10X Optical Zoom Lens For Iphone Case Manufacturers Dropship

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Product Description:

This is a zoom lens set compatible with all models of iPhone. Each lens set contains a zoom iPhone lens attachment for 8x the zoom, a sleek, matte black iPhone case that allows you to firmly fix the lens on your iPhone, and a mini ball-socket tripod that help you get clear photos or aim the iPhone at yourself. Besides, the considerate cleaning cloth lets you clean the iPhone lens at any time.



  • This Tripod approximately 135mm in length x 20mm in width

  • 2 Level (3 sections) leg extension for height adjustments

  • Tripod extra adjustment to control the width of leg spread

Technical parameters:

  • Minimun Focus Distance:3M

  • Magnification: 10X

  • Angle of View (degrees): 15°

  • Objective Lens Diameter: Φ18mm

  • Exit Pupil:  Φ3mm

  • Eye Relief : 9.6mm

  • Product Dimension Size: 40X80mm

  • Weight (g) : 140g

  • Accessory ONLY. Phone not included.

Compatible with:

  • for iPhone 4 /4S / 5

Package Include:

  • 1 x Long Focal Lens

  • 1 x Universal Holder

  • 1 x Mini Tripod

  • 1 x Cleaning cloth

  • 1 x Case


Forfor iphone4 /4S /5
Function 12X zoom lens


10X Optical Zoom lens for iphone case manufacturers dropship



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Q:How to clean the camera lens dust
The lens is best not to use things to wipe, if you do not affect the quality of the photo, the lens is best not to move it, because the lens above the layer coating, a little bit of flawed photos out there are black spots, Buy a lens paper, or blow the balloon, but do not often use, it is not see the case in use, maintenance of the camera {buy a better bag is the best waterproof, bag light}
Q:Canon SLR camera lens d100 and Canon 5d series lens can be universal?
You want to ask is 100D and 5D it Canon D is behind, D stands for digital camera. Canon SLR currently has two main specifications of the lens. EF-S half-frame lens and EF full frame lens. EF-S and half-frame fuselage as halves, so the cost is low, the price is cheap, the quality is correspondingly worse. EF full frame lens and full frame opportunities like the use of materials, relatively high quality, the price is high.  
Q:What camera and lens are suitable for humanistic photography?
Used to shoot the humanities photos of the camera, need to meet the following points: First, small size, take in the hands of light; Second, the shutter sound is small, try not to disturb the photographed; Third, you can immediately show the shot Effect; Fourth, the time is short, not to miss a good opportunity; Fifth, the image quality is better.
Q:SLR camera lens where there is water mist, is the damp it, how to solve!
So, I judge the owner of the camera fog should be in a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the solution is very simple answer is the same temperature inside and outside the lens can also be used to dry the air blower, but pay attention to sealing must not care lens Too close to the side of the coating.
Q:SLR camera lens price difference so big why?
3, focal length, the general angle of the more expensive the more expensive, such as 28mm generally no more expensive 12mm, Because the wider the description of the larger picture but the more complex workmanship, manufacturers to control not to happen Deformation. Farther will be expensive, such as more than 400mm lens price is also expensive, this type of lens Are generally shooting sports news or the like or aviation, because the far cost is high Canon far from the lens are generally white, you can see sports games that hold a white lens Are more expensive price.
Q:Is it possible to wipe the camera with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol?
A little better lens surface coating, technology content is relatively high, the role is also more obvious, and the lens is different, the coating is also different. It is best not to use alcohol and other chemicals to wipe, in order to avoid damage to the lens coating, and change its characteristics, affecting the shooting effect. Since you can think of wiping the lens with alcohol, that you still love the lens. Although the lens is fragile, but not so squeamish. Dirt heavy, the general lens cloth or paper, Kazakhstan gas after the light enough, a little extravagant charcoal pen. Usually the kind of dust and so on, the air blown clean on it.
Q:SLR camera lens should always hang UV mirror or polarizer?
Very white a problem: UV mirror: also known as UV filter, that is UltraViolet. Usually colorless and transparent, but some because of the addition of anti-reflective film relationship, in some angles will show purple or purple. Polarizer: also known as polarizer is the use of polarized light characteristics, polarized lenses to non-metallic objects, water and other reflective filter to eliminate the lens. Can eliminate the reflective and make the color more vivid, some movies and even the whole film with polarizer, so that the screen has more rich colors
Q:Digital camera lens fell, probably the lens fell down, Canon ixus115hs, now the lens does not go back
6. can not, but also congratulations! You have to spend money, to the Canon's special maintenance point repair it Tell you that there is only one way to repair this problem: replace the entire lens group. After the replacement is completed, you will need to re-adjust the focus, metering, etc. in the industrial mode.
Q:What is the picture quality of the camera lens? Is the clarity of detail?
18-135 this lens imaging, although higher than the high-end lens, but still pretty good. If you have not used SLR, this lens is enough fun, but also enough to make you pleasantly surprised. If you want to improve the quality on this basis, then it is necessary to do a lot of money to prepare a lot of money.
Q:How do I recognize the SLR camera with a telephoto lens and a short focus lens?
The larger the focal length, it means that the smaller the range can be taken, the farther the distance is. In the lens division inside, the lens shooting range is less than 28 is wide-angle lens. 28-35 is a small wide angle. And 35-100 this range is the standard lens. More than 100 is the telephoto lens.

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