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Product parameters:

Model: KM-PF-1
Dimensions: 381 * 133 * 105 (mm)
Out of the water Caliber: 1/2 '', 3/4 '', 1 '' Interface
Water temperature range: 5-48 ℃
Maximum working flow: 8T / H
Automatic cleaning cycle (Custom): Days 1-30



100um precision food-grade stainless steel strainer to avoid wading in water to precipitate equipment and fittings hazards, 1/2 '', 3/4 '', 1 '' interfaces, traffic up to 8 tons / hour;    Manual / automatic dual-mode smart flushing set, easier to use;    Ordinary power / battery-powered dual mode selection, installation Unlimited;    Panel "double exchange" design, installation more peace of mind;    Ultra-high-strength food grade transparent shell, the filtering effect at a glance.

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Q:Air compressor with a filter, how to spray out, there will be water?
I don't know what filter you're talking about.In general, the air compressor has an air filter, an oil filter, and an oil gas separatorAir filters mainly filter solid dust in the air before inhalation, usually between 5---20 and m,
Q:Press the water purifier in the kitchen to get the water boiled. Why is it white?
As for the dissolution of rice white, there is no harm to the human body there is no good judgment, but it is best not to drink directly, safety is on, and I hope to help you.
Q:Can the water filtered by the filter be drunk directly?
The filter is sterilized and purified by filtering cotton and filtering large amounts of nitrate in the cotton.
Q:Disposable filter has water system and organic system, what is the difference?
But nylon membrane will shrink when water hole, increase the difficulty of filtration (colorfulmiao TA), personally think that the solvent, water system is used for solvents, water and other polar solvents
Q:Filtration principle of water purifying filter
Fourth: RO reverse osmosis membrane / ultrafiltration membrane, the role: interception of the first three levels of untreated heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, impurities and other pollutantsFifth stage: rear activated carbon T33, role: to improve the pure water / water purification taste
Q:What is the water called after the purifier is purified?
The heavy metal ions are filtered out, and the filtered water molecules are free of any impurities. ,..
Q:What do you use to make your own drinking water?
Make simple filter:1, the water containers dig a small hole in the bottom plug pipe; a layer of small stones on the bottom of the container, a layer of sand, and then covered with sand, charcoal, towel etc.. In this way, the turbid water can be filtered into clean water, and the sterilized tablet can be used for drinking.
Q:How can I buy the chemical nickel filter without pumping water?
The filter barrel, dosing barrel, pump, pipe are filled with water, and then turn on the machine, and continue to add water in the dosing barrel, once the dosing bucket does not enter water. Reopen on shutdown.
Q:How does a sewage purifier purify water steps and internal structures?
Observation of boiling point and collection of distillate: before distilling, prepare at least two acceptance bottles. Because a liquid with a lower boiling point is boiled before it reaches the boiling point of the expected substance. This part of the distillate is called a "pre - cut" or "distilling head"". Before boiling, the temperature tends to be stable after steaming is a pure substance, then should be replaced with a clean dry bottles accept accept, write down this part of the liquid distillate and the last drop when the thermometer, which is the boiling fraction (boiling range). The general liquid more or less contain some impurities in high boiling point, need boiling, if we continue to increase the heating temperature, the thermometer will be significantly increased, if the heating temperature to maintain the original, there will be no distillate steam, the temperature suddenly dropped. At this point the distillation should cease. Even if the content of impurities is very small, do not steam dry, so as to avoid broken bottles and other accidents.
Q:Water purifier filter water will drink a long time, there is no problem, a little worried
It tastes a bit different. Later asked a lot of people, said the most is the filtered water for a long time, may be lit, there is such a feeling, so the filtered water and tap water, separate time to drink better.

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