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The company mainly produces anti grass cloth, earthwork cloth, cloth and so on, weight can be produced in 80--150g/m2. Specifications 1*10M. 1*20.1*50 1*100 2*100 etc. (width maximum energy of 5.25 meters, length can be customer specified) week production in about 10 tons. Perennial sold to Japan, Germany, France, New Zealand and so on, anti grass cloth after the relevant institutions in Germany through the relevant certification, SLG certification and so on.

Anti grass cloth has the following effects:

1 Prevent the ground produces weeds. Because cloth can prevent sunlight directly irradiating on the ground (especially black cloth), while using the cloth itself is a solid structure to prevent weed through the cloth, thus ensuring the inhibitory effect of cloth on the growth of weeds.

2 Promptly remove ground water, keep the floor clean. The drainage performance cloth ensures rapid discharge of ground water, and anti permeability gravel layer under the cloth and sand can effectively restrain soil particles, thus ensuring the cloth surface cleaning.

3 Be conducive to the roots of the plant growth, prevent root rot. The role of woven laying structure also stems from the cloth, this structure can ensure the crop root does not have water, so that the roots of the air with a certain degree of mobility, thereby preventing root rot.

4 Prevent additional potted plant root growth, improve the quality of potted flowers. When the flower production in cloth, cloth can prevent the basin roots out of the pelvic floor drill into the ground, so as to ensure the quality of potted flowers.

5 Be conducive to the cultivation and management: most are woven cloth marked one-way or two-way line, flower pots placed or arranged cultivation medium in the greenhouse or outdoors, can according to these markings to accurately arrange.

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