Cement-based Grouting Material high liquidity, early strength, high-strength

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Product Description:

Cement-based Grouting Material


I. Product Overview

Cement is used as basic material in cement-based Grouting Material, which is dry mixture made by cement together with appropriate natural high-strength aggregate, a variety of concrete admixtures and other components. It has high liquidity, early strength, high-strength and non-shrink characteristics after mixing with water. It is widely used in equipment foundations, steel base, secondary grouting and bolts anchoring works, as well as concrete beams, columns, plates, wall reinforcement, concrete hollow supplemental and irrigation repair, etc.

II. The technical performance

Products are divided into common type, high-strength type, early strength type, anti-freezing type, high-flow type, in which ordinary and high strength types fulfilled the JC/T986-2005 standard, the early strength and grouting agent types are fulfilled the New Zhongyan standard. Product technical indicators are as follows:


Standards and Technology Indicators

Common type

High strength


Super early strength type

Grain size

4.75mm square mesh sieve(%)





Setting time

Initial setting time (min)





Bleeding capacity (%)





Fluidity (mm)

The initial fluidity





30min fluidity retain value






Compressive strength


2 h

















Vertical expansion%






Reinforced Bars (round ) bond strength (MPa)






Corrosion to reinforced bars

Should indicate no corrosion effect on the steel

III. The main features

Good fluidity, no bleeding, it can automatically fill to the required grouting gaps;

It has early strength, high-strength performance. It can improve the impact resistance and vibration resistance as equipments operating. Different types of UGM can meet different requirements of projects.

It has the characters of high bond strength, no shrinkage and micro-expansion that can ensure the solid combination of anchor bolts and base, as well as the  old and new concrete.

It has good crack resistance and impermeability, impermeability grade is higher than P20.The excellent no-shrinkage performance to ensure there is no cracks in the large area construction.

The type with early strength has performance of anti-corrosion. It has good performance of sulfate resistance and anti-sewage corrosion. Its erosion resistance performance can be used in harbor, sewage treatment plants and other projects.

UGM belongs to inorganic grouting material and it has good durability, so it is no aging, no corrosion to steel. Due to its low alkali content, it can effectively prevent harmful alkali-aggregate reaction.

The powder bulk density is 2100 to 2400kg / m 3 .

IV. Method for use

See YB/B9261-98 “Cement-based Grouting Material Technical Specification for Construction”

Construction preparation:

Before constructing, dust and loose materials on the surface of filled space should be cleaned up, the oil should be removed. The concrete surface of filled space should be pre-wetted at least 6 to 12 hours with clean water.

The amount of adding water:

Water can be added directly. For ordinary type, the mixing amount of water is 13% to 15% of grouting material.

Method for mixing:

Grouting material can be mixed with mixer or by hands till homogeneous. When the construction temperature is high, more water is added to get the required fluidity.

Method for grouting:

It should be grouted continuously without stopping, and shorten the filling time as much as possible. Vibrating is prohibited as grouting. If necessary, pulling diversion with bamboo sheet. Grouting to dense and slightly dry, the outer surface is cleaned smoothly. There are three common grouting methods, showing as below.

          1. Self-gravitation Method Grouting
             2.High-place Funnel Method Grouting

     3.Pressured Method Grouting

V. Notes

The amount of water can not be too much to cause bleeding and segregation of the slurry. Once the bag is opened, use it up as soon as possible.

VI. Package and storage

Plastic woven bag, net weight is 25 kg / bag and 50 kg / bag, valid period is one year. It should be stored in dry and ventilated room, pay attention to moisture-proof.

VII. Applications


Application in the Water Cube Olympic Swimming Pool steel base



Application in High-speed Railway Bridge bearing

Application in the cement plant equipment foundations

Application in the installation of wind power


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