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Fluid temperature up to+35℃
Maximum ambient temperature+40℃



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Q:1997 jeep wrangler water pump?
$70-$150 +cost of pump. Most shops have certain maintenance hours for certain jobs. Call around for exact pricing. Honestly, if you have a sockets (metric) and wrenches you can do it yourself in about an hour or two, maybe less. You don't have to mechanically inclind to replace the water pump on the 97 Wrangler. If you do it, I do recommend buying a Haynes/Chilton's book if you don't really have a clue. If you need to buy the tools, book, pump (gasket should come with it), water pump RTV, and coolant. That will still be a lot cheaper than paying somebody. Plus, you will get the joy of doing it yourself. Also, you could put the savings into a high-flow pump, vice original equipment.
Q:Water pump leaking after replacing coolant recovery tank?
it is just a coincidence but quite possibly the water pump was leaking before and that caused the coolant loss in the first place. Having the tank loosing it's coolant wouldn't cause the overheating it is only a reservoir for the extra coolant.The cooling system only takes from it when it needs it and if your system boils over will push it there rather than the ground.
Q:*Updated 95 Mercury Villager ~ Water pump?
Again, see last answer to your same question. You obviously dont know what the real problem is, could be water pump and might not be. Instead of wasting over 25.00 on a water pump and that not being the problem, why dont you take it to a reputable repair facility and have the cooling system analyzed and they can tell you EXACTLY what part(s) need replacing, then go from there. Nobody can diagnose your cooling system problem over the internet since we are not at your vehicle with a coolant pressure tester and block test tool.
Q:About how much would it cost to replace a water pump for a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo LS including labor?
If it's not a heater hose leaking your most likely right that the water pump is bad and loeaking coolant out of the weap hole,which is their so you know it's bad and needs replaced , i believe you should be able to have a new water pump labor for around $300, bucks.Don't put it off to long or you might blow the head gasket.You don't wont to do take.
Q:how to replace water pump in a 96 F150?
1. drain coolant 2. remove engine fan and clutch assembly 3. remove radiator hose connection at water pump 4. remove water pump 5. clean water pump to engine mating surfaces 6. install water pump with water pump gasket 7. rest of installationin reverse order of removal
Q:how to change a water pump on a 99 ford tauras?
Removal Disconnect battery ground cable . Drain engine cooling system. Loosen four water pump pulley retaining bolts while drive belts are still tight. Remove drive belt . Remove the drive belt tensioner. Disconnect and remove heater water hose from water pump. Remove engine control sensor wiring from locating stud bolt. Remove 11 water pump to engine retaining bolts. Lift water pump and water pump pulley up and out of vehicle. Installation CAUTION: Use care when scraping as aluminum gouges easily which may form leak paths. NOTE: Lightly oil all bolt and stud bolt threads with Motor Oil before installation except those specifying special sealant. Clean gasket surfaces on water pump and engine front cover. Position a new water pump housing gasket on water pump sealing surface using Gasket and Trim Adhesive or equivalent to hold the water pump housing gasket in place. NOTE: Apply Pipe Sealant with Teflon ® to bolt No. 3 (as illustrated) prior to installation. With water pump pulley loosely positioned on water pump hub, align water pump to engine front cover and install retaining bolts. Tighten retaining bolts as follows: No. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 to 20-30 Nm (15 -22 lb-ft). No. 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 to 8-12 Nm (71-106 lb-in). Install engine control sensor wiring to locating stud bolt (FFV only). Hand-tighten water pump pulley retaining bolts. Install drive belt tensioner . Install the drive belt Tighten water pump pulley retaining bolts to 20-30 Nm (15-22 lb-ft). Install heater water hose . Clamp securely. Fill and bleed engine cooling system. Connect battery ground cable . Start engine and check for coolant and oil leaks.
Q:How do you know your water pump is bad?
your water pump is bad if it leaks or whines. Sounds like yours leaked when you rcar overheated. I'd suggest that the overheating problem may have been caused by something else though, as you said that the water levels were not going down until it overheated. I would suggest you may have had a head gasket problem or thermostat or radiator problem. Now it sounds like you have done a lot of damage by allowing it to get so hot. You may have a ruined engine I'm afraid. It might have seized. Tip;- don't carry on driving when it keeps overheating. It does a lot more expensive damage if you do. Take your car to a professional to get it checked out. Expect the worse. Sorry to sound so gloomy, but I'm just trying to prepare you. I hope for your sake it isn't as bad as I think. Good Luck
Q:How can you drain a pool without the use of an electric water pump?
Hey, your idea about buckets and a bunch of friends sounds like fun. Have a pool draining party! Get a case or two of beer, grill some hamburgers. Then everyone in the pool and have fun. Of course tell them to bring their own buckets.
Q:Why would my garage charge me to take home the broken water pump of my VW Golf?
What you're talking about is what we in America call a Core charge. If I buy a new water pump for my car and take it home to do it myself, the pump is going to cost me $80. There is also a core charge of another $20 from the parts store that I use. So I'm paying $100 to take home my water pump. However, if I were to have brought in my old pump to exchange it...then I would only pay the $80 for the part. Or if I took it home at $100 and then returned the old one after I got my car fixed...then they'd give me the the $20 back. The reason for this is that a lot of companies can recondition these parts and make them as good as new. This is a hell of a lot cheaper than buying new components to make new parts. Say a water pump is leaking only because the seals in it are failing. They can take it apart, replace the seals (and anything that looks like it needs replacing, clean it all up, and put it back together. And that reconditioned water pump (which has a warranty that's the same as the new part and often times better) would usually be sold for $60. So likely that's what's going to happen to it. It'll go back to VW so they can re-manufacture it and recycle it for use in another car that needs a water pump.
Q:Is there a diagram that shows which bolts go where on a 2001 dodge dakota 3.9L V6 engine for the water pump?
Dodge man and dave are correct as far as finding the bolt locations and sealing the threads. I have same eng in my 2000 dakota. I did the same as you. I chased a leak for months, Like you I replaced the water pump. That did not fix it. I was told by several people that the intake gaskets have been known to leak. So I kept adding coolant until I had the time to tear it down. The water pump can be replaced with out removing the bracket that holds ac compresser, but the little bypass hose, that connects to the top of the water pump, you have to carefully remove that bracket. Once you do that. you can easily replace the bypass hose, make sure to clean hose nipples good. While that bracket is off, you can easily see evidence of any other possible leaks. Anyway, It only took a few hours to complete this job, in the back yard with a few hand tools. That's been about 9 months ago, and haven't had any problems since. and the little bypass hose was like around $7 at O' reily. Anyways good luck and hope this answer helps.

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