2014 hot sale floor/ waterproof pvc flooring for child

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Product Description:



PVC virgin material


2mm, 3mm, 8mm

Wear layer





Customized design


1 sqm

2.Certifications: CE,ISO14001, ISO9001,CTI.

1) PVC material,eco-friendly,safe,soft,comfortable

2) Super wear resistance,durable,long service time
3) Customized design, personalized cartoons

4) An-slip,injury prevention

5)Shock proof and noise absorption 
6) Easy installation and cleaning

7) Play function and educational.

8) Waterproof,moistureproof,anti-bacterial,fire resistance.


Kindergarten,school, parent-child center, children study/sleeping rooms,children activity/ library/ health recovery and training rooms,house corridors, halls and other grounds for children living and studying.

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Q:how to fix a boat floor?
Marine ply is way too pricey for me, and stress handled is best if you are expecting termites. I used B/C exterior grade (inside grade plywood will delaminating just about earlier than you get it home), saturated in poly resin (with out catalyst). The top surface, I protected with one layer of fiberglass. It would not must be mounted down; unless you expect to turn the boat the other way up, gravity does an excellent job retaining it down. I elected not to carpet, it's lovely handy to simply hose it down on the finish of the day, and the fiberglass makes a reasonably good non-skid surface. It gets kinda scorching in the summer, I from time to time wet it down. A coat of white paint would make it cooler, but that is quite a lot of hindrance for my historical boat.
Q:rainbow floors is it possible?
Of course it's possible, you just need to find a supplier that is willing and able to color the floor for you, there are plenty out there.
Q:Is dancing done better on more slippery floors or floors with more traction?
You want to get a marley floor for ballet. The traction helps you better control the moves and not slip in your pointe shoes (which can be very dangerous). Dance floors are legally required to give some. That just means they aren't rock solid like concrete. They absorb shock, which makes injury less likely. Marley floor is a covering you put over the dance floor and tape it down. Marley helps you keep better control. Normal wooden dance floors work too. You'll just need to use rosin more often.
Q:Laminate flooring issues?
Look at where the island and laminate meet. Does it look like the laminate goes under or is their molding at the base of the island. I would also guess that the laminate goes around the island. Laminate boards connect on the ends as well as the sides. You willl not simply be able to insert board to filll the hole, to do it right you will have to reset the boards the entire length. Also, what are you going to do to replace the laminate that you pull off that is against the wall? Sorry to be a pain but i just wanted to know what you are up against before ridding yourself of the island.
Q:Math Equation Term, Floor?
By definition, the floor (also known as the greatest integer function) is essentially the same as rounding down to the nearest integer. floor(5.5) = 5 floor(&pi) = 3 And for negative numbers, floor(-1.5) = -2 floor(-4.00001) = -5 The floor of a whole number is itself. floor(10) = 10 floor(383) = 383
Q:Fixing slanted floors in a house?
Just from the experience of selling a rental property with settling, or slanted floors, I was told the man was going to brace the existing floor and then go over the area with an entirely new floor. He said trying to move the floor upward could cause problems with the existing walls. I would talk to one or more contractor to get an idea of what your individual situation might be. If it is normal settling, it's one thing, but I knew somone that bought a house that had been on a really old area of land fill, which should have been settled long before, and they ended up with slanted floors. They sold the house because that was a real mess.
Q:Kitchen Floor?
Without knowing the type of home you are in, I suspect it isn't on a slab. It may be that the sub floor is MDF, and would take quite awhile, given any finish floor over it, to weaken from splashes and spills. With all due respect they should be wiped up. You also don't state the length of time the situation has existed, which could make a major difference in the cause. If you have access from under the kitchen, certainly begin your search there, as one other answer suggests, especially where any plumbing might also be in close proximety to the SOFT spot. To create any significant damage would take a considerable amount of water SOAKING over an extended period of time unless the finish floor isn't sealed, or if the substrate is MDF. Without knowing the age of the house, or duration of the softening, or the substrate for the finished floor, or the material of the finished floor, you may have easy options or a larger repair/replacement problem. Steven Wolf
Q:My dad went insane over floors?
Floors are a mans pride and joy. Don't mess with the floors.
Q:how can i fix my laminate flooring?
If it’s the self locking, floating floor type yes, i have done it it can be carefully disassembled and all the reusable pieces saved and then re-installed you must have enough new pieces of the exact same floor to replace the damaged ones and re install all the flooring you removed pull up the molding that hides the edges of the floor and find where the last row of flooring installed is and lift gently to unlock all the pieces
Q:concrete my living room floor?
Yes you will get cracks because there will be nothing to let it expand and move. Not only that, but your whole floor may collapse because of the wieight. Do you have any idea how much a whole concrete floor would weight? Better give this one some long and serious thought.

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