2T High Quality Central Water Purification For Home Use

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Product Description:

Product parameters:

Model: KM-CF-B2
Dimensions: (mm)
Fitting size: 6 points
Pressure: 0.5bar
Maximum working flow: 2T / H
Activated carbon amount: 25L



Patents product design;
         Water flow and water pressure before and after the filter basically unchanged;
         After installation, the water purifier according to pre-set program automatically filtered, washed; FRP tank, resistant to corrosion;
         The compact structure, compact and lightweight, small footprint, and work in the washing process consumes very little power;
         Using high-quality coconut shell activated carbon to remove heavy metals, chlorine, rust, colloid, washing and other physical and chemical contamination, and inhibit bacterial growth.

Installation requirements:
Water softener must be installed in a dry and frost-free place.
The ambient temperature must not exceed 45 ℃!
Have a reliable drainage system, otherwise, the water will damage your house and water softener.
Upstream and downstream of a water softener installed shut-off valve. Easy to install, service and repair. This avoids the flood damage to the house.
Water softener function installed on all standard drinking water pipes.
Water softener installed upstream of the meter is not allowed.

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Q:Why can't the filter of fish tank effectively filter water quality?
The filter of fish tank can not filter water quality effectively:1, the pump power is too small, resulting in flow and filter cylinder does not match.
Q:The difference between a water vapor filter and an oil gas filter
Oil and gas filter can be adopted by the general principle of adsorption or suspension isolation principle design, adsorption principle, mainly by lipophilic materials, oil and gas by lipophilic materials will make the oil and gas in the oil adsorption on its surface, which will filter out oil and gas. Suspension separation principle can make the oil and gas pass through the liquid (such as water) which does not dissolve the oil, at this point, the oil and gas will form small oil droplets suspended in the upper layer of the liquid which does not dissolve oil, thus the oil and gas will be filtered out.As for the structure of water vapor filter and oil and gas filter on a variety of differences, mainly in accordance with the principle of its use is different, there is a difference, talking about the length of space is very long.
Q:What is the principle of running water purifier?
Finally, after the adsorption of activated carbon, mainly using activated carbon porous, strong adsorption characteristics, absorption of residual chlorine and other impurities are not removed, further purification of drinking water.
Q:Will the water filtered out of the water purifier smell bad?
It is hard to say. So it is recommended to install the terminal water purifier, but there are many types of water purifiers. The things that can be filtered out are different. If there is no sterilization process, it is recommended that they be boiled and then drunk
Q:The difference between a faucet on a purifier and an ordinary faucet
Water purifier faucet, on the one hand is relatively small flow, and ordinary bibcock is different; on the other hand, material requirements are higher, requirements are lead-free. However, the market price of 100 yuan or so, the quality of the faucet is not good. The best choice of stainless steel products, lead-free guarantee.
Q:Water purifier only power supply lights, other functions are not bright, what are the reasons?
If it is a fault, please look after after-sale maintenance
Q:Find the working principle and correct installation method of Y filter
principleThe Y filter is an indispensable filter in the piping system that carries fluid medium.Y type filter is usually installed in the valve, pressure relief valve, the cut-off valve (such as indoor heating pipe of the water inlet end of the import) or other equipment end, used to remove the impurities in the medium, to protect the normal use of valves and equipment.The Y filter has the advantages of advanced structure, small resistance and convenient blowdown.
Q:What about homemade home water filters?
Material: pop top, gauze, absorbent cotton, activated carbon, sandSteps: 1, cut top cans, kegs form2, at the bottom of the pop can make small holes3, the gauze shop at the bottom of the cans, shop a few layers, to ensure that the gauze and the tank wall does not leave a gap4. Place the absorbent cotton in the can and completely cover the gauze. Absorbent cotton should be about 4 centimeters thick or so5, on the absorbent cotton and then covered with two layers of gauze6, put the activated carbon on the gauze, if there is no activated carbon, charcoal can also be. Place 3cm thick around
Q:Is there any difference between an oil separator and an air filter?
An oil water separator is an instrument for separating oil from water
Q:Which pipe water does the tap water purifier drink?
Of course, useful, modern industrial wastewater of arbitrary row misplacing, city garbage and rural pesticide spraying etc.

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