Low Carbon Welding Rods/Mild Steel Welding Electrode AWS E6013

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Welding Rod Descrition

1.For repair welding on general grey cast iron weld-ment.

2.For repair welding of thin-wall weld-ment and working side of grey cast iron.

3.For repair welding of the working side and non-working side of high-strength cast iron and nodular cast iron.

4.For repair welding of grey cast iron which requires less strength.

2.Main Features of Welding Rod

(1)suitable to work in all positions with excellent welding technological properties

(2)Stable arc, less splash

(3)Shaped good appearanc

(4)easy for removal of slag layer

(5)easy for striking arc and restriking arc.

3.Welding Rod Images

Low Carbon Welding Rods/Mild Steel Welding Electrode AWS E6013

Low Carbon Welding Rods/Mild Steel Welding Electrode AWS E6013

4.Welding Rod Specification

Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal

Test Item






Guarantee Value




-(normal temperature)


Reference Current (AC, DC)

Electrode Diameter(mm)












Welding Current (A)






V-up, OH







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A:Yes, we are factory not shell company. So we can promise good prices and best quality. Welcome you to visit our factory.

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A: For products in stock, we can ship it within 7 days after receiving your payment. For custom order, within 24 tons, production time is 20-30 days after confirmed every details.
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A: We are very confident in our products, and we pack them very well to make sure the goods in well protection.

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Q:After the remaining number of suitable welding
Don't want to damage and save the electrode, the electrode holder, you get 40mm on the line, mainly to see your operating
Q:J422 electrodes are marked with "THJ422". What does TH represent?
TH: Tianjin Bridge Welding Materials Group Co. Ltd. manufacturer brands. J: stands for structural steel welding rod. 42: two figures indicate that the minimum value of tensile strength of deposited metal is 42kgf/mm2 (412MPa), and the minimum value of the yield strength of deposited metal is 34kgf/mm2 (430MPa). 2: third digit "2" indicates that the type of coating is titanium calcium type, direct current or AC power supply.
Q:J807 electrode specification
Gas shielded flux cored wire with high strength steelSHJ807Description: SHJ807 is a metal cored low alloy high strength steel welding wire. When welding, the welding wire is connected to the positive pole and 80%Ar+20%CO2 mixed gas or 100%CO2 is used to protect the welding wire. The welding process has good performance and high welding efficiency. Deposited metal has good crack resistance and high toughness. The workpiece should be preheated in the range of 250~350 centigrade before welding and be treated by tempering at 620 DEG C after welding.Application: it is used for welding high strength steel of relative strength grade, and can also be used for surfacing of ordinary wear-resistant parts or for transition layer of hardfacing parts.Typical chemical composition of deposited metal (%)Ingredients C, Mn, Si, S, P, Cr, MoThe measurement value of 0.065 1.63 0.3 1.05 0.48 0.025 is less than or equal to 0.025Typical mechanical properties of deposited metal: (690 * 1H tempering)Tensile strength (o b) Mpa yield strength (by 0.2) Mpa (5)% elongation impact energy of Akv (-40 C) JMeasured value 8207601838Recommended parameter: (DC+) (1.2mm)Welding current (A), welding voltage (V), dry stretch length (mm), gas flow (l/min)200~260 28~32 15~25 20Matters needing attention:Remove rust, oil stain and moisture before welding.Remove welding slag between welding layers, and avoid slag inclusion.When welding, preheating and post heat treatment are carried out according to process requirements.Welding wire should be kept in a cool and dry place. It can be used up in time.
Q:How many kinds of welding rod are there? What's the name? What is the use?
There are many kinds, not less than 100 kinds, welding plastic, cast iron, ordinary steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc.
Q:E43XX welding electrodes are often used in welding of steel structures, of which 43 is indicated
1) the brand of welding rodTaking structural steel as an example: designation. JXXX, J for structural steel welding rod, third figures, representing the type of leather, welding current requirements, first, second number: on behalf of weld metal tensile strength.2) model of welding rodThe type of welding rod is determined by the relevant national standards and international standards. EXXX, structural steel, for example, model establishment method for the letter "E" said electrode, first, second said that the minimum tensile strength of weld metal, third digit electrode welding position, the third, fourth digits of the welding current type and type of coating.For example, the model is E4303 brand, that is, J422 J representative of institutions, steel electrode 42, said tensile strength 2, indicating the skin type
Q:How to keep the welding electrode well?
1., placed in a dedicated electrode oven, to prevent moisture, 2. categories placed, to prevent confusion of different electrodes
Q:How do you know it's a white steel electrode?
Each electrode has a number of general Yilingjisanlingji is white steel 422 is carbon electrode 507 is 506 manganese steel electrode coating structure is just the most common can also see the skin color outside the carbon steel electrode is grey white steel is green and white are easy to distinguish
Q:What is bubble welding? What's the difference between a common electrode and an ordinary one?
Now, there are still two people suspected of welding costs?Do not know that science and technology is the primary productive force?!Said the first two welding material, welding wire electrode 8 dollars a kilogram, 6 yuan a kilo, looks cheap electrode.You have to see how much of the filler metal left in the weld after welding is equal to the price.1, the outside of the electrode coating, and finally the welding slag and protective gas, does not belong to the filler metal.2, each electrode has a welding rod head, at least 5 centimeters, have to throw away, does not belong to the filler metal.3, welding rod splash, splash of metal, does not belong to the filler metal.In addition, other costs, welding rod to dry, need oven, heat preservation barrel, heating electricity, throw away the welding rod.Let's talk about the same welding power, welding, welding heat input two is small, costs less power, more power inverter welder.What's more about efficiency and speed?.1, do not bake electrode, save time, minus a manual.2, do not change electrode, also need not from new arc, save time3, do not knock the welding slag off at least a coolie.4, for welding speed, two welding is three times of welding rod. (on this one, a welder can top three, you have to calculate how much money, artificial!)
Q:Can welding of stainless steel plate and ordinary steel pipe be welded with thj422 welding rod?
Is not easy, but also should choose J422 to weld
Q:What does 70 of the e7015 electrode mean?
The method of welding rod number is as follows: the welding rod letter "E" means welding rod;The top two digital said the minimum value of the tensile strength of the deposited metal is kgf/mm - unit. (70kgf/mm = - 690 MPa)Third digit electrode welding position, "0" and "1" electrode for all position welding (flat, vertical, horizontal, upward), "2" is suitable for welding and fillet welding electrodes, "4" is suitable for vertical down welding electrode;The third and fourth bit numbers indicate the type of weld current and the type of coating.After fourth digits, additional "R" is added to indicate the resistance to moisture absorbing electrode. Additional "M" is used to indicate the resistance to moisture absorption and mechanical properties. The electrode with special requirements is added with "-1", indicating that the electrode with special requirements for shock performance is attached.

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