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30000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Product parameters:

Model: KM-PF-1
Dimensions: 381 * 133 * 105 (mm)
Out of the water Caliber: 1/2 '', 3/4 '', 1 '' Interface
Water temperature range: 5-48 ℃
Maximum working flow: 8T / H
Automatic cleaning cycle (Custom): Days 1-30



100um precision food-grade stainless steel strainer to avoid wading in water to precipitate equipment and fittings hazards, 1/2 '', 3/4 '', 1 '' interfaces, traffic up to 8 tons / hour;    Manual / automatic dual-mode smart flushing set, easier to use;    Ordinary power / battery-powered dual mode selection, installation Unlimited;    Panel "double exchange" design, installation more peace of mind;    Ultra-high-strength food grade transparent shell, the filtering effect at a glance.

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Q:Water purifier, cold water in the mouth of direct drinking?
There are many kinds of purifiers, the reverse osmosis membrane can reach the standard of straight drinking, his filter precision is 1/10000, bacteria and impurities can be filtered out
Q:What are the hazards of drinking water filters?
Are you talking about the prefilter in the water manager?With the kind of Ppmian, 6-8 months to replace the core, waste your time and money, but it is inside the rust and sediment barrier,
Q:Is drinking water purifier useful?
Of course, useful, but also to choose a guarantee, no matter which brand, health is their own, depends on the price of water purifier, the parameters to be considered, not advertising
Q:What filters can filter salt water into water?What filter can filter salt water into pure water?
So far, it hasn't been settled yet, if which has been solved
Q:What brand of water filter is good?
In fact, the quality of the water filter is not to look at the brand, but depending on the quality of the local water quality and your needs. The general market is the filter (water purifier), is mainly used as drinking water straight drinking, the main function is the first and second impurity filter water is to eliminate chlorine, odor, third isolated microorganisms in tap water, organic matter, heavy metals, bacteria, virus. Moreover, the main lies in the filter (filter) is good or bad, therefore, the choice of time to be more understanding, and the filter needs regular replacement, in order to ensure safety, otherwise, instead, become a hotbed of bacteria. The filter is therefore supplies, spend a lot of money again, need regular replacement, some water purifier, the main is to make the filter, because the price is very expensive, especially the brand is more expensive, sometimes the same filter, but have different prices, after all brand-name things only one word "expensive".
Q:What is the meaning of the purifier being in the water production state?
If there is no leakage, it is possible that the circuit version is wrong.
Q:About the choice of fish filter!
Neutral white bottom sand about 10 pounds (30 yuan); lamps for 50 cm Aquarium (30-100 yuan), a set of recommended Odyssey 45CM lamp holder; a piece of driftwood (10-15 yuan); negative water amount (10-30 yuan), recommend a flood of Ficus + microsorium + Mo wire (tied to on the wood). A keg of nitrifying bacteria liquid (6 yuan)Sand with hot water disinfection, grass bleach soak for 30 minutes, the bottom sand spread in the bottom, before the high low water approaches, slow water, do not turn on the lights and filters, 24 hours after the water will be completely replaced, re open water, filtering, adding nitrifying bacteria (2 times according to the instructions of the measurement), lights can play 2 hours. After a week of adding nitrifying bacteria every day, turn on the lights for 30 minutes a day, until the lights up to 8 hours.Only a month later, you can join the animals. First of all, you should join the snail and black Marie, moss like fish like algae, if the water quality has been very clear, you can gradually join the ornamental fish.
Q:Water purifier with purifier, if you use tap water to purify cold water, can you drink it directly?
To see where the membrane but not appropriate for direct drinking inside is also had bleaching water filtered so I suggest the boil after boiling water after two minutes to drink that can not drink where carcinogens are overnight can not drink is also a carcinogen
Q:Is the purifier in the house pure water?
Water purifier depends on what filter is installed, the water of pure water machine can drink, the water of energy water machine can also drink, must have ultrafiltration membrane, can drink directly.
Q:Which pipe water does the tap water purifier drink?
It can solve the two pollution problems of the water supply pipeline and make the household drinking water meet or exceed the national drinking water standard. Yes, of course,...

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