Removable White Board

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Swing Board : 

The area you can write on Swing Board is 1.5 times when compared with the conventional white board.


1. The area you can write on Swing Board is 1.5 times when compared with the conventional white  board.

2. You can write and draw on the 6 pages of Swing Board.

3. The revolution of the panels (front - back) is quick and smooth.

4. The letters written on the surfaces of Swing Board do not turn upside down because the panels  revolve horizontally.

5. You can use it at the arbitrary angles from 0 to straight angle.

6. You can use it at the corner part of the chamber when Swing Board is opened at 90 angle.

7. Swing Board is foldaway, so it can be set compactly.

8. Swing Board is easy to carry.

9. Product size (mm)

      1). When opened in maximum : 1800w x 1800h

      2). When closed : 900w x 1800h

      3). Board size : 900w x   900h

10. Attachments : 2 marker pens (red, black), 1 eraser, 6 magnets.

Price : USD $1850 / 1product

           The price is our recommended user price in Japan.

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Q:What are the diameters of the electrodes?
The common diameter is 2.5, 3.24 (mm), also has 2mm, 5mm, generally not commonly used, very rare.
Q:What kind of material is the drill pipe and what kind of electrode?
Oil drill pipe is a high carbon steel material, using WEWELDING 600 welding.Selection of electrodes of 3.2 mm diameter welding current, in 100-120A, the cold welding welding process can be.Application of WEWELDING600 special alloy steel welding rodSuitable for welding of tool and mould, high-speed tool steel, hot work tool steel, steel, cast steel, T-1 steel, Nai Zhengang, vanadium steel, spring steel, martensitic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, and the unknown as well as between the various different types of steel welding etc.. Such as high pressure valves, broken bolt clearance, shaft transformation, etc., the effect is very satisfactory.Technical parameters of WEWELDING600 special alloy steel welding rodTensile strength: 125000 psi (862MPa)Yield strength: 90000 psi (620MPa)Elongation: 35%Hardness after welding: HRC23 (work hardening up to HRC47)Power supply: AC and DC dual use, DC DC reverse connectionProcess parameters of WEWELDING600 special alloy steel electrodeDiameter (mm) Phi 2.5 Phi 3.2 Phi 4Current (Amperes) 40-80, 65-120, 90-150Packing weight (LBS) 222Applicable technology of WEWELDING600 special alloy steel welding rod1, WEWELDING 600 alloy steel electrode (referred to as WE600 or Wiodin 600 electrode) has very favorable thermal expansion and cold shrinkage, can make cracks and distortion minimum.2, it is an ideal choice to lower the weld seam when welding the metal which is sensitive to the crack.3, with thick parts, forming a 90 degree V groove.4, welding high carbon steel before preheating 200 degrees; welding spring steel to control the welding temperature, in case the spring softening.5. Maintain a short arc length and use a narrow bead to prevent overheating.6, before removing slag, let the welding site cooling.
Q:Difference between J422 welding rod and J502 welding rod
J422 welding rod is mainly used for welding low carbon steel structure and low strength low-alloy steel, such as A2, No. 20 steel, No. 35 steel, etc..J502 welding rod is mainly used for welding low strength carbon steel structure and alloy steel, such as A3, No. 45 steel, 16Mn and so on.J422 welding rod and J502 welding electrode are common terms, corresponding to international standard brands are E4303 and E5003 respectively. Is a kind of acid electrode, titanium calcium coating, J structural steel electrode, 42 and 50 respectively, the tensile strength of the weld metal (more than 420MPa and more than 500MPa), said 2 electrode for all position welding (welding, welding, overhead welding, horizontal welding).
Q:What kind of welding rod needs baking?
The electrode drying conditions of various types of drug skins are as follows (reference value):The baking temperature of acid welding rod is 150~200 1HThe baking temperature of alkaline welding rod is 350~400 1HThe baking temperature of cellulose electrode is 80 DEG C and the temperature is 1.5 ~ 2HThe baking temperature of graphite type electrode is 200 1H
Q:What is the substance on the outside of the electrode?
The electrode coating consists of various minerals, such as iron alloy, organic substance, water glass and other raw materials.Composition of electrode according to their different functions can be divided into arc stabilizing agent, fluxing agent, gas forming agent, deoxidizing agent and alloy slag agent, dilute agent and binder etc..
Q:Why should the welding electrode prevent moisture? What happens if you get soaked by water?
Because if there is no moisture prevention, there will be welding impurities, welding seam, welding defects are not strong, and may affect the strength of base metal
Q:How to weld iron castings? Which welding method is adopted? What kind of electrode? What is the specific operation process? If possible, please give examples.
The welding of cast iron parts is made of cast iron special electrode, that is to say, pig iron welding rod. Because the iron chemical and physical properties are special, so the welding conditions of iron castings are higher, first of all to butt welding parts for heating, heating speed is not too fast, slow heating, heating temperature to about 60-70 degrees can be welded (conditional temperature can be higher) the best welding in thermal insulation under the condition of welding method with ordinary welding, the welding is good, after completion of welding to insulation, generally use the workpiece buried in lime powder in thermal insulation. For reference only.Hot dip galvanizing of zinc. Shen Jianfu
Q:What is the difference between E4315 welding rod and E5016 electrode?
Electrode type, complex, dynamic load plate structure adopted steel general structure of electrode arc welding of low carbon steel sheet, boiler pressure container, electrode type low temperature welding the welding conditions of Q235E4313, E4303, E4301, E4320, E4311E4316, E4315 (E5016, E5015) general Q255 without preheating is generally not preheated Q275E4316, E4315E5016. E5015 plate structure for preheating temperature is above 150 in 08, 10, 15, 20E4303, E4301, E4320, E4311E4316, E4315 (E5016, E5015) is generally not preheat 25E4316, E4315E5016, E5015 plate structure for preheating temperature is above 150 20g, 22gE4303, E4301E4316, E4315 (E5016, E5015) plate structure preheating 100 ~ 150 DEG 20RE4303, E4301E4316. E4315 (E5016, E5015) is generally not preheating important structure requirements for plasticity, toughness and crack resistance is high, the use of low hydrogen type E4315 (J427) or E50 15 (J507) welding rod. When using AC welding machine, AC and DC can be used, low hydrogen type E4316 (J426) or E5016 (J506) welding rod. The difference between the two is that the former is suitable for direct current and the latter for direct and direct use.
Q:Can ordinary electrode be used for welding cast iron?
Yes, just increase the current
Q:Can ordinary 422 electrode welding pig iron?
No welding, it will crack, like the 2012 blockbuster film in the same terrible crack.
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