Best Price Oak Laminate flooring

Ref Price:
$6.00 / m²
Loading Port:
Shanghai Port
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
One Container m²
Supply Capability:
300 Containers m²/month

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Advantages of the best price oak laminated flooring 

(1) Beautiful looking;

(2) Fashionable, popularly in the world market;

(3) Easy to install and maintain;

(4) Environment-friendly

(5) Save the hardwood, save the forest;


Click system of the best price oak laminated flooring



HDF\MDF of the best price oak laminated flooring

HDF  900kg\m3  at  least

MDF  880kg\m3  at least

White\Green  core 


Available Surface of the best price oak laminated flooring

Crystal Surface, Embossed surface,Hand-scraped Surface, Peal Surface

High Glossy Surface, Real Wood Texture Surface, Synchronized Surface. 


Packing of the best price oak laminated flooring

For 1215*195*7mm,10pc per box,70boxes per pallets,20 pallets per 20'fcl

For 1215*195*8.3mm,8pc per box,70boxes per pallets,20 pallets per 20'fcl

For 1215*195*12.3mm,6pc per box,65boxes per pallets,20 pallets per 20'fcl


Volume of the best price oak laminated flooring

For 1215*195*7mm,about 3316.95sqm per 20'fcl

For 1215*195*8.3mm,about 2653.56sqm per 20'fcl

For 1215*195*12.3mm,about 1848.01sqm per 20'fcl


Advantages of the best price oak laminated flooring

(1) Beautiful looking;

(2) Fashionable, popularly in the world market;

(3) Easy to install and maintain;

(4) Environment-friendly

(5) Save the hardwood, save the forest;


The following pictures for your reference


laminate floor



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Q:how to lay down new vinyl floor?
1. tool to tackle around the edges, which will be the most difficult part of the job.
Q:What floor treatment is best?
try a garage floor epoxy type coating. you may have to prime first but doing it right once will save in the long run. it's not cheep but it will last for a long time
Q:Will the Feilinger floor fit?
In general, for all the wood flooring, are not suitable for heating, because the thermal expansion and contraction and heating effect, the wood floor of the water will be different from the environment, over time, causing damage to Cao Cao 丨 meter attack intestinal plate Warping, cracking, cracks
Q:What is the general thickness of ceramic tiles?
About 10mm
Q:Unlevel Kitchen Floor?
old houses with continue to keep settling using a concrete type self leveling is good but if keeps moving it will crack it and cause more problems with new floor. try using the thinest plywood (1/4 inch) on the low side keep adding until somewhat level. sreww every squared 6 inches. its what they do before laying tile, on old houses
Q:Can I lay laminate flooring over an uneven concrete basement floor ?
If you want to keep the floor pitched toward the drain (which I think is a good idea), perhaps you should consider alternatives to hardwood laminate. - There is very nice looking vinyl flooring that emulates hard wood - Carpet is always a cheap and easy option, but if there is flooding you will have to replace the carpet. - I put garage floor epoxy in my gameroom. I bought a nice red color from Sams Club. - Decorative concrete overlay goes over an uneven floor well, and you can keep the slope toward the drain.
Q:What is stone wood floor?
Naimes stone wood floor stone wood floor has the following advantages: 1, energy saving, environmental protection, health, low carbon 2, no radiation, formaldehyde: no radioactive hazards to the human body can be installed after installation; 3, non-toxic, 5, saving energy: no damage to forest resources, recyclable recycling; 6, not afraid of water, non-slip: in the water, the use of non-toxic, tasteless heavy calcium carbonate powder as raw material; 4, 8, the expansion coefficient is small: the installation of no need to set aside side seam; 9, long service life. 9, flame retardant, anti-static: no burning, from the fire from the off; 8, expansion coefficient is small: 10, easy to use: easy to install, free with, easy maintenance, peace of mind and effort; 11, distinguished and elegant: the balance of the structure of the stone combined with the comfort and taste of wood! Can be widely used in indoor and outdoor, such as riverside, parks, sauna, swimming pool, office buildings, home decoration, hotels, hotels, KTV and other places of entertainment and water and fire places.
Q:When laying solid wood flooring how much loss rate is normal?
One: the normal loss is about 3% (error 1%), which is 2% -4%, the national standard is 5% -10% (actually the floor to protect the floor manufacturers to protect the loss), home area is small, as long as you carefully Point floor wear can be calculated, such as home floor is 40 square meters, loss of 2 square meters is enough. Second: the baseboard meters and floor area figures are the same (such as the floor is 42 square feet, the base line is 42 meters). Three: 1) If it is a small room so every door must have a bridge, but not necessarily copper (now basically no), the color of the bridge and the floor color to close, the color is too yellow bar. 2) If it is Siamese do not have a bridge, the continuity of the floor damage, the overall effect is not good. Four: the floor is very important to install, the master of the decision to use your home floor effect and life.
Q:How about the high floor?
Brand okay, design products are also good, it is recommended that some of the strength of the owners to buy ~
Q:can i lay ceramic flooing over laminate floors?
Lift the laminate. You'll need a rougher surface to properly lay the ceramic tile.
With advanced production equipment,the company produce a variety of medium-class and high-class lamiante floor and accessories.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Changzhou
Year Established 2008
Annual Output Value USD 5000000
Main Markets America 50%, Asia 40%, Europe 10%
Company Certifications ISO9001:2000; ISO14001

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 5
Language Spoken: English
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 100000m2
No. of Production Lines 5
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range USD4-USD8