Stainless Steel Popsicle Molds

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if not how much would you pay for one if i did it (NOT)
There okorder /... may be an example
....i should just glue my mouth shut...
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Payback: Quebec, Inc., is purchasing machinery at a cost of $3,768,966. The company expects, as a result, cash flows of $979,225, $1,158,886, and $1,881,497 over the next three years. What is the payback period?
Plugging okorder /
Libraries in Chicago withcollections of trade catalogs. Chicago Machinery Exchange 1900-30?
The Newberry Library (it's in the Gold coast) has many old items. They are very knowledgeable about this type of thing, they might know where to find it if they don't have it.
I remember a famous economist said that. Poor countries are economically advantaged to use manual labor instead of advanced technology so that they can employ everyone.
If that's a famous economist, he's a stupid, famous economist. Pure poppycock. Productivity matters. That famous economist failed Econ 101. Is it leftist darling Paul Krugman? The guy who ignored the basic fact that all wealth destruction is bad and declared the 9/11 rebuilding in NYC a positive economic event?
where can i get the list sugar plant machinery with the details & market value?
Ask Dole Pineapple or look on the US Dept Us Agriculture website or google
A. Counter revolutionB. DirectoryC.RevancheD.Thermidorean reaction
D - Thermidorean Reaction.
If the machinery that accomplishes X-chromosome dosage compensation in humans was defective (e.g., 1 protein was mutant), what do you expect the consequences would be? Choose one. a) no consequences b) XX embryos would not be viable c) XY embryos would not be viable d) both XX and XY embryos would not be viable