WPC Decking / Hot Sell Traditional Anti-aging WPC Eco Deck

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500 m²/month

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30%HDPE(Grade A Recycled HDPE)

60%bamboo/wood fiber component

10%chemical additive




Hollow decking


2.9m/pc standard length, also from your required

Surface treament

original, sanded, brushed

Color available

5regular colors for choice (light brown, dark grey, dark brown, light grey, green yellow) and we can adjust the new color according to the order requirement


ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, FSC Certificate,"REACH"Test Reports by SGS; Intertek Test Report by ASTM standard..etc.


1. Looks and feels like natural wood

2. Durable, firm because of its high density

3. High degree of UV and color stability,

4. Easy to install and low labor cost

5. Requires no painting, no glue, low maintenance

6. 100% recycle, environmental friendly, saving forest resources

7. Barefoot friendly, anti-slip, no cracking

8. Weather resistant, suitable from -40 to 60.


1.Landscape works: outdoor decking, garden pavilion, fences,handrails, doors, windows, home decor 
2.public facilities: flower pots, waste bins, lampposts, bus   station, gazebo, road isolation facilities, highway noise barriers 
3.Entertainment facilities: style, ceilings, tables and   chairs 
4.Decorative facilities: floor, wall decoration panels, interior   panels, wall panels, stairs board
5.Logistics facilities: tray, pad warehouse, packaging equipment



1.Eco-friendly wpc 
2.Easy to install wpc 
3.No cracking wpc 

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Production Flow:

Main Parts:Hot Sell Traditional Anti-aging WPC Eco Deck



Correct way of installation is very important. Please double check our installation guide before doing your project.


Certificates we could supply:

 ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, FSC Certificate,"REACH"Test Reports by SGS; Intertek Test Report by ASTM standard..etc.

Packaging & Delivery 



112pcs per pallet, 16pallets per 20ft, 24 pallets per 40ft

pallet size:290x105x1375px

Delivery Detail

3-4 weeks per 20ft

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