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Type:Brake Discs



Export Markets:Global

Product Description

Brake disc 
Standard: E-MARK 
Origin: China 
1) Hardness: 180-240HB 
2) Long service life 
3) 100% crucial dimension inspection 
4) 100% qualification 
5) Low noise 
Standard for casting is G3000. Standard for machining is SAE-J431. 
We use AIMCO# and OEM# and right now we have more than 1, 900 items that can be supplied to the aftermarket 



































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Q:How to properly engine brake on motorcycle?
when you downshift, you are probably feeling the jerk because you are at one RPM and the engine runs at a higher RPM in a lower gear at the same speed. What you need to do is just before you start letting out the clutch, blip the throttle a bit to give it gas and boost the RPM's, then release the clutch. You have to be quick so the RPM's don't fall again. If you do this right, the engine speed and the gear speed will be roughly the same and it'll neutralize the jerkiness, then just left off the throttle and let the engine slow down the bike. make sure if you have someone following you to tap the brakes so show you are slowing down, otherwise they might hit you. i use the rear brake a little if i have enough room to slow down, and the front brake while blipping to slow down quicker.
Q:How does the motorcycle adjust the rear wheel brake?
Your car brake pads can not go to the car can be a free warranty
Q:What are the systems for motorcycles?
Motorcycle is generally composed of five major components, 1, the engine part, 2, the transmission part, 3 part of the traffic, 4, control the brake part, 5, electrical, instrument parts. If the breakdown, then the engine is divided into, 1, with gas institutions, 2 fuel supply system. 3 into the exhaust system, 4 cooling system, 5 lubrication system, 6 ignition system. The drive section is divided into, 1 start device, 2 clutch. 3 rear drive, is the chain, or belt drive. Driving part of the simple split, 1 frame assembly, 2 before and after the shock, 3 before and after the wheel. Control the brake part is divided into 1, the direction of the assembly, 2 front and rear brake assembly. Electrical instrumentation part 1 power supply system, 2 ignition system, 3 lighting system, 4 signal system, 5 instrumentation device.
Q:One of my friends happened when I was out of a car.
Can not, he may not be hard to insert a woman's vagina.
Q:question about brakes in motorcycle.?
Two fingers is usually all that is needed on the front brake. You'll feel it. No need to use a monkey grip on it! As for the rear brakes, just a toe will do, or you'll be locking it up and then you have problems.
Q:Question about braking sequence on a motorcycle..?
Depends on the speed. If you are at high rpm for a particular gear, then letting off the throttle will slow you down the best, because it uses the rear tire the most. But if you are at low rpm for a particular gear already, the engine is not going to do any braking, and you just risk lugging the engine. So when in doubt, throwing in the clutch first is safer.
Q:I am a car blind, intends to buy a motorcycle, give some advice!
Carburetor: carburetor with plunger and vacuum diaphragm type, now high-end four-stroke mostly vacuum die. Vacuum diaphragm carburetor can automatically adjust the intake air volume according to the change of the engine speed, so the fuel consumption is low, the slewing speed is smooth and the ride is comfortable. The latest technology of the vacuum diaphragm carburetor at the same time with multi-functional structure. Such as accelerating pump, inertia enrichment system, idle system, start enrichment system, heater and so on.
Q:How to choose a motorcycle
Buy yamaha red pretty
Q:Motorcycle brake lines question?
Russell may make a brake line kit for your specific bike. You can also go for two separate lines running straight from the master cylinder to each caliper--it's easier to bleed without a T-junction. Some shops can custom make stainless lines for your bike: That's what I did for one of my bikes for which a kit was no longer available.
Q:Motorcycle riding technique: Braking in turns?
Ok so not an expert but I have ridden for years, and taken the equivalent of the MSF course here (in Canada) a number of times. Strange thing, you would never get a licence here with that idea because you have to brake in a turn at speed as part of the test. I would not dispute that you get the best traction and shortest stop by braking in a straight line, but I find myself braking on curves all the time. I am not leaned way over where I might be at the limit of traction and I consider traction issues wherever I am. I have also read that racers do most of their braking before a turn but I think they have to slow on a tightening radius too. Different issue, but using the back brake in really slow turning helps to keep balance and control (a tip from off-road sources)

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