500TJ3 Type Large Flow High Pressure Plunger Pump

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500TJ5 is of much advantages, such as good appearance, large flow, high pressure, reliability, low noise, small pulse, slow pump speed, stable operation, simple maintenance, low friction, high lubrication ability, low temperature increase in power end, long operation time.
    ◆The liquid end is based on American advanced technology, with perfect structure design, simple maintenance, and reliable operation.
    ◆It is applicable in high pressure water leaning, metallurgy descaling, oil, test platform etc. It can pump fresh water up to 50°C, emulsionand chemical liquid similar like fresh water. It can be driven by malfunction power source.
    ◆Technology Parameters

Our company is the drafting company of the Chinese high pressure pump Industry Standard.

Our products have a wide range of applications, such as 

1. Industrial pipe cleaning 

2.Shipyard rust removal, paint removal

4.Aviation: expansion joints, grease, rubber and hydraulic fluid on runways cleaning.

5.hydropower station/ dam/dike concrete work treating.

6.Casting clean scale removal rust removal paint, removal sand.

7. Pipe pressure test, hose pressure test, hydro pressure test, etc.

Our company has passed European CE Certificate, ISO9001:2000 certificate,ISO 14001:2004 certificate, and AAA Credit Rating Certificate. It’s a member of Waterjet Technology Association (WJTA) in USA and National Standarlization 

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Q:Air pump paint has not stopped, after the pressure reached 0.8, a spray paint will be reduced to 0.6
A gun spray, recommendations for the selection of air compressor of 0.36/8 or above, at least two guns more than 0.9/8 air compressor, spray pressure is generally need more than 0.6MP 0.8MP, so your air compressor pressure range is normal, the only cause you are now the situation: air compressor exhaust amount of your choice is too small the air compressor, or one of the cylinder head has a problem, the solution to replace a larger air compressor air compressor, if you think your big enough, then check whether there is damage to the air compressor, hope to be able to solve your problem
Q:What is the inflatable pump on board?
To say car air pump which brand is good, a lot of friends will consult the car air pump which brand is good "the same questions in time to choose car air pump, for the choice of car air pump, suggest that you pay attention to the following two points, the first is the need to buy and sell a large quantity of stores, sales of that vehicle this shop inside the pump is very popular; there is a look at the user's evaluation, the evaluation should not only, and the probability of a high praise, the majority of buyers will buy the experience to write out, therefore, suggest that you look at the pump vehicle sales online: This is now the sales. The amount of the best 10 car air pump.
Q:Open oxygen pump goldfish why are you always floating in the water floating a few days and then he died.
First you fish disease, the disease is usually floating water, slows down the action, the latter will turn on the surface of the waterWhat's the matter? Water is the source of misfortune! The water was not taken care of, and many of the fish sold did not pay attention to the water quality, so he was sick when he was there! Why is it okay with him? When you buy fish, you don't see the fish well. Besides, the fish density is large and the oxygen supply is great. Sometimes you can't see the morbid state. And after you go home, you are a long-term farming, the environment has changed, morbid state emerged. Those traders will say what you don't have a good, what should be done, nonsense!Only a small part of the home is not good enough to catch the diseaseThe trick is to pick the fish! Carefully select, the owner of the real fish are bought in the fish shop when the fish just go, or a few days to observe the target fish shop fish, a week later found that the United States to buy the problemIs the control of water quality should be paid attention to in the home, the best is to change the water filtration system, 1/3 have no words for 35 days, don't put the amount of fish food, feed several times after You'll see. they eat much less, can do not much before the water goes bad easily. The fish must be disinfected first. Not only should the fish be isolated after the disease occurs, but the original tank must be thoroughly disinfected
Q:How to make a simple oxygen pump?
Oxygen in the water can be increased through the flow of water, not necessarily to the water filling oxygen. Just as the living creatures in the river do not lack oxygen, a reason, because the river is flowing.Understand this principle, oxygen pump is not so complicated. To get a small motor or engine, and power, then the gear in a motor with a plastic or metal sheet made of water,, fan blades and so can, anyway, let the water flow up fast. Just fine. But it's better to buy one than waste so much. Small power pump is only 56 yuan, a little more than ten yuan. At least in terms of electricity, than homemade safety..
Q:How much pressure does the inverter plasma cutter need to pump the 150psi?
Yes, usually as long as the plasma can be started and the minimum starting pressure is above 0.5MPa
Q:For crayfish, does the oxygen pump take 24 hours? Will it burn out?
Add a water fairy bar, long-term open no problem, it is best to buy some brand goods
Q:Can the vacuum suction pump be frequency converter?
Vacuum suction pump with frequency converter, a pressure transmitter, the pressure is converted to electrical signals (such as 4-20mA), and then controlled by the frequency converter for the instrument, of course, the high point of the inverter can be directly connected with a pressure transmitter, and then set up well to the pressure point on the line.Frequency converter (Variable-frequency, Drive, VFD) is the application of frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology, by changing the power supply frequency of the motor to control AC motor power control equipment. The frequency converter is mainly composed of rectifier (AC DC converter), filter, inverter (DC AC converter), brake unit, drive unit, detection unit, micro processing unit and so on. Inverter by internal IGBT drive voltage and frequency off to adjust the output power, the power supply voltage required to provide according to the actual needs of the motor, so as to achieve the purpose of speed, energy saving, in addition, there are a lot of protection drive, such as over-current, over-voltage, overload protection and so on. With the continuous improvement of the degree of industrial automation, inverter has also been widely used.
Q:Yuchai engine pump
To show them your car 4S shop
Q:What's the price of the truck mounted inflator?
The air pump twenty or thirty are cheap, but quality is poor and is not recommended to buy three products, too bad, it is recommended to buy one hundred left brand inflatable pump, easy car mall also have currency exchange, I changed a very good use.
Q:My aquarium oxygen pump does not add oxygen. What's the matter?
The air inlet is clogged. Take a small needle and wear it

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