Big size colorful tarpaulin

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four colors stripe

105gsm to 135gsm

width 6' , 12', 2m, 4m without joint

Different sizes and colors can be customized to customer requirements

PE Tarpaulin can be widely used in as thecover as well as other usage. It can be used in industrial, agricultural,garden and home.Covers for general use, scaffoldings inconstruction sites, underground sheets,Covers for truck, cars, boats, containers, warning tapes,Covers for materials, roofs, road repair sites, fencesCovers for timber, hay, cotton and allkinds of crops Covers for daring crops.Covers for garden, backyard use Covers for furniture Gazebo tentd, dining canopies,swimming pool covers.


1.For rolls , packed in a plastic bag with a label between rolls and bag

2.For Tarpaulin sheets, Each piece in a polybag with a label then proper pieces in a carton box packing or same color bale packing

All these products are widely used in agriculture and construction. We have perfect technical inspection facilities, advanced quality control system and great production capacity, all which ensure good quality as well as timely delivery.

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Q:How can plastic films be recycled?
The first batch of recycled plastics in general, centralized sorting, removal of foreign body, color, classification, and then into the granulator, by high temperature melting in the granulator, the nozzle, cooling, cut into pieces of particles, the particles can be used as renewable raw materials. If the plastic is dirty, you need one more cleaning and drying process.
Q:Plastic used in wallets for ID cards?
There are two kinds of thin plastic and you have managed to crisscross your description to make it unclear what you want. The harder plastic that is used on the laminating things is polyester (as it says in the description) and you should be able to find sheets of it at office supply stores in the form of dividers for folders and sheet protectors for reports. The softer plastic that is used for the kind of wallet I carry where there is a Z fold of pockets to put 2-4 ID cards - 2 showing - is polyethylene plastic and you should be able to find it in various thicknesses at hardware stores and home centers where it is sold by the foot several feet wide off of rolls to make temporary windows to cover screens in winter or to make green houses/hot beds for plants for one season.
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The plastic or vapour barrier is there to stop moisture and will have no effect on temp in the room. The standard building practice is concrete, framed wall with insulation between studs, vapour barrier and then finished wall ie drywall. If you have moisture on the concrete wall you would space the framed wall away from concrete to allow air movement. Bottom board should be treated lumber. Some municipalities require all framing below grade to be treated lumber. Below grade means any thing that is lower than the ground outside. If the concrete wall is wet or seeps water, you have a foundation problem and need to call a pro BEFORE and work is done inside.
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Aluminum plastic composite film, aluminum-plastic composite film has BOPP/ aluminum, PE/ aluminum, etc., used for a variety of food packaging, after use of aluminum plastic composite flexible packaging bag, in fact, is a mixed waste, recycling is more difficult. The main methods of treatment are incineration and recovery of heat. China has a method of burning aluminum and crushing and adding stuffing to make low grade crude products. The effect is not very satisfactory. Here introduce the use of conductive aluminum materials, manufacturing anti-static function example, the procedure is as follows: waste plastic composite - Cleaning - pulverization, sieving - - aluminum - aggregate aid - extrusion - Part - extrusion products. The aluminum and plastic composite wastes are washed and crushed, screened and screened for 10 days, and then agglomerated, and the process can be made by the aggregate machine of Beijing plastic machinery plant. The technological condition of aggregate is water spraying: 95 degree water 0. 8 liters, feeding time: 3min; pumping time 5min, crushing time 10min, 15 kg per treatment. The aggregate material is then extruded into an semi-finished product and then added to the 20% aluminum powder, flame retardant, compatibilizer and other additives, and then the product is extruded and selected to be used as a conductive material.
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I have never heard anything like that. Sounds stupid--probably not true.
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