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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

1). The rated voltage of the  electrical wire should equal to or higher then the rated voltage of the system when wires are used at AC system. If the wires are used at DC system, the rated voltage of system should lower then 1.5 times as high as rated voltage of cable and wires. The working voltage of the system could be 1.1 times as high as the rated voltage of the cable.

2). The long term working temperature should lower then 70oC. The working temperature of BV-90 should lower then 90oC. And the laying temperature should higher then 0oC.

3). The curve diameter of the wire should longer than 8 times of the diameter of the outer diameter of cable and wires if their outer diameter is 25 mm or above. If the diameter of cable and wires is above 25 mm, the curve diameter should be at least 12 times of the outer diameter of the cable and wires.

2. Product Characteristic:

Type: InsulatedModel Number: BV,BVVB

Application: Indoors

Conductor Material: Copper

Conductor Type: Stranded

Insulation Material: PVC

Electrical wire

1.450/750V stranded copper core

2. PVC insulated

3. ISO CCC IEC standard

4. factory direct sales

This electrical wire is suitable for fixed laying in power plant with AC rated voltage up to and including 450/750V.




Laying place and requirement

Long term working Temperature0C

60227IEC01  05



Copper conductor PVC insulated wires

Aluminum conductor PVC insulated wires

Fixed laid indoors

Conduit etc.




Heat resistant copper conductor PVC insulated wire at 900C

Mainly be laid at the places of high temperature environment and can be laid indoors ,conduits.




Copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round wires

Fixed laid, fit for the places with high mechanical protection and moisture place, can be laid in the air or underground.



Aluminum conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round wires


Copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat wires


Aluminum conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat wires

 4. Reference Picture


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Q:How to brake a cat from chewing on wires?
Hello, I just answered another person with the same problem. The lady chose my answer as the best : ) I suggest either hot sauce on the wires, wipe the wires with hot sauce, just enough to deter your cat. Or, there are cat repellents at the pet stores. Spray it on the wires, it has a smell that cats and dogs don't like. Only thing is with the repellent you have to do it every 24 hours as the smell wears off. Like I told the other lady earlier. I have seen many cats that have gotten hurt by chewing on electrical cords through the years. But, there is one that stands out in my mind the most. He was such a sweet cat too. One whole side of his face was disfigured because he chewed on wires. That is a very dangerous thing for any animal to do. You have to stop your cat as soon as possible before some thing happens to him. Hope this helps as I don't want to see any thing happen to your cat.
Q:How to distinguish between the performance of the motherboard, the level?
1: material a S-terminal line; a AV line (the two lines to sell more) 2: first two lines cut, each take half, peeled 3: the S-terminal that head against their own, Round the middle of the plastic feet up .4: the amount of the interface inside the four iron feet corresponding to the four lines .5: the shield line and the four iron feet above the two received AV shielded line (Ground). Note that the above two side by side .6: the other two lines (the four iron feet below the two lines) to the AV core line .7: re-adhesive tape can be The line of my own through the test, you can use the normal. You do not have the image to determine the line in the case of the need to set up the graphics card, and in the image and the image is not clear or interference, you can first To find the line of the problem, and then slowly explore their own, depending on the actual situation to see specific.
Q:PHYSICS HELP!! Electrical wire with a diameter?
23 cm / 0.88 cm 26.1 so you will have 26 turns of wire. Each turn is as long as the circumference of the cylinder, which is 2*28*π 176 cm so 26 x 176 4576 cm wire needed 1 rotation, one turn is 2π, so for 26 turns, you need to rotate by 26*2π radians. .
Q:Describe how the electrical resistance of a wire changes as the wire becomes longer?
The formula for resistance is Rpl/A. So as the length of wire increases, the resistance also increases. As the wire becomes thicker then its area increases. Since the resistance is inversely proportional to area, its value gets reduced.
Q:can I move an electrical outlet box without re-wiring?
Yes, you can do it. You just need to be sure that the wires inside the box are correctly and tightly connected when you're done.
Q:What is the difference between a fireproof bridge and a galvanized bridge?
The wiring is far from the power supply so then the current through the wire voltage will drop is down, but this is not more costly because: the wire in the ideal state we think it is without resistance, but in fact Any wire of the material will have a certain resistance, but often very small, can be ignored, but a little electrical (also known as load) resistance is very small, the resistance of the wire will have an impact. Drop, that is, the voltage applied to the voltage on the electrical side of the small ground power, so the length of the wire that is more electric wire resistance is greater, so the partial pressure phenomenon is more serious, through a circuit current is even smaller by the power formula: P = U * U / R, in the case of the same power supply voltage, the resistance of the total circuit becomes larger due to the wire extension, so the power P will be reduced, so it will be less expensive. However, if the electricity rate It is necessary to work at rated voltage, then because the wire is longer after the need to increase the power supply voltage to offset the voltage drop in the length of the line, so that more costly.
Q:I am installing electrical wiring in by basement and have a question about lights and switches.?
It sounds like you probably just need to do it as you suggest. However, if you have any doubts, then that is the time to get a qualified electrician involved. Are you sure that local code even allows you to wire?
Q:Building electrical power equipment in the dark pipe is threading or wearing a cable?
There are many kinds: ......... a lot, I said is the steel pipe
Q:& Gt; how should the electronic truck scale sensor change?
But Xiao Bian that appropriate to understand the technical knowledge is harmful and useless Such as with some basic operational capacity, so that you can deal with electronic truck scale daily problems
Q:How to choose the size of the wire.
See circuit current. General copper wire, 1 square mm, can carry 5A. Insurance point by 3 ~ 4A calculation it.

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