric is used in almost all industries for the highest heat protection available.


Silica Cloth Coating Vermiculite Application:

1. Used primarily for high temperature insulation, thermal protection for several technical branches, blankets, molten metal splash protection, open flame and refractory padding.


Silica Cloth Coating Vermiculite Datas:


Warp yarn
(metric unit)

Fill yarn (Metric unit)

Warp/Weft density (ends/cm)




Roll length(yard)



Ec9 33 4X2

EC9 33 4X4








EC9 33 4X2

EC9 33 4X4








EC9 33 4X4

Ec9 33 4X4








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Q:Propagating oleander from cuttings - why aren't roots growing yet?
Please do NOT believe all you read on the internet! Vermiculite is vermiculite. Asbestos is asbestos. Both are totally safe, used properly.
Q:Can I use vermiculite for my lucky bamboo?
Make sure bedding is moist for corn snake ggs good luck :/
Q:Are perlite and vermiculite fertile?
The expansion effect of vermiculite in Horticulture: vermiculite have very strong water absorption, can effectively promote plant root growth and seedling growth is stable. Provide water and nutrients necessary for plant growth for long periods of time and maintain the stability of root sun temperature. At the same time, the vermiculite can make the crops get plenty of water and minerals from the early growth stage, and promote the rapid growth of plants and increase the yield. It can be concluded that vermiculite has a relatively large fertility, at least stronger than traditional soil.
Q:where can i get these garden ingredients?
Potting Soil would be better than Garden Soil in a raised bed like that. It's lighter (made of those things you mentioned - vermiculite, etc.) so it will dry out a bit faster but it will also drain a lot better and if you get a lot of rain/water the thing won't rot. Miracle grow is fortified with a lot of nutrients so you definitely don't want to plant seeds right in the mix or it's possible it will burn and kill the seeds. If you're planting seedlings your safe with MG, just don't fertilize for the first few weeks and after that start with a VERY low concentration and work your way up to full strength. Good luck.
Q:Magic mushrooms shot in the dark?
I had a tarantula, to wash her tank all we did replaced into take her out, positioned her in an enclosed area, trash each and all the bedding (we used ceder i've got faith) then take a sponge (NO cleansing soap) moist it (returned, even be certain that it did no longer comprise cleansing soap on it) then basically scrub the tank (use warm water) then set up the tank returned additionally, if he/ she did no longer start up yet, while he/she starts development webs up the area of the tank, sparkling it greater normally because of the fact with that and slippery aspects, makes for a unfavourable blend while it consists of tarantulas, OH, additionally, while he/she is molting, do no longer put in to any extent further crickets (or what ever he/she eats) and don't pass the tank or him/her, you may tell if he/she is molting if he/she continues to be, yet no longer limp, before this, he/she could have tended to misplaced all of his/her fur.
Q:Hydroponically speaking, what are the easiest vegetables to grow in perlite and vermiculite?
Probably vermiculite, an insulating material used at one time. Not sure what it is made up of but I have been around it with no ill effects.
Q:In what ways do vermiculite and perlite differ in their properties and uses? (e.g. as compost additives)?
You'll need more than water to grow in hydroponic medium. I suggest you look into this neat gadget, the aero grow, which is a home system to do just that, fairly inexpensive. It takes care of the lighting, nutrients, timers, and all...
Q:Leopard gecko Question...HELP PLEASE!?
Maybe there not fertilized. Are they egg-shaped or are the long oval slugs? Did you see the dragons copulate or find a sperm cap?
Q:Can you put vermiculite in the fish tank?
Animal husbandry: expanded vermiculite has unique structural and surface properties, as well as non-toxic, sterile and chemically inert. It can be used as a carrier, an adsorbent, a fixative, and a feed additive.
Q:Where is the specialty of vermiculite?
Jiangsu, Lianyungang, Donghai County, Hebei County, Lingshou Province, vermiculite mineral is also rich! There are rich vermiculite minerals in Donghai County, especially in Baita Town, which is rich in vermiculite. The vermiculite here is not only rich, but also of good quality.

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