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Product Description:

1.Structure of Welding Rod Descrition

CLASSIFICATION : AWS/SFA-5.1: E 6013 , BS 639 E4322R21,IS-814: ER 4222,DIN 1913 E 4322R322


CHARACTERISTICS : The electrode is characterized by smooth and stable arc, low spatter, easy slag detachability, fine rippled bead appearance, weld deposit possesses good chemical and mechanical properties.

APPLICATION               :

1) Suitable for tank & vessels.

2) General fabrication.

3) Vehicles.

4) Railway wagons and machinery.

5) Ship building construction, light structural steel works

6) Storage tanks etc.

RE-DRY CONDITION : Re-Dry the electrode at 120°C for 30-60 minutes, for best results.

2.Main Features of Welding Rod

• All-position electrode for the welding of mild steel.

• Excellent choice for sheet metal lap and fillet welds

• Easy slag removal. low smoke.

3.Welding Rod Images


4.Welding Rod Specification

Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal

Test Item






Guarantee Value




-(normal temperature)


Reference Current (AC, DC)

Electrode Diameter(mm)












Welding Current (A)






V-up, OH







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A:Yes, we are factory not shell company. So we can promise good prices and best quality. Welcome you to visit our factory.

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A: For products in stock, we can ship it within 7 days after receiving your payment. For custom order, within 24 tons, production time is 20-30 days after confirmed every details.
Q: What about the warranty?
A: We are very confident in our products, and we pack them very well to make sure the goods in well protection.

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Q:Where is the difference between 422 electrode and E50 electrode?
Difference between J422 welding rod and E50 welding rod:The strength of J422 is 420MPA, and the brand is E4303.E50 electrode strength of 50 0MPa, common E50155016, etc., equivalent to J506, J507, J is the electrode brand, Chinese knot Jie (structural steel) of the first spell. The parameters behind the letter include strength, skin, power supplies and so on.E is the electrode type. E refers to the electrode, and the figure in the back is usually 4 figures, indicating 12 strength, 34 welding position and welding current type and type of coating.What is the difference between the type and grade of welding rod?The model containing strips is stipulated by the national standard, and its meanings include the type of the coating, the type of alloy, the strength, the applicable welding power, etc., and the classification is very fine. The brand of welding rod is a relatively common term formulated by manufacturers. Such as electrode model E4303, the corresponding brand is J422
Q:Stainless steel 2025 is how material, with what electrode?
Carbon steel, stainless steel welding rod
Q:Who knows what welding electrode is?
Composition and function of welding electrode:One electrode. By core (metal core) and coating composition1. cores: metal cored electrode is coated with coating. Manual welding, welding electrode is not only.Filler metal.2. coating: pressure on the surface of the coating layer on the electrode. It is composed of a variety of ores, iron alloys, cellulose and binders.Two. Role of welding rodThe main function of the 1. cores:Act as an electrode to conduct current and to ignite an arc.Melt as filler metal and weld together with molten parent metal. In order to guarantee the quality of welding seam, the chemical composition of weld metal is more strict. Therefore, the core is specially smelting, low carbon and silicon content, sulfur and phosphorus content is extremely low.2., the main role of the drug skin:Mechanical protection: use the gas released from the melting of the crust and form the slag to isolate the air to prevent harmful gases from invading the molten metal.Metallurgical treatment: place harmful impurities (such as oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur and phosphorus) and add useful alloy elements, so that the welding seam can meet the required chemical composition and mechanical requirements.To improve welding performance: to make the arc combustion stable, less spatter, good weld formation, easy to remove slag, etc..
Q:Question Q235 weldability of carbon steel. What are the welding characteristics of those electrodes?
Q235 steel is an ordinary carbon steel with a yield strength of about 235. It can be made of low carbon steel structural welding rod. J422 can be welded with J506 or J507 when it is used to weld important steel structuresJ422 welding electrode is common name, corresponding to international standard brand E4303. It is a kind of acid welding rod, the coating is made of titanium and calcium, and J stands for structural steel welding rod. 42 is the tensile strength of 42kg/mm2 weld metal, and the tensile strength of molten steel is not less than 420MPa.Main application: used for welding low carbon steel structures with low strength and low strength. They are generally used for welding steel structures and welding of ordinary carbon steel pipes.J422 welding rod diameter ranging from 2.5mm to 6.0mm, can be carried out in all position welding, AC and DC dual-use. With excellent welding process performance and mechanical properties, stable arc, less spatter, easy slag removal, beautiful weld formation.
Q:How big is the maximum electrode and how big is the minimum electrode?!
The electrode current is basically proportional to its diameter.Electrode diameter (mm) 1.6, 2, 2.5, 3.2, 4, 5, 6.Welding current (A) 25~40, 40~65,50~80, 100~130, 160~210, 200~270, 260~500.
Q:How to use hot 317 welding rod?
R317 is a low alloy steel welding rod with low sodium hydrogen type. It can be welded in all positions by DC reverse welding, and the welding process is good. The weldment should be preheated to 250~300 DEG C before welding and should be treated at 700~740 DEG C after welding.
Q:4 of the electrodes, what is the weight of a case?
As far as I know, the welding rod is not the pipe specification. They are 5 kilos a pack. One case is 20 kilos. At least the Atlantic has this kind of packing. There are two main kinds of welding rod. There is no need to be as complicated as the previous net friend, the acid welding rod and the basic welding rod. Acid electrode, that is, the most common, such as 422. This electrode is generally easy to use, not demanding, carbon steel, ordinary iron can be used, the basic electrode contains more. Mainly used for higher welding requirements. Boiler aspect. Such as 317.507.307., these 3 are carbon steel. There are 137.407 stainless steels. Also used for boiler pipes. Pressure vessel aspects. Specifications are common for 3.2, 4, 6, 2.5. That's all I know
Q:Welding rod for reinforcing cage of bridge pile foundation
Bridges usually begin with 5 words
Q:What's the type of electrode used for 304 stainless steel?
Model: E308-15, brand: A107Or: E308-16, brand: A102
Q:What type of welding rod is needed for the construction of three grade steel bars used in construction?
Go to the specifications, and the material list has a given name, such as 1499.2-2007

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