Best50 aws e308-16 Stainless Steel Welding Elect Rodes

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Product Description:

aws e308-16 welding electrodes

I.product details

Model No.

Welding rod  AWSA5.4 E308L-16


AWS A5.4 E308L-16 is coated titanium calcium type of ultra-low carbon Cr19Ni10 stainless steel electrode.The deposited metal carbon content less than 0.04%, has a good intergranular corrosion resistance, good welding performance.Ac/dc.


Used for welding low carbon Cr19Ni10 stainless steel structure, also can be used for 06 cr19ni11ti working temperature below 300  of corrosion resistant stainless steel structure, it is mainly used for manufacture of synthetic fiber, fertilizer, oil and other equipment.

Chemical Composition of Deposited Metal (%)








Guaranteed value








Typical value








Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal

Rm  σb (Mpa)

ReLσs (Mpa)

Aσs (%)



Guaranteed value


σs ≥ 400

σs≥ 35

(normal temperature)


Typical value





≥ 156

Sizes, Length & Recommended Current (AC/DC)

Diameter (mm)





Length (mm)





Current (A)





Coated water content


X-ray inspection requirements

II grade


1: PLS clear oil, rust, water and other impurities on the butt welding                    pieces before Welding.

2: The electrodes must be baked under 300~350°C for an hour before               welding and used as soon as baking is completed.

3: When welding, short arc must be used and stringer bead is suitable.

Product features

1:Stable arc  ; 2:Fewer spatters  ;3:Easy to restrike  ; 4:Less smog

5:Good off slag, high deposition efficiency

General Packaging

Size: 2.5MM X 300MM (Packing: 2.5kg/inner boxes 8boxes/cartons=20kg)

Size: 3.2MM X 350MM (Packing: 5.0kg/inner boxes 4boxes/cartons=20kg)

Size: 4.0MM X 350MM (Packing: 5.0kg/inner boxes 4boxes/cartons=20kg)

Electrode storage method

  1. The electrode must be classification, grades, partial deposit.

  2. The electrode must be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse.

  3. Electrode shall be 0.3 meters from the ground and metope.

            Remark: pls pay attention to moistureproof .

