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Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer is a new generation of environmentally friendly water reducer developed by our company; the main component is methacrylic acid -methoxypolyethylene glycol methacrylate copolymer. The products have liquid and powder two types, with a wide range of adaptability, and high water reducing ratio, a good slump andlow alkali content, it can significantly improve the strength of the hardenedconcrete. Especiallysuitable for the precast concrete, it is ideal high performance admixtures forthe preparation of high strength and high performance concrete


1, Adapt to a variety of industrial and civilconstruction, rail, water, marine, port,

transport, bridges, municipal, and electric power engineering andin-situ concrete,

reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and commercial concrete.

2,Adapt to different strength grade concrete, especially for keyprojects in a variety

ofhigh-performance concrete.

3,This product is particularly recommended for high strength and highdurability

concrete,the superfluid self-compacting concrete, pumping concrete, precast

components, steel fiber and special concrete.




Visual  Appearance

Brown transparent liquid

Solid  Content()






Chloride  Content()

≤ 0.02

Na2O+0.658K2O  ()

≤ 2

The formaldehyde content (according to solid  content exchanging) ()

≤ 0.02

The fluidity of cement paste(mm)

≥ 250

Features andBenefits

1.       Excellent compatibilitywith various types of cements.

2.       High water reducingrate, low dosage, and low slump loss.

3.       Low chloride and alkalicontent, no corrosion to steel-bar

4.       High stability: noprecipitation at low temperature.

5.       Environmental friendlyand nontoxic

The using method

1,Thisproduct recommended content is 0.25% -0.85% of the total weight ofcementitious

material,actually content should be experimentally determined.

2, Due to the adaptive differencesbetween different types of the cement and admixtures, The adaptive test ofcement and admixture should be done before using or changing the cement type.

3,In orderto achieve better water-reducing effect, and ensure the quality of concrete,the mixing time is recommended at least 120 second before the concretemixing test.

4,Thisproduct is sold as raw material, it shows good compatibility with a variety ofretarders, defoamers, and air-entraining agent. Processing compound isnot

recommendedto be used directly on the concrete and other materials. It is stronglyrecommended through trial and complex technology to determine the using methodand conditions prior to use. It can be used as a masterbatchthat mixed with different characteristics agent to produce retarded setting agent,early strength agent

cryoprotective agent and pumping agent, it can fully meetthe requirements of the different categories of engineering, constructiontechnology, construction technique and temperature conditions.

Packaging, transportand storage

(1) It is packed in 1000Liter per IBC Tank, Other special package can also be availableaccording to prior consultation.

(2) Special measures should be taken to ensureentire package. Keep waterproof during transportation.

(3) Dry and well ventilated warehouse is needed forstorage. Quality guarantee  is six months under normal conditions. If storage has surpassed the time, test must be done to confirm the validity.  

Health and safety

(1) Once splashed into eyes and skin, washimmediately with plenty of water and seek medical treatment.

(2) Inedible. When eating by mistake, drinksufficient water to urge to vomiting, and then go to hospital.

(3) No littering. Caution should be taken to protectenvironment.

Customer services

Data in this manual is only for reference. Technicaldata about dosage and mix proportion is available if necessary.Professional services in site are also available. More information needed, please direct all inquiries to company.


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