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Q:What kind of welding rod does Q345A board use?
Q345A (16Mn) is a low carbon structural steel. The electrodes that match the grade strength are the J50- series (E50--)Non important construction can be welded with J502 (E5003) titanium calcium type acid welding rod. The welding rod is good in welding technology and easy to remove slag. The electrode is cheap and suitable for AC welder and DC welding machine. The disadvantage is that the toughness is inferior to the basic electrode.The most important structures can be welded with J506 (E5016) low hydrogen potassium basic electrode. The electrode is suitable for welding of alternating current welding machines with no-load voltage equal to greater than 70V and load rate equal to greater than 60%. And welding of DC welding machine. The electrode contains arc stabilizer, suitable for AC DC welding machine welding.An important structure, such as a rigid larger member, a pressure vessel. Or other structural parts requiring higher welding. Using J507 (E5015) low hydrogen sodium type basic welding rod welding. The electrode does not contain arc stabilizer. Only AX arc welding generator, ZX5 SCR direct current welding machine, ZX7 inverter type DC welding machine welding. ZXG series silicon rectifier welding machine is affected by the fluctuation of input voltage, so it can not be used.
Q:Welding method of 506 electrode
506 is AC and DC electrode, but it is better to use dc. With AC welding machine, the no-load voltage can not be too low, otherwise it is easy to stick the strip.
Q:Why can not welding machine welding electrode spark?
1 subway did not catch, 2 medicine skin covered electrode. 3 the current of the welder is too small, the internal circuit of the 4 electric welder
Q:Requirements for welding electrodes for temperature and humidity
Storage should be kept at 10---25 degrees Celsius and less than 50% relative humidity.
Q:What brand of carbon steel electrode is the best?
For welding rod:Domestic brands, then, the best in the Atlantic, where the CHE58-1 is simply a classic product.Foreign brands, then, Lincoln, Esab and so on are also classic brands, Olin Kang is the best.
Q:What does the electrode strip E7108 stand for?
A welding rod is made up of six parts. For example, CHE507CrNiFe13 can be split into:1. (CH) two letter, the Atlantic product code.2. (E) a letter of electrode type.3. (50) two numbers, deposited metal strength or alloy type.4. (7) a number, type of skin and type of current.5. (CrNi) 1~2 letters, additional alloy elements or electrode characteristics.6. (Fe13) letters + two numbers, nominal efficiency of welding rod.1.CH: the Atlantic product code2. electrode type: (see Table 1)Type of electrode 1E carbon steel welding rod, low alloy steel welding rodL low alloy steel welding rod for low temperatureS chromium nickel austenitic stainless steel electrodeH low alloy steel and stainless steel welding rod for heat resistingK chromium stainless steel electrodeC cast iron welding rodN nickel and nickel alloy welding rodR surfacing electrodeCu copper and copper alloy weldingDeposited metal strength and alloy type: Table 2MarknumberStrength (MPa)Major alloy typesRemarksE 42By 0.2 o = 330 B = 420(S)Mn-SiFifty= 400 = 490= 390 = 490Mn-Si (Ni)Fifty-five= 440 = 540Mn-Si-MoSixty= 490 = 590Mn-Si-Mo (Ni)Seventy= 590 = 690Mn-Si-Mo (Ni)Seventy-five= 640 = 740Mn-Si-MoMn-Si-Ni-MoEighty= 690 = 780Mn-Si-Mo-V-NiEighty-five= 740 = 830Mn-Si-Ni-Mo-V-CrH1 xMo to 0.5%Second digit (x)Represents different grades in the same type2 xMo to 0.5% Cr to 0.5%3 xMo0.5 to 1% Cr to 2%4 xMo to 1% Cr to 2.5%5 xMo to 0.5% Cr to 5%7 xMo to 1% Cr to 9%8 xMo to 1% Cr to 11%R1 xOrdinary room temperature2 xOrdinary room temperature
Q:What are the characteristics of SHJ507 welding rod?
What are the characteristics of SHJ507 welding rod?:SHJ507 is J507, and the SH in front represents only the manufacturer.J507 is a low sodium hydrogen electrode, it is a kind of basic electrode, welding steel structure can be typical of Q235 steel, the tensile strength of E4315 is much larger relative to the common electrode, so the general welding force or under dynamic load of steel structure.J507 welding rod diameter ranging from 2.5mm to 6.0mm, can be carried out in all position welding, welding using DC welder, polarity reversal. Of course, if there is only AC welder in the field, AC welder can be used, but the current needs to be switched on.The weld formation after J507 welding is more difficult than that of the acid welding rod. If an electrode is used on the cover of the steel structure, the acid electrode can be used. Chemical composition of deposited metal (%)J507 component C, Mn, Si, Cr, Mn, P, S tensile strengthPercentage of content 0.12, 0.8-1.4, 0.07, 0.040, 0.035, 490MpaReference current electrode diameter mm, 2.5, 3.2, 4, 6Select current A 70-90, 90-130, 130-150, 150-190
Q:304 can I use A022 welding rod?
Sure。 304 stainless steel, A022 stainless steel electrode.
Q:Is there any difference between welding wire and welding rod? What is the production process of welding wire? What kind of equipment do you need?
Rod and wire are welding materials, before only electrode, later with the development of science, some of the drawbacks of the electrode show out, such as weld joints more slow, wire appear to make up for some of the drawbacks of the electrode, but now there are some electrode to his advantage, but the annual output has been wire phagocytosis, especially the flux cored wire is the main direction of future development.As for the production process, first of all, the raw material processing, peeling, phosphating, through the mold drawing, pickling, washing, copper plating, polishing, etc..
Q:What kind of welding rod should be used for welding cast iron? 506?
There is cast iron welding rod, 506 is medium carbon steel or low alloy steel welding rod

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